How to Write a Heart-Melting Wedding Vow

Love is a beautiful thing. Although there is no guarantee that every day will be a happy day, it is well known that vows play an essential role in any wedding. The wedding vows are usually promises couples make to each other. They express how the couples are planning to live with one another, the meaning they intend to give to their wedding, and how they are planning to navigate the different paths of life. There is no doubt that most people have difficulty writing their wedding vows. It is usually a tremendous task that entails describing your promises, dreams, and love using a couple of sentences. It is essential to note that wedding vows are usually very intimate. Therefore, couples should take sufficient time to choose the ideal words regardless of whether the ceremony is secular, religious, traditional, or non-traditional. Planning for your wedding while still studying can be hectic. Once in a while, you might find it challenging to complete your massive pile of assignments because of unavoidable reasons. Therefore, if you find yourself in such a situation, you might consider seeking assistance to write your essays from reputable custom writing companies like PeachyEssay. This article will discuss how to write wedding vows that will make your spouse love you forever.

Avoid procrastination


It would be best to remember that procrastination is a killer of productivity. Your wedding vows will be spoken in front of your spouse, parents, parents-in-law, pastor, relatives, friends, and many more people. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that it is as perfect as possible. If you keep procrastinating when to write your wedding vows, the chances are high that you will write them hurriedly. It will be awkward to read a vow filled with spelling mistakes. Therefore, to avoid all sorts of embarrassments, it would be best to avoid procrastination and start writing your vows as soon as possible.

Request a friend or a colleague to read your vow

You can miss this essential step if you are sure that your vow is devoid of spelling mistakes or wrong grammar. However, if you are unsure of your writing skills, you might consider seeking assistance from a trusted colleague or friend. Such friends might go through your vows and check whether they are written perfectly. On a similar note, it would also be a great idea if they read out the vows loudly so that you can hear whether there is a good flow of words. You should be cautious not to say something that will make your audience feel as if you went overboard.

Develop a plan


It is essential to note that different things might work out differently based on the circumstances presented. Therefore, what might have worked for someone else during their wedding ceremony, might not work for you. This is why you should develop a plan regarding your wedding vows. You might consider answering questions, such as will you write your wedding vows together or separately? Will you keep your wedding vows secretly until the wedding, or will you show each other beforehand? By which date should you both have your wedding vows written? By having a plan, you will avoid the last-minute rush, which means that you will both have your wedding vows written beforehand.

Write down the things you love about the spouse

Sometimes, you can have everything well planned out in your mind until you are told you speak them. That is when everything disappears, and you remain blank. It can be unpleasant to have everything well-planned out and forget your wedding vows. It is advisable to spare sufficient time and note down what you love about your spouse. Whereas some people often have difficulty writing what they find attractive about their spouse, others usually have less difficulty. At this point, you might consider mentioning the things that attracted you to your wife or husband-to-be. It could also be the reasons why you love them or the things you miss when they are not around. You might also consider using words such as, “ since the day I met you…….”

Go through other wedding vows

By doing research and going through the vows written by other people, you will get a rough idea of how your vow should look or sound. Therefore, it is best to read different examples before you settle and start writing your own. You might also consider answering questions such as; do you want your wedding vow to be secular or religious, emotional or funny, a poem or a speech, and so on. If you have decided to share with your spouse beforehand, you can request a friend or a colleague to read them both and check whether they complement each other.

Practice saying your vows


You might have heard of the common phrase that practice makes perfect. Therefore, if you want to perfect reciting your vows, you should practice saying them to your trusted friend or in front of the mirror and keep repeating them until you are satisfied. It is essential always to remember that your vows should portray your emotions. Although some people prefer memorizing the vows, they are usually unnecessary. However, if you keep practicing them, you will realize that they have stuck on your mind, and hence, you will not need to have a prompt.

Seek help

If you have difficulty writing your wedding vows despite doing your research, you might consider seeking assistance from one or two colleagues who have gone through the entire process. Anytime you encounter any form of difficulty, you should never hesitate to seek assistance from the right people and places. Apparently, there is no harm in not knowing the correct way of doing something.

In conclusion, wedding vows are usually very intimate and special, and therefore, people should not wait until the last minute to start writing them. Indeed, couples should take sufficient time to choose the ideal words regardless of whether the ceremony is secular, religious, traditional, or non-traditional. Hopefully, by reading this article, you will know everything about writing a great wedding vow.