Simple Yet Elegant Bridal Hairstyles: 5 Tips for Using Wigs

Life is full of wonderful moments that each of us surely enjoys. These are events that mark life and make it even more beautiful, that is, they bring us even more beautiful days. One such event is the wedding day on which each of us would be or was already excited because from that day you and your partner will be as one, that is, you will become spouses who will be the root of one love and shared happiness. For this day, many details need to be worked on, and one of the details is the appearance of the bride, which is particularly important.

Of course, this day is the day for both spouses. On this day, they need to be the main stars and shine in front of the other people who will be present at the event, but the main attention must be on the bride. Well brides this is your moment to shine! Today we are going to talk about exactly how you can shine through your hairstyle. So what could you do about it? You can consult your hairdresser, look for inspiration on the Internet or simply follow our suggestions for arranging your hair for the wedding day, and even put on a wig if you want a change that will be just for the wedding day.

What could you do? You can do something different, and still be elegant and suitable with your wedding dress, but also with the type of wedding event, that is, the organization that you have taken care of before. There are many possibilities when it comes to the simplicity and elegance of your hairstyle. In that task, the wig can also play a role, which can be a kind of fashion detail or accessory through which you present something different, say experts from Nadula, who collaborated with many brides by offering them the best models of wigs. This can be a good solution for you too, but if you decide on this step, it will be necessary first of all to choose a quality wig, with the color you want and the right elegant style of shaping it. Wondering how to dress her? We bring you several suggestions today, and all you need is to carefully follow us to the end. Let’s get started and see what suggestions we have for you!


What are the simple and elegant bridal hairstyles that you can do if you have a wig?

As we have already said, a wig can be a solution that can give you a change in your wedding day look. First of all, it is good to know that despite being a wig, it has the advantage of making great simple, and elegant hairstyles. Who are they? Find out some of them!

1. Just wear it straight!

If you have a really simple wedding dress that will leave everyone amazed, the focus must be on it and on the hairstyle, which we also suggest is simple. Therefore, it may be best to just leave the hairstyle straight, i.e. iron the wig carefully with iron and wear it that way during the evening. Believe me, this style of your hairstyle will be great and will match perfectly with your simple and at the same time elegant dress.


2. Create elegant curls using a curling iron

The next suggestion is the curls, which are a favorite of many ladies, and we believe that you will like them too, and will fit perfectly with the stylized wedding dress. It’s simple, grab a curling iron or do it with a standard curling iron and style your wig. Make two curls that will be in the foreground and will be simple. Don’t do too many twists, just give the curls a simple wavy look. It will leave everyone in awe and keep all the attention on you.

3. Make a beautiful braid

A braid can also be a great choice for you. Braids are becoming increasingly popular as a wedding day hairstyle. A growing number of brides decide to make a hairstyle of this type, so it would be great if you could also shape your wig in this way. All that is needed is to take two or three strands from the back of the wig, which you will braid and secure with a little hairspray and a nice fake ornament. But first, make sure that the wig is nicely straightened so that the braid looks perfect.


4. You can also make two braids at the front

Recently, finely woven braids, which are made on the front part of the wig, are also popular. For this, you will need a perfectly straight wig and careful braiding. First, iron the wig, and then start weaving carefully finely woven braids, which you will fix with a little hairspray and secure with clamps or hairpins. You can also leave the rest of the wig straight. This look of the wig is beautiful and would attract the attention of everyone present, but it would also look great in combination with well-chosen make-up.

5. A straight wig that you can make a ponytail would look great on you

The last simple style to style your wedding day wig is a straight ponytail wig. It’s simple, you just need to first straighten the wig with a press and then carefully tie a ponytail, which you will fix with a little hairspray and add a clip, some decorative bridal barrette, or other decorations. This would go great with neutral makeup and would look great paired with your elegant and simple wedding dress. This hairstyle is the choice of many girls, and we believe that you will like it too.


All too often brides spend too much time choosing a simple look for their hairstyle for the big wedding day. Now in front of you are 5 perfect proposals that will certainly fit in with your idea, with the simplicity you want, but also with the dress and makeup. Therefore, carefully look at our suggestions and choose the ideal way to style your wig for the wedding day as simply and elegantly as possible. This is your day, the attention will be completely on you, and in addition, you will amaze everyone with your flawless appearance.