8 Ways to Write a Traditional Marriage Vow – 2024 Guide

Writing vows and putting all the feelings into words may be stressful and overwhelming. Not everyone is good with words and vocalizing complex emotions into sentences, especially if needed to read them out loud and in front of friends and family. There are few ways you can make this easier and get the words flowing making this moment on the wedding more special.

1. Think about the person you love

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Before you start writing use some time to just think about the person you love. It is always good to start from the first thing that pops into your mind. As you deepen the thoughts be conscious about the traits that you cherish and the ones that made you fall in love with this special someone. You may think about special events or things that you have lived through that have determined your relationship. Let your imagination and just let yourself gaze into the past and future. The more you think, the more sure you will be about the things you would like to put into it.

2. All beginnings are hard

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You know that the hardest thing about it the actual start and how to write the opening line. This can be very difficult and it may happen that you will change this few times before the final version. It is totally fine to do so, and it may take a few tries to find the perfect start. It is always good to start with a simple line about this person and what they mean to you.

3. Storytelling

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This next section after the opening line should be a story to tell. It can refer to how you meet, fall in love and what is holding you together. When referring to these, try to use simple yet effective language and tell a story about you two and the love and life you share. This part should not be too long, and it is okay to just make bullet points and later develop a story. It will take a few tries to get it, and do not stop before it is perfect.

4. Seek for help if needed

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If you are not too good with words, and you want this to be the best possible, think about having professional help and someone who will say the things you want to in fewer, more sophisticated words. You may make a draft and put all the things you want to say on one paper, and then use professional help to get it more packed and polished looking. Be sure to tell this to your special someone and talk openly about using help, since they might like to do the same, or they will agree with you to no matter how sloppy it may look, you use your own words and writing skills.

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5. Promises

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After you have written the story of you, you may want to proceed with what you promise to do. This can be very simple, such as to love and cherish, and to be there in the good and bad times. Be sure to make it your own and get a personal note to it. Many may add a comic note as well, in a sense that you may promise not to eat their food or drink from their glass if they are known to detest these things. Into this part, you may add traditional verses from the bible and incorporate religion if both of you are down for it. This will make it sound more serious and you being more committed. Be sure not to overdo it and be realistic in these, also do not put too much, just weigh what is important for both of you and incorporate these values that you both cherish into the vows. Each new one may start with that you vow or promise to.

6. Include them

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This means that while witting it can be very inviting for the special someone to hear about what you want the two of you to do, to have and to become. This means that you should not be afraid to use the phrases which include the significant other and invite them to do all the things together.

7. Rough times

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It is always good to mention that you will be there not only when things are good and everything is going smoothly. Referring that you will be there when it gets hard, and be there through thick and thin may be very important for the marriage and the closeness you two have.

8. Look into the future

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When it comes to closing words, it is always good to refer to all the things you want for both of you in the future. Do not be afraid to look way past the few years and into the old age. Imagine how your life will be and tell this person that is standing in front of you how you will go step by step and conquer every mountain and go over every obstacle. If you are planning on having kids you may mention this as well. If not, it is okay to just layout the life you have planned for both of you and how you are happy to share all the rest of your years with this special someone.

Closing words are very simple, and they stand as a promise you will respect all of the things written above. It can also close with the desire to spend the rest of your life with that special someone. Here is okay to use those cheesy lines from the movies, as long as it fits the mood of the vows.


Writhing the vows is a very emotional and heartwarming period of life, where you need to reflect on all that you have been through and imagine the perfect future with that special someone. Take your time and go step by step in making them in order to glorify the love and life you will have with this person. Be free to ask for help in phrasing and putting it all in more sophisticated words.