A Guide to Fancy Color Diamonds

In the jewelry industry, colored diamonds are widely known as fancy diamonds. People can choose from an array of tones, colors, and saturations.

Unlike white diamonds as well as their GIA certificates, it’s recommended to view the video of the colored diamond before purchasing it to know how the diamond looks while it’s moving. This can be necessary since colors and their saturation may vary greatly. Colored diamonds mainly rely on an intuitive response instead of the technical diamond grading report.

But with such a rich variety of colored diamonds to choose from, how can a person find the one that’s perfect for them? The guide below is here to help.

A Guide to Fancy Color Diamonds and How to Choose one for an Engagement Ring

There are many kinds of fancy color diamonds and each of them comes with a unique look and meaning. Which one a person chooses for an engagement ring should depend on their preferences and what they want to convey with that specific ring. There are 9 common types of fancy color diamonds to choose from, including:

1. Pink Diamonds

Source: yorkjewellers.com.au

Color variations: Purplish-pink, pink, brownish-pink, pink champagne.

Color formation: Experts still don’t know the exact reason behind the pink color. However, geologists think it may have something to do with the deformation in the Kimberley region’s atomic structure and the resulting mineral that caused the pink diamond formation.

Meaning: Pink diamonds represent femininity, love, romance, and creativity.

2. Blue Diamonds

Color variations: Greyish-blue, blue, greenish-blue, aquamarine, turquoise.

Color formation: A color blue is caused by the boron atoms. The color intensity varies based on the concentration level of boron atoms.

Meaning: Blue diamonds are associated with sophistication and elegance. They also promote serenity and calmness and represent purpose and truth.

3. Yellow Diamonds

Source: frankdarling.com

Color variations: Brownish-yellow, canary yellow, orange-yellow, greenish-yellow.

Color formation: A color yellow is caused by the nitrogen atoms within a stone’s crystal structure. Typically, they are replaced by carbon atoms that react with light so they can create yellow color.

Meaning: Yellow diamonds boost creativity as well as clarity of thought. They also increase self-confidence and promote joy, prosperity, and happiness.

4. Orange Diamonds

Color variations: Brownish-orange, yellowish-orange, reddish-orange.

Color formation: The color orange is the combination of nitrogen presence and structural deformities.

Meaning: Famous for their evocative and exotic nature, orange diamonds promote boldness, productivity, and creativity. Also, orange is considered an emotional stimulant, often linked to self-respect, energy, and relationship success.

5. Purple diamonds

Source: trulyexperiences.com

Color variations: Greyish-purple, violet, pinkish-purple.

Color formation: The purple color is caused by an internal grain formation as well as the hydrogen presence on some occasions.

Meaning: Purple diamonds represent nobility and luxury that can bring their owners universal connections. They also bring wisdom, inner strength, guidance, as well as inspiration and indicate a lifelong connection within interpersonal relationships.

6. Black diamonds

Color variations: There are no strict color variations, just white or grey inclusions that make these diamonds unique.

The color formation is caused by different graphite inclusions. Certain stones have hydrogen and nitrogen traces, affecting their color, while others may have fallen to earth as the meteorites.

Meaning: Black diamonds symbolize strength and inner power. They also signify belief in the relationship and overcoming relationship obstacles.

7. Brown Diamonds

Source: dmia.net

Color variations: Lightly tinted brown, champagne, chocolate, cognac, clove, honey, hazel.

The color formation is caused by the internal parallel grain lines.

Meaning: Brown diamonds represent tradition and harmony, emphasizing the balance within a relationship.

8. Green Diamonds

Color variations: Yellowish-green, greyish-green, brownish-green, blueish-green.

The color formation is caused by several million years of radiation exposure. However, occasionally, the green color is the result of hydrogen within the stone.

Meaning: Green diamonds promote vitality, balance, and youth. They are the color of truth and faith, associated with healthy and loving relationships.

9. Red Diamonds

Source: withclarity.com

Color variations: Purplish-red, pinkish-red, brownish-red.

The color formation is caused by the plastic deformation process when there is a distortion or slipping of an atomic lattice.

Meaning: Red diamonds bring good luck and they also symbolize intense love and passion, inspiring lifetime magic.

Find the Perfect Fancy Color Diamond

Every fancy color diamond has its own symbolism and purpose so a person should choose the one that best expresses their feelings.

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To better understand the diamond’s color and saturation, it is suggested that you watch a video of it before making a purchase. In order to be certain that the diamond meets the buyer’s expectations, it must be seen moving because colors and their intensity can vary greatly. Colored diamonds are graded using an intuitive response rather than a technical diamond grading report, even though they might not have a GIA certificate like white diamonds.

Because each color has its own unique symbolism and meaning, fancy diamonds make for extremely unique choices for engagement rings. Blue diamonds are associated with class, elegance, and composure, whereas pink diamonds represent femininity, love, romance, and creativity. While yellow diamonds are thought to increase self-assurance and promote joy, prosperity, and happiness, green diamonds are thought to symbolize vitality, balance, and youth.

Colored diamonds are highly prized for their rarity in addition to their distinctive symbolism, making them excellent investments. Some colors are more expensive than others, and colored diamonds are valued according to a combination of their color intensity, hue, and rarity. As an illustration, pink and blue diamonds are among the rarest and most expensive colored diamonds, frequently costing more than white diamonds.

Finally, because each color has a special significance and symbolism, colored diamonds offer a distinctive and highly personalized option for engagement rings. Before making a purchase, it is advised to watch a video of the diamond to make sure it meets the buyer’s requirements. Finding the ideal fancy color diamond is made simpler by the availability of affordable and high-quality diamonds on online marketplaces.