Budget Weddings: DIY Wedding Decor Ideas To Have A Perfect Budget Wedding

These days, getting a wedding planner or a decoration specialist has become a pre-requisite for getting married, but this isn’t the case. Given the diversity of do-it-yourself wedding decorations present, every couple who is planning to through a wedding reception can independently decorate, and manage the whole event.

If you are looking to save money, while not compromising on the creativity and quality of your decor then we have compiled the top DIY wedding decor ideas that can extract your aesthetic zeal, and help you through an elegantly decorated event that is memorable for the rest of your lives.

Let us remind you that DIY wedding decor projects do not require specialized skills and crafts. These range from easy-on-the pocket floral arrangements, centerpieces to light strings that can easily be changed without contracting a planner. The only limit is your creativity, and the question is, are you willing to unleash it for the sake of your big day?

First Things: Prioritize

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Take this like an expert event-planning tip. Before you tread the path of starting the decor, it is necessary to plan and decide the overall display and vibe you want the decor to deliver. For this, it is essential to consult your partner and a handful of trusted friends and family that can help you decide the aesthetic theme.

Your trusted friend’s circle and family will also prove important on the actual day of decor while you and your significant other are busy getting ready. Getting the decor plan helps with the efficient execution of individual tasks and helps bring a more coherent look.

DIY Decor Ideas

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Clustered Floral Centerpieces

The whole idea behind DIY decor is to get an elegant look while not spending heavily on renting grand accessories. Cluster centerpieces, filled with seasonal flowers can help in this regard. You can use an assortment of vessels to hold the vibrant flowers, such as glass bottles, small vases, and other varieties of containers that can be found around the house.

When the vessels are placed together on tables, these not only give away a comprehensively elegant visual, but also show the thought behind your decor theme. When getting flowers always go for seasoned florists such as pinkcloverla. We recommend that you go for flower pairings that are flashy and bold.

Hand-Craft a Seating Chart

Printing individual cards that guide guests about their seating spaces can drain your savings. We recommend that you go for something that is both prudent and graceful such as drafting a sign that guides guests about their seating plan. You can either get it printed or use a blackboard to write it with chalk if it goes with the theme. Display it neatly in the start of your reception.

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Use String Lights

The best thing about cafes and bistros that hang string lights is that they give off a very welcoming and festive vibe, and that is what you can achieve. DIY wedding decor can benefit from bistro lights. You just need to hang a couple of strings and give your venue a pleasantly comfortable ambiance.

Make Your Own Wedding Bouquets

No bride can think of walking down the aisle without a perfectly crafted wedding bouquet. Wedding bouquets are the perfect accessory that complements both the wedding gown and the visual theme of the wedding venue.

Wedding bouquets can be crafted on your own, without commissioning an exorbitant design expert. The only thing you require is an in-season assortment of colorful flowers, a scissor and an ample amount of ribbon to tie the ends. Just bundle an array of flowers together, make sure that their stalks are equal in length, and tie them tightly using an appealing piece of ribbon, and there you have it, a DIY Wedding Bouquet.

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Embellish Your Wedding Cake With A Simple Topper

Going for the expensive ‘’his and hers’’ figurines do not pack a visual punch. We recommend that you go for a minimalist cake topper that only includes your initials. If you are in the mood for something super-romantic, you can always carve out an extra heart in the middle of your initials. Wedding decor can be amplified with minimalist, yet cute decor avenues, and getting a simple cake topper does that.

Get A Simple Ceremonial Arch

When it is time to take the wedding vows, all eyes are going to be on the doting couple, and a grand background is important. Designing your very own ceremonial arch can be a frugal way to get a royal background, that is both minimalist and enchanting.

You can also opt for a more rustic wedding arch, that can be constructed by logs of reclaimed wood, put together in an arch-like shape. Once the simple structure is up on its feet, there is no limit to the decor you add to it. Be it strings of beautifully vibrant flowers, or printed fabric with sophisticated motifs, there are loads of possibilities.

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Whiz Up Some Wedding Venue Games

A formal event needs to jazz up for the cocktail hour, and there is nothing more engaging than a couple of yards or lawn games. Friendly competition is essential to increase the festivity of a celebration, and to secure this end you can always include unique lawn games at the wedding reception. Treat your guests with a personalized selection of games such as painting a tic tac toe set with a wedding theme.

Use Wood Slices As Serving Trays

Wood furniture and crockery have an eerily rustic feature that makes them uniquely appealing. If your wedding has a chic vibe that has an earthy foundation, then using wood slices to serve appetizers or hors-d’oeuvres is a low-key feature to achieve decor-excellence.

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Get Creative

Your big day deserves to be embellished with the best decor, and there is nothing better than getting decorative features that are personalized to suit your preferences. With the DIY wedding decor ideas mentioned above, you have all the inspiration that you require. Its time to say goodbye to an expensive wedding planner, and get working.