How to Write Amazing Wedding Vows for Him and for Her

Wedding vows are not only one of the most awaited part of your wedding, but also the most intimate. Writing them is a responsible task. Each vow has to be both meaningful and sincere, as they will be said to your life partner in front of your family and the closest friends.

Usually, brides are more preoccupied with the texts of their vows. However, grooms also feel the need to make the moment special and say something that will resonate with both of them for years. The main idea is to personalize the moment and celebrate the love you have for one another.

Writers from Essay Pro say that it is always good if your vows are customized. For example, you can include shared memories, funny stories, and other moments to show how incredibly special your love is.

Therefore, when writing your perfect vow, you should speak from your heart and follow several simple steps. We will help you avoid writer’s block and impress everyone with your sweet words.

Start with Saying Who This Person Is to You

Make sure you address your partner by stating who he or she is to you. If they are your love, say it. If they are your partner in crime or your everything, do not hesitate to name things as they are. It is important to say how much you love the person next to you and why do you want to tie the knot and live happily ever after.


Say What Love Means to You

Each of us loves in a different way. Somebody sees love as endless care, for others – it is attention or sacrifice. You need to explain what love is to you and how the person you choose fulfills it. Do not be shy to speak about your feelings. This is the celebration of love, so this is the best time to say those words.

This is the best time to make promises to stick with for the rest of your life. Describe things you are going to do and let your sweetheart dream with you. Remember things that you miss about him or her when they are not around. Do not be afraid to let everybody in your little secrets that you keep at the bottom of your heart. This is the day when you can show the world how fragile and tender you actually are.

Tell Your Partner That You Are Always There for Them

Most wedding promises that people tell each other focus on good and bad times. It is right because life can be tough and having a loving and caring partner who can help in solving problems is a great treasure. From this point of view, your vow should be reassuring. You need to communicate your intent to get through all difficulties and happy moments together.

Share Your Personal Stories

You two are the people who know each other best. You have something that makes you both laugh. Share these moments with your closest people and let them see you as you see each other. Remind your significant other about situations you’ve been through together. Express what memories you have about your entire relationship. It strengthens your ties and helps your guests feel the moment.

Make Promises

Vows are not essays. It is a promise that you give to your partner, and you should mean to keep it. When you decide to marry, you plan on being by each other’s side forever. Your vows should reflect your devotion and admiration, as well as acknowledge that you need support and you are ready to provide it back.


How You Can You Improve Your Vow?

Your goal is to write a vow which will be perfect for your loved one. However, you should not forget that other people will be listening too. So, if certain little things can be ignored or forgiven by your spouse-to-be, the audience is likely to hear them. Therefore, you need to work hard on the text to make it sound great.

Here is how you can do it:

Start Writing in Advance

Do not write in haste. Make sure you have enough time to work on your vow. Also, you need to leave enough time for your rehearsal because of the way you pronounce your speech matters.

Write Several Drafts

It is a good idea to work on several versions of your vow at the same time to compose the best one. Sometimes, it is hard to include all the things you want to mention in one text. When you have several drafts to choose from, you can polish the final version to perfection.

Take Notes

If you are constantly thinking about your vow, good ideas can come unexpectedly. Make sure you have a notebook to write them down and use the latter in writing your speech. Best memories often hit upon your mind in the most unexpected way.

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Do not Write Too Long

Concise writing is also art. That is why students are often given precise limits for their essays. It matters for vows, too. Do not try to include everything in your vow. Mention the most important things you want to remind your significant other.

Add Humor

There is nothing better than humor in your vow. Your lover will definitely like it, not to mention the audience. Also, the ability to make your love smile during this stressful event will definitely serve you.

Have Somebody Review and Proofread the Vow

Having a friend who will critically evaluate your vow is extremely important. What may seem nice and fun to you might turn out to be offensive to others. A fresh eye can spot mistakes in your writing that you can correct or improve.

Wrapping Up

Spare enough time to sophisticate your vow. It is both important for you and for your spouse-to-be because these promises are something you would remember forever. Give it enough time and critically evaluate everything you want to include in your draft. It really matters what things you choose to focus on.

Add humor, be concise and sincere. This is the main advice you can get. Mention all the feelings that your loved one makes you feel and do not be afraid to sound too cheesy. This is your day. Live every minute of it.