Where Does the Explosive Popularity of Artificial Diamonds Come From?

The emergence of artificial diamonds caused a seismic shift in the jewelry market. Just for a few years, they won the hearts of buyers, manufacturers, and retailers. And now one unlikely can imagine the diamond industry without these ethical and affordable substitutes for natural gems. They have not predicted a prosperous future and emerged just … Read more

Engagement Rings by Shape

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, one of the key considerations is the shape of the center stone. The shape not only affects the overall appearance of the ring but also reflects the personal style and preference of the wearer. In this article, we will explore some popular engagement ring shapes and the … Read more

A Guide to Fancy Color Diamonds

In the jewelry industry, colored diamonds are widely known as fancy diamonds. People can choose from an array of tones, colors, and saturations. Unlike white diamonds as well as their GIA certificates, it’s recommended to view the video of the colored diamond before purchasing it to know how the diamond looks while it’s moving. This … Read more

The Differences Between Lab-grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds

The features of diamonds, like their brilliance, elegance, and beauty make them more enticing and appealing by everyone. Many diamond users appreciate its final form or finished product but only some know how these diamonds are mined, grown, processed, and sold in the market. Currently, there are two types of diamonds on how they are … Read more

How Did Diamond Engagement Rings Become A Thing

Rings play a significant role in wedding ceremonies, particularly engagements. Engagement rings are considered symbols of love and are worn on the ring fingers by engaged couples. The history of engagement rings stretches back to the time of the Ancient Romans. Women of the Ancient Roman period wore rings made from flint, ivory, copper, iron, … Read more