Finding a Photographer for a Wedding

When your family is preparing for a wedding, you must always choose the right photographer. You must consider an expert whom you can trust to capture all beautiful moments. But, while you seek an experienced photographer, they should be by your side till the special day ends.

Eventually, when you have a great time on that day, you must not miss capturing those precious moments. So, in this article, we shall check out how to find the best photographer for a wedding.

How can a couple of prepare for wedding photography?

Soon after you decide on the venue, the bride and groom must prepare themselves for the occasion. So, here are some tips that they can follow.

  • Ensure that many guests are not around the main location. When many people are standing around the location, then the photographer will find it tough to capture the moments during the rituals. The photographer will later have to maneuver around the place and seek perfect ways to click photos. If you’re finding it tough to find the best photographer in your city, then visit
  • For the reception, the groom should think about wearing a nice suit. However, as hours pass by, the luster of the suit must not fade away. The groom must look elegant and handsome even when the photographer clicks snaps under bright light. But, the bride should think about applying makeup and setting her hair beside an open window.
  • Make sure that the guests don’t block the photographer’s view. If they block the view inadvertently, the photographer will miss capturing a crucial wedding moment. The photographer will also be unable to set a better angle during the procession of the wedding ceremony.
  • Towards the end, it’s always better to come up with a list for family portraits. Such photos are important because a wedding is always an important occasion in your life. But, we suggest you finish with the shoot as early as possible. This point can enable the guests to spend some more time interacting with one another.

What must you do before choosing a wedding photographer?


Observe the style

In the first instance, it will seem that all photographers shoot pretty well and similarly. But, you will notice the differences when you go through the photos carefully. While some are good at capturing moments, others have the skills to capture coy smiles. You will also come across some individuals who enhance the beauty of the photos differently. Hence, before you avail of the services of a photographer, you must check out his style.

Be sure about comfort

Once you find the best photographer, you must ensure how comfortable you’re interacting with him. You will be extremely excited to have him take snaps. But, if the individual turns out to be rude and non-receptive, it’s not worth it. Hence, you should not hire a photographer immediately, even when someone gives you a reference. On the other hand, it will be tough to find the best photographer. You must think twice before considering someone because the person will capture some beautiful moments on that day.

Consider the experience

A photographer’s experience also matters most when the wedding ceremony begins. You will come across many individuals who say they’re pretty good at taking pictures. But, if you perceive that the individual has played a coordinator’s role, consider someone else. In such a case, you should choose a photographer who has already worked at different wedding venues. With this in mind, the photographer must be ready to explore your venue and meet the wedding coordinator.

Think about the overall price

As you want the photographer to cover all the functions on that day, you must be clear about the individual’s focus. If you can extend the budget, you can insist on the photographer taking snaps for the wedding and reception. However, you can consider hiring an amateur photographer for a small function. Later, you can contact an experienced photographer when the wedding ceremony and the reception commenced.

Check the portfolio thoroughly


Soon after you get in touch with the best photographer, you can check the portfolio carefully. This tip will give you a clear idea about the skills and quality of photos. If you observe that the photos are not up to the mark, it’s time to seek someone else. Once you go through a set of photos, you can know more about the person’s style and what he loves to do. Besides, you must also figure out the photographer’s skills while he has been doing his job at different locations.

Ensure that there’s a backup

While you hire a photographer, do ensure that he takes a backup. You can never know when the photographer will encounter issues with the camera. So, the individual needs to take a backup off-site while working. Regardless of what can occur, it’s necessary to take a backup of the images. The images must include the ones the individual shoots and those he will present after editing. You can consider approaching someone else if the photographer hesitates to speak more about the backup process.

Always interact with the photographer

Most of the time, the photographer will email you a link to his portfolio, and he will send you the link before you plan to meet him at a certain location. But, during the meeting, you must find out who will shoot on the wedding day. Some studios have many photographers and individuals who take care of the other activities. In such cases, you must confirm who will be present and working on that particular day. In the end, nothing must disappoint you when the photographer’s assistant manages to click photos.

Check for credentials

In addition to the photographer’s portfolio and experience, it’s also important to check for the person’s credentials. Once you’re sure that the person has acquired the skills through a course, you will be quite confident. Thus, when speaking with the photographer for the first time, ensure that the person has pursued his art or photo editing education. Such courses can make a vast difference when photo quality is the main concern.

Talk to former clients

Even when you feel comfortable speaking with the photographer, you must never hire the person at the next moment. Instead, you can seek references and the contact details of the clients he has served earlier. A bit later, you can contact the former clients and learn more about the overall experience. In this way, you will gain insight into how the photographer works. Subsequently, if the photographer has a website, you can go through the reviews posted online.

Be aware of the tools


As you meet the photographer for the first time, you should know more about the editing process. You must be clear about the individual’s tools to edit the photos. However, depending on your budget, you can decide whether to go for a lot of editing or minimal editing. Moreover, you should also ensure that the photographer carries out his job well. He must possess impeccable skills while clicking photos and editing them later.

Which locations can you consider for the wedding with a great photo shoot?

If you want great pictures at your wedding, you should plan and host a wedding at a beautiful location in Mumbai. So, let’s take a quick look at the locations across Mumbai.

The Regenza by Tunga

To celebrate the grandiose occasion, you can think about ‘The Regenza’ among many locations. While you will experience great hospitality, you can set up everything meticulously. But, you must select this as the wedding venue only if you reside in Navi Mumbai.

The Leela Palace Hotel

The Leela Palace hotel is the best venue if you can spend extravagantly for the wedding celebration. This magnificent hotel offers spacious banquet space and many services. You can also consider conducting the reception on the terrace or beside the pool.

Grand Hyatt

The Grand Hyatt always offers everything to conduct the wedding in style and elegance. With more than 20,000 square feet of banquet space, the experience will be memorable even when the wedding is for a short period. Your guests can also revel in the luxury of a theme with a different backdrop.

Sanjeevani Banquets

When you choose Sanjeevani Banquets for the wedding, you can expect a team to assist you with everything. While you celebrate that special day with panache, your guests will return home with unforgettable memories. Everyone will enjoy the day and never think about leaving the venue till the end of the day.

Jade Luxury Banquets


Situated in Worli, Jade Banquets can be one of the destinations to host exquisite events. Apart from world-class hospitality, the team customizes every kind of service. Once you book the venue, you will love how the team presents everything. You can also choose from various catering options to make the occasion impressive.


To summarize everything, the bride and groom must be ready for wedding photography. The main area should not be crowded when the photographer tries to set his position. In addition, the bride and groom need to dress up appropriately. When it’s time to choose a wedding photographer, you should go through his portfolio.

You also have to check for his credibility and his experience. When the final day is about to arrive, you can think about a hotel in Mumbai. Jade Luxury Banquets, Grand Hyatt, and the Regenza are some hotels where you host a wedding.