7 Tips on How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

You’re a bride to be? Well, first off, congratulations! Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting yet difficult things a woman can do. You have to think beforehand about everything, and you have to be open to suggestions. Here, we will help you with one of your main key pieces, which is your hair! Keep on reading and figure out how to get that perfect bridal hairdo that suits your style, and your hair length!

Top 7 Tips On How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

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1. Work with what you have (or consider hair extensions and hair wigs)

If you are an extravagant bride you will demand an extravagant wedding, which also means dramatic hairstyles!

Some women who have short, flat, brittle, or thin hair may want to switch up their look on their wedding day.

Shorter hairstyles can be a bit tricky to style, which is why you should consider adding hair extensions.

You can also go for hair wigs or hair extensions even if you have longer hair, but you’re lacking volume. Most hairstylists would recommend taking this one extra step for your wedding since it will look amazing in the pictures + you will enjoy all the additional volume. If you’re intrigued by the wig world, give Klaiyihair.com a click, you will love their huge selection!

2. Think about a headpiece

What is your preferred look? Are you someone who is about the veil, flower crown, or dazzling tiara headpiece?

Every bride is different, which means that you should think long and hard before you make your decision or your purchase.

Once you’ve made up your mind be smart about your application process. For instance, a wide-toothed comb won’t look or sit right with straight and flat hairstyles, while women who have curly or wavy hair may pull off this look better.

Think about its longevity, as well as about what might look beautiful and stay durable on your head for as long as possible.

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3. Do your research, always

Find the perfect hairstylist by doing your research online and by asking your friends and family for some help or recommendations. You can always ask your hairstylist for their portfolio, just to see what you’re working with, as well as what their expertise and general knowledge on the bridal hairstyle is like. Ideally, you should find your hairstylist six months before the wedding. Do some test trials, and only then book them! Go for a hair look that will compliment your chosen dress & makeup look, but which won’t overpower you. Find the perfect balance, and plan ahead!

4. Find a separate makeup artist

You should always choose and book a separate make-up artist and hairdresser, especially if your budget is not strict, and you’re aiming for that wow factor. A hairdresser who has been doing hairstyles in the last 4-5 years will have way more experience than someone who has been multi-tasking with hair and makeup for the last 7 years. Go for a premium hairdresser and an excellent certified makeup artist since only they will be able to give you a flawless look that suits your features and your preferred & ideal outcome.

The same rule applies to your stylist & your nail tech. It is always better to book them separately.

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5. Coordinate your hair with your outfit

Always coordinate your hair with your outfit, but also think about your makeup. For instance, your tresses should complement your gown. You should do your research and see what goes well together. Mix & match your look according to your favorite colors, current weather seasons, as well as trendy modern looks.

  • For instance, if you plan on wearing a sculptural dress, ask for a sleek ponytail.
  • If you are into that relaxed & rustic look, think about adding bouncy, wavy, or natural curls.
  • If you plan on wearing a ball gown, you should do the eternal chignon which never goes out of style.

Each look is different, and every dress has a story of its own!

6. Be open to suggestions & inspiration

A lot of brides have an issue of not knowing where to start, and what exactly to do. Figuring out the first move is quite tricky. However, what you can do is look and browse social media and have some of your favorite pictures saved up in a special gallery. Another amazing source is Pinterest since it has a plethora of options. You can always browse through magazines and find inspiration when talking to your friends. Finding your perfect hairdo might seem like a challenge, but once you are surfing the web and once you’ve browsed through 100 pictures, you will know what you’re looking for!

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7. Think about adding loads of shine

Last, but not least, this little tip & trick can make such a huge impact. Shiny hair is such a simple hack that can make a huge change on the day of your wedding. You should go for that glossy, shiny, as well as healthy hair look. By adding loads of shine to your hairstyle (no matter the look that you’re going for) you will easily tame down any flyaways from dry air or static. Keep in mind that curly hair is prone to brittleness and dullness, so use the right texture spray for this hair type.

You will love the glossy hair look, especially on pictures!

Ready to look as pretty as ever?

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So, are you ready for your flawless and feminine bridal look? Women worldwide do get stressed (a lot) about their hair and makeup. However, with our top 7 tips and tricks, the process will become a lot more simple & easy! Just figure out what is it that you’re looking for, and go on Pinterest. Once you have some looks saved up you will be halfway done with your perfect hair look! Let us know how it all went down in the end, and which hairstyle you ended up choosing!