5 Wedding Vow Ideas To Make Your Wedding Day Special

Planning your own wedding, especially at a young age and while still in college, is exciting but still a challenge. You’ll have to take care of plenty of things, including the wedding theme, decorations, invitations, gown, music, and much more. Yet, there is one thing that requires the most of your attention. It is your vow.

A wedding vow is a demonstration of your deep commitment to your partner and a public statement of your love. So, needless to say, writing it can be a hell of a challenge, even for someone who has a natural way with words.

Still, it’s not the same as writing an essay for class. This is more of an emotional challenge since you are trying to put all the feelings for your favorite person in the world. You need a different set of skills to complete your vows. However, when struggling with an essay, you can always get paper writing help by WritePaper to ensure a perfect result. It’s not so simple to finish the vows. But, don’t get desperate just yet! In this article, we have prepared a set of helpful tips and ideas that will help you write the most amazing wedding vow. Let’s dive in!

1. “I Promise to Always…”

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The first idea we will share with you is probably one of the very traditional ways to begin a wedding vow. But, traditional doesn’t necessarily mean bad. After all, your vow should reflect the commitment you make and will make in the future to make your love last, so it makes pretty good sense to make certain promises.

So, how do you complete this phrase? First of all, you can use standard endings like:

  • Encourage you;
  • Treat you right;
  • Stand by your side;
  • Love and care for you;
  • Be honest/forgiving/understanding/patient, etc.

These are the traditional pledges. You can also use them, especially if your ceremony is also very traditional. However, don’t stop there. Be sure to bring something personal and unique into it.

For example, if you are always late, promise to always be on time. Or, if you are not very good at housekeeping, promise to do more dishes. Personal pledges like these are funny yet very heartwarming. So, don’t be afraid to be yourself when writing your vow. And most importantly, write about something that really matters to you and your partner. That’s the key to everything!

2. “I Promise to Be Your…”

If you want a blend of a traditional yet unique vow, focus on the promises you want to make to your partner. But, instead of using cliches and telling what you will do like “I promise to encourage/treat/love/etc.”, tell who you will be for your soulmate.

For example, pledge to be your spouse’s:

  • ally in conflict;
  • partner in crime;
  • greatest fan;
  • comrade in adventure;
  • student and teacher, etc.

There are plenty of ideas like these. By integrating them into your vow, you can keep it more or less traditional. But, at the same time, you will let it reflect the uniqueness of your love.

3. “I Love You For…”

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If you want to keep it plain and somewhat classic but want to go away from stamps with promises. This phrase can be a good alternative to put at the heart of your vow.

Instead of telling what you will do or be for your soulmate, tell them what you love about them. Here, you will have plenty of space for creativity. So, don’t limit yourself to cliches like “your kindness/devotion/courage, etc.” You can still use them.

But be sure to add something more personal too. For example, tell them that you love the faces they make or how they are being silly when they are with you. Adding something like this will only make your vow sound more intimate and tear-jerking. So, feel free to experiment and write about what you actually think, not what others expect to hear from you.

4. “The First Time I Saw You…”

This trick is also widely used by couples. Telling about the day you first saw/met each other is one of the best ways to make a powerful declaration of love during the ceremony. Such vows, if they are honest and personal, sound incredibly sweet and heartwarming. Yet, you should follow a few recommendations to make it truly special.

First and foremost, we emphasized the importance of keeping it honest and personal, not without reason. There is no secret that many couples feel uncomfortable or even ashamed that the answer to “how did you guys meet?” isn’t as perfect as other couples’. They can even come up with fake stories that they would tell others. But that’s not how you do this.

Honesty and sincerity are the two most vital components of every good vow. So, if you decide to tell your story, you have to be honest about it. After all, you should remember that there are no “good” or “bad” stories because they resulted in you together.

5. “You Make Me…”

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Finally, one last idea we want to share with you in this article is to center your vow not on your partner but on yourself. OIr, to be more specific, on the person you become when you are next to your soulmate.

This is not a very traditional move. We all know that most people write their wedding vows to praise their future spouses and pledge to them. However, stating what you love in yourself when you are with your partner can say much more about your relationship. So, if you are willing to do something more unusual and creative, be sure to consider this idea.

How can you finish this phrase? The ideas are limitless. To get started, ponder about who you were before you met your soulmate and who you’ve become today. You might be surprised, but we bet that you will be able to discover plenty of big and deep transformations that happened in you after you’ve met each other. This is exactly what you should write about. State who you’ve become and what you love in your new self. Such a vow will be incredibly touching for everyone and especially your partner.

The Bottom Line

Writing personal wedding vows is a tradition that seems to have been around forever. The process of writing your vows is another chance for you to see how special your relationships are and remember why you love each other. Secondly, it is an opportunity to make your ceremony even more personal and significant. And lastly, it is a symbolic public demonstration of your love and commitment to each other that will help you strengthen the bond even more.

Still, despite all the benefits, writing a good wedding vow, especially when you are still a student, is very hard. Many people spend weeks and even months not knowing where to start. And, though it is natural, it can feel pretty bad.

Luckily, you don’t have to feel this way anymore. Hopefully, the ideas from this article will help you write your own vows that will make your wedding day special!