9 Things Every Groom Must Do Before Saying I Do 

Getting married has to be one of the most magical feelings in the world as you’re officially tying the knot with the love of your life. As the big day approaches, there are plenty of things that you must do to ensure that the day will go smoothly as possible. Apart from planning the wedding itself, grooms must also do some pampering and preparation as it helps to start their married life in the best way possible.

Wedding preparation is commonly known for brides as they need to get their beauty sleep so they can glow beautifully on their big day. But apart from the brides, grooms have to prepare themselves as well. To help you out, below are some things every groom must do before saying I do:

1. Address Any Private Medical Concerns

Having medical concerns on your private part can be a downer, especially on your big day. It might not help to make the hottest wedding night as there’s something that makes you and your partner uncomfortable. With that, you should address your medical concerns immediately.

If you have PPP, you might want to consult your doctor on how to manage the issue or do home remedies like using products from PPPkit and allow your PPP issues to go away. This way, you can enable your intimate night to be truly special and medical-free.

2. Book For The Honeymoon

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In most cases, the brides like to get busy with planning for the wedding as they might enjoy the idea of making the day extra magical for both of you. As your partner gets busy with the planning details, you should be in charge of planning for what comes after, and it’s the honeymoon. With this, you’ll search for the best honeymoon destination and book your accommodation. You can even book multiple destinations if you’re adventurous and want to get the most out of your honeymoon period.

3. Pick The Perfect Suit

Of course, you need to look neat and formal on your wedding day, which can only happen if you pick the perfect suit for your big day. As you suit shopping, ensure that you pick a color that matches your wedding’s theme. You can choose between a traditional black, gray, white, or navy. With all the designs and color combinations, you should be able to look for one that best compliments your style and body, allowing you to look at your best for your wedding day. Moreover, you should do this at least three months before your wedding day to ensure everything’s prepared.

4. Get A Haircut A Few Days Before The Big Day

Another way to look at your best for your wedding day is by getting yourself a fresh new haircut. However, it’s important not to get them the day before your wedding. It might look too thin and freshly cut that it no longer looks too natural. You should get a haircut at least four days before your wedding day to have that soft yet clean look. The duration should be enough to let your hair grow a bit and prevent it from becoming too close to your skin. It can also make you look posh and natural, perfect for your wedding day.

5. Write Your Vows

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A wedding won’t be complete without your wedding vows. Those are the things that you promise to your partner that should help to make your relationship stronger each day. Unfortunately, this is one of the things that most couples forget to do as they’re too occupied with wedding planning. To keep yourself right on track and avoid any impromptu speeches, which you might not be prepared for, you should write your vows at least two weeks before your wedding day. It should give you enough time to prepare your vows and allow you to maximize your creativity as much as possible.

6. Look For A Wedding Gift

While not all couples follow this tradition, giving a wedding gift to your partner would be a great way to show appreciation and make the day extra special for both of you. This way, you can emphasize how much you value your partner by giving them something they could start their married life. It could be a piece of jewelry, a luxurious handbag, a pair of their favorite sneakers, or anything you know they’ve been eyeing for a long time. Your gift should help to make your partner smile and giggle as you allow them to receive something more than your commitment, but something they could also use for themselves.

7. Visit Family And Friends

Entering your married life means doing everything with your partner. It could be watching movies, shopping for groceries, or even cooking meals for dinner. While there’s nothing wrong with being around your partner all the time, your family and friends might miss your company. Even if you could spend a day with them, it could still be something different once you’re married. To make up for them, you should spend some time with your family and friends before your big day. You could go on vacation, to a concert, or just do things you usually do together.

8. Eat Well

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Nothing is more terrifying than being at your wedding with an upset stomach. It can ruin the day and move your focus toward your stomach rather than your wedding day. To ensure that nothing goes wrong and you’ll feel at your best, you should eat well at least a week before your wedding day. Don’t eat anything that usually upsets your stomach, and avoid overeating. Try to consume enough fiber to ensure that your metabolism is moving well. Don’t worry; you can eat as much after your wedding day.

9. Practice Your Speech

Apart from your vows, you’ll also need to give a speech to everyone who attended your wedding. It’d be the perfect time to thank everyone who gave their time to be a part of your wedding and witness you and your partner’s bond. While it might sound simple, you should consider writing down your own speech to ensure that you don’t forget to mention anyone. During your wedding day, you might feel too occupied and on cloud nine that you forget about plenty of things as you’re joyous about the big day. Practicing your speech helps to ensure that everything moves smoothly.


There are plenty of things that grooms must do before saying ‘I do’. This will ensure that everything will go smoothly on their wedding day, making you feel comfortable and delighted as the big day finally comes. To prepare, you must look for the perfect suit, book the honeymoon destination, get a haircut, write your vows, and more. While it might be quite a handful at first, accomplishing those can help make the day in the best shape possible.