House-Hunting Tips for Newlyweds

Buying a home is a top priority of newlyweds and of those who are going to marry soon. Although, looking for your dream home is an exciting yet tiring process because it demands attention and time. Buying a home for yourself is completely different from buying a home with your spouse. You have to keep … Read more

5 Stress Management Tips for Anxious Brides

Weddings are special occasions that become lifelong, joyous memories for spouses, their families, friends, and loved ones alike. Still, as wonderfully momentous as weddings can be, many brides-to-be feel ill-prepared to manage the magnitude of stress involved in planning and preparing for a day of joyous memories. Wedding preparations can be so stressful—they’re enough to turn any well-meaning bride into a frazzled, cranky, and anxiety-ridden … Read more

What to Wear for an Indian Wedding?

Picking the right outfit to wear for any occasion is simply a task. The need to subtly stand out with the perfect pairing of clothes is overwhelming when looking at the various options laid before you without a clue of which dress would highlight your presence more than the other. For a westerner, dressing up … Read more