How Far In Advance Should You Hire A Wedding Photographer

One of the most common mistakes while planning a wedding is booking photographers much later. A wedding is the most significant event in one’s life, while photography is the only powerful tool to capture delightful moments.

Unfortunately, most couples are least bothered about wedding photography until the last minute in recent times. Whether you’re planning for a traditional or destination wedding, you book the photographer in advance, i.e., at least a year before the event.

You heard it right. It’s vital to hire a photographer much earlier to enjoy less stress during peak times. For instance, you haven’t booked a cameraman. So, you’re searching for the right person a couple of months before the event.

Since all the important occasions are in the same month, you perhaps lose the opportunity to hire the best cameraman. Here’s why booking a professional wedding vendor before 6 to 12 months is necessary. Yet, if you don’t have any idea about choosing the right wedding photographer, check out

Let’s dive into the article to uncover various facts on the appropriate time to book a wedding photographer and a lot more. So, as you read the article, you’ll understand the significance of hiring a cameraman and other vendors in advance.


Look Out For The Best Wedding Photographer

You perhaps lost in several pre-wedding chores after the engagement. Hence, it’s much better to invest in a great photographer to capture sweet moments before 9 months from the marriage date. Wondering how to select the right wedding photographer? Don’t fret; here are a few factors to consider before signing an agreement.


Photography can be done in several styles, and each photographer has their unique style, from capturing moments to presenting them. You perhaps have a huge list of famous cameramen but choose the right person after researching their packages, budget, and other essential things.

Also, enquire if the person is comfortable with the wedding location or not. Ask your neighbors, family members, or friends and take adequate suggestions before agreeing.


Have A Face-To-Face Conversation

Well, you’ve done your research. Now, it’s time to meet in person. The photographer has to stay with you right from the very initial moment of the marriage. And you spend a huge time. Hence, you must feel comfortable with him. Or else it affects the overall joy and glory of the event.

Hence, meeting and talking to the person is vital before hiring. Make sure you connect via video calls if you don’t have a chance to meet in person. Connecting with a person helps you make the right decision, and even you get to know more about his attitude.

Look At Their Portfolio

Nowadays, everyone is on social media, from small vendors to big brands. Instagram is a popular choice among photographers. It’s highly used to showcase event highlights and other details. So, make sure you check the gallery or portfolio of the professional before hiring.

Keep an eye on the portraits, minor details, and lightning effects. Understand their scope of work, and finally, pay in advance if you like their photography style and presentation.



Here are a few more things to consider while choosing the right cameraman. Although the factors mentioned above are key to deciding the best photographer, it’s equally important to consider a few other essential things like budget, timeline, and location.

Firstly, communicate about the timeline to check the photographer’s availability. Mention appropriate months, seasons, or dates to avoid any further issues. Give them clear information on the sub-events in the marriage like pre-wedding parties, sangeet, or post-wedding photoshoots.

Once everything gets cleared, discuss the budget. Budget is one of the most crucial aspects of marriage and is inevitable. Jot down how much to pay, who’s paying, and advance payment on a paper.

Choosing the right photographer assures an excellent wedding experience. So, ensure you consider the factors mentioned above before hiring.

How Far In Advance Should You Book A Premium Wedding Photographer/Videographer

Usually, the videographers or photographers should be booked 6 to 13 months before marriage. However, on average, it’s ideal to hire a professional nine months before the big event.

If you feel nine months is too early, here’s a thing– If you’re looking for professional photographers and videographers, remember they’re extremely busy. Hence, it’s vital to book them as early as possible.

Usually, marriage planning starts 6 to 12 months before the proposed date. So, by the time you book a photographer, you’ll know the venue, guest list, perfect timeline, decoration ideas, color scheme, and a lot more information that the photographer requires.

If you don’t have enough time, start your hunt for a cameraman immediately. Most photographers schedule peak wedding seasons one to two years before the marriage event. So, nothing is too late, even if you haven’t booked a professional in advance.

First of all, look out for an expert cameraman in your locality. If you aren’t satisfied with their photography, seek outsiders or search online. As said earlier, make sure you do proper research before hiring.


Key Takeaways

Photography or videography plays a crucial role in the whole marriage. That’s why there’s an incredible demand for photographers worldwide.

The best time to hire a photographer is 6 to 13 months before marriage. Although it seems too early, hiring a professional just a few months before your wedding is pretty hard. So, hire them at least nine months in advance for a hassle-free wedding ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should you hire a professional videographer?

Hire at least nine to 12 months before the event to enjoy a great wedding experience.

  • What are the few things to consider before hiring a photographer?

Make sure you do proper research before hiring. Also, take suggestions from the family or friends for the best results. Consider pricing, packages, and their photography style. Finally, pay an advance after discussing everything from availability to venue to price.