Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents

It’s a joyful event when our parents celebrate their wedding anniversary. Celebrating it is important because it can rejuvenate their marriage. But most importantly, it’s our responsibility to get gift them a present.

We wouldn’t be here without our parent’s love. So, if you happened to have an anniversary coming up, here are the best gifts you can give your parents.

1. Wine Basket

Source: Capalbo’s Gift Baskets

Celebrating an anniversary calls for a glass of wine. This present is most convenient if your parents happened to be staying in for the day.

Chances are, they’ll want to treat themselves to a glass of wine, and what better present than to get them an entire basket of the sweet, liquidy, goody.

2. Picture Frame

Source: Dust And Things

You can get very creative with this one, and you can even make one yourself.

Picture frames might look like the most boring gifts even, but thinking outside the box could find you the best one ever. For example, to hasten the process, you could dedicate some time and create a “then and now” picture frame where your parents could place an old wedding photo and a recent photo next to it.

That way, you’ll take your parents on a walk down memory lane; and they will love it.

3. Customized Cutting Board

Source: Pinterest

This present might suit mom, rather than dad, but it is still a very thoughtful gift.

When getting one, it’s important to think about a few things. For starters, the type of wood can make or break the gift; as a general rule, we recommend walnut or maple.

Next up is the actual personalized message then you’ll engrave on the board itself. You could go for a picture of them, but this might come as very expensive, or simply have their names engraved.

Regardless of what you’ll add, this item will be an important part of the kitchen.

4. Wall Art

Source: Pinterest

If your mom and dad love art, then why not settle for something they’ll hang on their walls?

Much like the rest of the presents, the importance of personalization is key for it to work. Wall art can be anything you could imagine. It could be their favorite picture, it could be a picture of them, and it could be something else entirely.

A fun idea we’ve come across is to make a map of the places they’ve been in the world. Not only will this make them nostalgic about past travels, but it might encourage them to go someplace new.

5. Champagne & Chocolate

Source: Capalbo’s Gift Baskets

Champagne and chocolate are yet another gift that works perfectly if your parents want to celebrate just the two of them. You can even go as far as to get a whole basket of it.

6. Painting

Source: Pinterest

We touched on a similar gift, but getting them a painting form one of the greats in the world is nothing short of brilliant.

There must be someone who your parents either know or idolize as an artist from history. With so many great artists at your disposal, this could be a trickier task than normally anticipated.

But, luckily for you, you can visit for a full collection of artists all throughout history. You can even directly browse their work, which can be found through numerous categories such as classicism, renaissance, landscaping, romanticism, abstract, baroque, etc.

7. Personalized Bubble Heads

Source: Trepup

Yet another gift that requires no introduction, bubbleheads are great to keep you company while driving.

As a matter of fact, bubblehead has become something like cult figures in our society, with most of their appearances coming from movie classics.

There are numerous reasons why this could be the perfect gift. First off, it’s a great personalized gift that both will cherish, it’s an unusual present, and they certainly want to take it with them on their road trips; just like the movies.

8. Custom Coffee Mugs

Source: eBay

By now you’ve probably come to the conclusion that personalization is king with these gifts.

Another great present that is excellent when adding something custom is a coffee mug. Coffee mugs are best bought in pairs. And that’s why you’ll get one for mom and one for dad.

But, before you gift them, make sure to have them printed with something special just for this event.

9. Family Tree Picture Frame

Source: Pinterest

What better way to celebrate their anniversary than with a family tree picture frame where everyone can sit happily.

Family trees are meant for more than names. That’s why you’ll be adding everyone’s pictures before you give them the gift. It is certainly something that both will love and something to cherish for days to come.

10. Willow Sculpted Figure

Source: Sincerely Hers

A very uncommon gift that is slowly getting more and more popular, a sculpted figure made from willow is a beautiful anniversary present that both mom and dad will adore.

The thing with this present is the fact that it should resemble them. The figures should resemble both mom and dad, and they should be made in their form.

You could later add extra details, but we suggest you leave it as it is. The point of this present is to be without too many details.

11. Custom Portraits

Source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t love getting their portrait taken? We can certainly tell you that your parents will love this gift.

Simply take a photo of the two, or find one, and take it to a professional to make a portrait out of it. Then, when the portrait is done, surprise them by hanging it in the living room the next time they come home.

Portraits are amazing, creative, and most importantly, personalized gifts that everyone loves.

12. Personalized Wine Crate

Source: Wedding Design Ideas

And the last gift on our list is something where they can place their favorite wines. Wine crates, simply put, are quite convenient; even more so in the case of wine lovers.

So, if your parents happened to love wine, then a personalized crate with something special engraved or written could possibly be yet another brilliant wedding anniversary present.