Lab Grown Diamonds Are Being Used for Jewelry

Diamonds are the most popular precious stones worldwide, since they glitter more and are very hard. In addition to industrial applications, diamonds are used extensively for jewelry. While a few decades ago, almost all the diamonds available were mined, increasingly businesses and individuals are preferring to purchase one or more lab diamond for multiple reasons. Many people are not aware of what a lab diamond is, so they will often ask the question what are lab grown diamonds . Hence more information on lab diamonds, especially on how they are made, benefits of using these diamonds, applications, how to purchase lab diamonds from is provided. A simple guide is provided for better understanding.


Creating diamonds in the lab

Mined diamonds were created on earth billions of years ago, at high pressure, when the temperatures were higher. The High pressure high temperature(HPHT) method is similar to the natural process of creating a diamond inside the earth. Graphite Carbon is crystallized by apply very high temperature of 1500 degree centigrade and high pressure of approximately 1.5 million pounds per square inch. This is a expensive process and is used mainly for creating diamond seeds. This method was first used by General Electric to create diamonds in 1954.

However, increasingly a majority of diamonds are being created using the Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method since the equipment used is smaller in size, requires less energy, and it takes less time to produce a diamond of the same size. First a seed crystal for the lab diamond, created using the HPHT process is placed in the CVD reactor. The reactor is then filled with a gas mixture mainly consisting of methane and hydrogen and a microwave beam is used to heat the mixture. Due to heating the gas molecules are splitting and the carbon in the gas moves to the cooler part of the reactor, where the carbon is deposited on the crystal seed. Thus the layers of the diamond are formed. After the lab diamond has reached the desired size, the cube shaped diamond is removed from the reactor. It is processed to remove the excess carbon, give it the shape and size required.



One of the main benefits of using lab diamonds is that they are significantly cheaper than mined diamonds. Diamonds are defined by their size (carats), clarity, cut, color, so if the price of a lab diamond is compared with a mined diamond with similar parameters, the lab diamond will be at least 3-4 times cheaper than a mined diamond. So a buyer with a limited budget can purchase a much bigger lab diamond compared to a mined diamond. Research also indicates that the lab diamond is far more durable compared to a mined diamond, for some applications, the lab diamond is ten times more durable. Increasingly people are opting to purchase a lab diamond, since it is sustainable, less energy is required for making the diamonds. Additionally buyers can be assured that the lab diamond is legally produced.



Many people are increasingly opting to purchase lab diamonds for their jewelry since they look exactly the same as mined diamonds but are much cheaper for the same quality and size. Jewelry with diamonds like earrings and necklaces are often worn as a fashion accessory, to enhance the appearance of the wearer. Larger diamonds are often required, so lab diamonds are usually preferred. Younger people often have a limited budget, so they prefer to purchase lab diamonds for their jewelry. Diamonds are also used extensively for industrial applications for cutting since they are very hard compared to other materials. In these cases, lab diamonds are preferred since they are much cheaper than mined diamonds and also more durable.


Purchasing a diamond

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Well, Lab Grown Diamonds have a healthy future as per the research.

Let’s discover the Lab Grown Diamonds future.


Future of Lab Grown Diamonds:

Lab-grown diamonds are an excellent alternative to mined diamonds. They offer superior quality at a fraction of the price, and they are more ethically and environmentally responsible. Here are just a few reasons why lab-grown diamonds are the future:

  1. Lab-grown diamonds are physically identical to mined diamonds. The only difference is that they are created in a laboratory rather than mined from the earth.
  2. Lab-grown diamonds are significantly less expensive than mined diamonds. This is because they do not require the same costly mining and extraction process.
  3. Lab-grown diamonds are more environmentally friendly than mined diamonds. They do not require the mining of delicate ecosystems and they have a much smaller carbon footprint.
  4. Lab-grown diamonds are more ethically responsible than mined diamonds. They do not require the use of child labor or conflict diamonds.
  5. Lab-grown diamonds offer superior quality to mined diamonds. This is because they can be grown under controlled conditions, which results in a higher clarity and color grade.
  6. Lab-grown diamonds are the future of the diamond industry. They offer all of the benefits of mined diamonds without any of the negatives.

If you’re looking for a diamond that is high-quality, ethical, and environmentally friendly, then lab-grown diamonds are the way to go.

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Lab Grown Diamonds are good for environment. They are totally conflict free and go with everything. It has huge variety with so much differrent colors and designs. Just an evergreen thing!