10 Hairstyles For Your Wedding

Weddings are always stressful for both bride and groom, but the bride has one thing that the groom rarely has to worry about – wedding hairstyles

It’s safe to say that everyone wants to look their best when their wedding comes. But that might mean changing your look for something more appropriate.

This is why brides spend hundreds of dollars on getting the desired hairstyle that will match not only themselves but their gown and wedding theme.

But how would you know which hairstyles are in and which aren’t? Well, it’s 2024 so we’ve got a lot to work with. That’s why we’ve decided to give you an article that will tell you about the 10 hairstyles for your wedding.

So, without further ado, let’s start.

1.  Tousled Low Updo

Source: Hairstylery

This style is an absolute classic and every gal out there has either seen a bride rock it or wants one for herself.

The tousled low updo is a style that everyone can wear, but there are a few things you should know about it. For starters, you’re meant to make it on the day of your wedding and you’re supposed to wash the hair before the hairdresser does their thing.

What you get in return is a hairstyle that looks wonderful and lasts for days.

2.  Curls And Braids

Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

Curls and braids are super attractive and look an absolute peach on any bride.

There is a reason why they call curls and braids a bride’s best friend, and that has to do with how beautiful it looks. Whenever thinking about this particular hairstyle, the amount of options at your disposal is truly spectacular.

You can opt for laces around or braids that go straight to the bottom. What you have to do is make the decision.

3.  Low Chignon

Source: Pinterest

Yet another timeless classic and extremely elegant hairstyle is the low chignon. Chances are you’ve seen this style at least once in your lifetime and you’ll see it plenty of times more.

The low chignon might be a classic, but it is seeing a rejuvenation as more brides are opting for it; more than ever.

The deal with the low chignon is that it puts your hair into a beautiful bun that looks super attractive and clean. Since the low chignon exposes your back and neck, it provides an opportunity for accessories to make an impact. We advise for impactful earrings as there is no better way to accompany a low chignon than earrings.

4.  A Bug’s Life

Source: Pinterest

This one has to do more with accessories rather than the style itself. But regardless, this is yet another updo that is styled with lots of hair clips for an added effect.

The clips in question are beautiful butterflies and various others that will accompany your garden themed wedding.

Since more couples are opting for a wedding theme than ever, adding accessories onto your hair might just be the perfect way to end the night in style.

5.  Wigs and Extensions

Source: Pinterest

Sometimes a bride needs a bit more to perfect the look. Well, this is where wigs and extensions come into play. Wigs were once seen as negative as it exposed a person’s hair flaws.

But nowadays, wigs and extensions are the best way to perfect the look or even change it.

Wigs can completely give you a new temporary look in a matter of days, while laces will help you achieve the desired length.

If you’re interested in it, make sure to head over to Unice.

6.  Halo Braids

Source: Glamour

Halo braids are becoming very popular among brides, and for good reasons.

Halo braids are a type of braids that are romantic, energetic, and will provide you with a signature look. There is no better way to make yourself more appealing and attractive on your most important day than with halo braids.

This is precisely why this hairstyle is becoming so popular with younger couples.

7.  Slip N Slide

Source: Martha Stewart

Did you expect for slides to make this huge of a bang? We don’t think anyone expected a return of a timeless wedding hairstyle classic such as the Slip N Slide.

This style essentially takes sections of your hair and secured them with a nice and big clip at the back. But the loose securing is meant to add a bit of length to the whole style as the curls will be free to interact with the rest of your hair.

To put it simply, the slip n slide is a style that is not only romantic but very attractive and beautiful.

8.  Ponytails

Source: Pinterest

It was only a matter of time before the ponytail gets mentioned. Ponytails are ecstatic and delicate when it comes to rocking a wedding style that borderlines perfection.

The slick look a ponytail offers matched with a piece of embellished hairpin is more than enough to provide the look of dreams.

All eyes will be on you on your wedding day, so what better way to give the audience what they want than with a ponytail?

9.  Twists and Twinkling Stars

Source: Pinterest

A relatively new way of styling your hair has to do with the sky above us. Stars have always been a thing for women, and what better way to get inspiration for your wedding hairstyle than to take a look above?

Twisting your hair and clipping with small star clips is what a lot of millennial brides are up to these days. We’re happy to get on board with it as it creates the much-needed balance between a playful and romantic look.

10.  Timeless Elegance

Source: TopGracia

Yet another updo and this one should be on everyone’s list. If you’re thinking about a traditional wedding, then an updo is the best way to satisfy not only the wedding theme. But to also give you an A+ look.

To perfect the updo makes sure to leave a few strands of hair just to break the balance between seriousness and playfulness.

These were out 10 hairstyles for a timeless and unforgettable wedding. While there are so many more options out there, these 10 looks will be just right for your special day.