50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

We all want to find true love and spend the rest of our lives together. However, many fail. The number of divorces has been on the rise worldwide in recent years and these are usually marriages lasting less than five years, which means that tolerance and the desire to live together is very disturbed. The modern way of life seems to destroy the family and marriage as an institution. But still, there are many couples whose relationships should be emulated.

They have been together for decades, raising children and relating to each other with a lot of love and honesty. If they are lucky to be healthy, maybe they will celebrate something that everyone would like with their partner and that is to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary.

The wedding anniversary is celebrated every year on the day you get married, but nothing compares to the golden wedding anniversary which represents the fiftieth anniversary of the beginning of the marriage.

If you are one of the lucky ones who will celebrate this jubilee with your partner or you are invited to a party on the occasion of a golden wedding anniversary, we will give you ideas about the most beautiful and most appropriate gifts for the occasion.

Anything that is golden

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It is customary to give something golden for this occasion since it is called a golden anniversary, so we will start from that then. A gold piece of jewelry is a great choice. You can choose a necklace that has a heart in two parts, so one will wear one part and the other part. Also, it doesn’t have to be jewelry.

There are various options available. It can also be something for the home, it will be a beautiful decoration and a constant reminder of what they have achieved together. All that matters is that there is something personal in the gift. Their initials or something engraved for example. To always remind them what was the reason why the gift was bought.

A journey to remember

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While the trip may not seem like something striking enough for such a big event at first glance, think again. You have two choices if you want this to be a gift. And it is best to get more involved in this gift because it can be very expensive. Choose a trip to remember. As people celebrating a golden anniversary cannot be young, make sure the trip is memorable and yet they can endure it in those years. Another option is to give them a new honeymoon.

Choose for them the same place where they spent their honeymoon fifty years ago. In this way, they will be best able to remember all the years together and to evoke memories. They will surely be grateful to you because they will feel young again, as if they were just married.

Deluxe gift set

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They will certainly be very happy if you buy them various different things and make a present out of it. If you know they love wine and candy, this can be a great choice. Or flowers for a lady, and some good whiskey for a gentleman. You have endless possibilities, you just have to be imaginative. And this is the best choice if you will not be able to attend the celebration of the golden anniversary because you live in another country, but you definitely want to surprise them. Wondering how to do it?

There are specialized sites, such as Gift Baskets Overseas, that will do just that for you. You will choose what you want and to which country to deliver, and they will do it for you.

Photo album

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This is the best choice if you want to give them something sentimental. Make a photo album through all fifty years of their life together. Imagine how many events and moments were captured in the photos. Mix different photos, with family, friends, but above all focus on their love.

Cause tears and smiles with photos that they themselves have forgotten. If you want, you can also add a CD with different recordings and together you can watch photos and recordings during the celebration and remember all the beautiful moments together. At the end, memories are the most important and the only thing we have left.

Family tree

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Wondering why a family tree? We do not mean a family tree where the whole history of one family will be shown, and where those who celebrate such a big moment in their lives, represent only a small part. Make them a unique family tree that will be a decoration for living room.

It should look like a photo frame in the shape of a tree. Put photos of them, their children and grandchildren there. In this way, they will have a beautiful decoration that will remind them how many new lives their love has given birth to. It would be best if the part of the frame or whole is made from gold so that the symbolism would be complete.

Throw them a party

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Maybe they weren’t planning any celebration because they didn’t want to attach importance to their golden anniversary, thinking that family and friends had too many responsibilities to spend time and celebrate something like that with them. If this is the case, throw them a party and surprise them. Show them that everyone cares about them and that you are happy for the anniversary. Let it be a party full of details.

Put photos of them everywhere. Then, let it be a gold decoration, which will include tablecloths, curtains, candles and whatever else comes to mind. Let everyone wear a piece of clothing in gold, and prepare something white for her, like when she got married. Let him wear suits, to make everything look even more solemn.

If they have ever-renewed vows in their lives, include something from that event in this event as well. You can also make a cake with their pictures or to make it look like a wedding cake. The possibilities are endless, just be as creative as possible.


This is a special day in the lives of these two people, so do your best to make the whole celebration even better with your present. If you choose one of our ideas, they will surely be delighted.