8 Best Present Ideas for Newlywed Couples – 2024 Guide

Having someone close that is celebrating their first marriage anniversary and do not know what to get them? Any couple will tell you that they have everything and that they do not need anything, in particular, making your life a living hell. Picking presents is very hard and can be overwhelming if you want to get the best possible present, but you are not sure what that is. This is why we have done some heavy lifting and composed a list of items that you can get them and wow them with an amazing present that you will not be ashamed of.

1. Personalized cutting board

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If you know that they are fond of cooking together and that this is an activity they often enjoy, you may think about getting them a cutting board, but not just any cutting board. Made from a good piece of wood this something any kitchen needs; especially if the ones that will end up using it are spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Simple yet effective cutting boar with engraved initials of the couple or something else that is meaningful to them will give a personal twist onto regular kitchen items.

2. Wine accessories

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If the couple you are buying a gift is into wine and enjoy a good glass of some, be free to get them a set made for getting into the sommelier vibe. These can be a good set of crystal glasses, a special bottle for the wine to be put into in order to breathe, something to get the cork out and something to replace the cork or to cover the bottle preventing the wine to get stale.

3. Beer accessorize

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If the couple is a beer enthusiast, you can get them special beer glasses, and you can go one step ahead and get them some craft beer designed to follow their personal taste. In addition to this, you can make labels that are representing the couple and put them on the craft default made beer. This can show your creativity as well as surprise the couple with beer designed for them.

4. Cocktails accessorize

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A pair of good cocktail glasses are a thing that can be a very good present. Add some umbrellas and a shaker; a gift is ready to go. This is a good choice for the couples who have a cocktail night or just enjoy having some, once in a while. You can top them with some small samples, or get them something that cocktails they enjoy cannot go without. So if they dig the martini, a pair of martini glasses, shaker and good rum to mix the martini with. The same goes for other cocktails they might be into.

5. Coffee treats

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There is not a person that does not love coffee, so anything related to it may be a good present to think about. From matching mugs with different text that is personalized, to cups for coffee to go and stay warm during the day, this can be a perfect present, especially is personal touch is added; a simple His and Hers can be suffused. In addition to this, different samples of coffee can be bought as well as some smart mugs that can be connected to the phone and keep the drink on the perfect temperature for few hours. In addition to this, different pots, spoons and measuring accessorize can be added to the gift as well.

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6. Classical board games

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If the couple is into board games, you can get them some of the classical ones; monopoly or twister. If they are into something geekier you can see into the board game inventory and see what they will like playing, there are many choices, but we are sure you will be able to pick the one they will love. In addition to this, cards against humanity may be a risky idea, but if you think they will love them, go for it.

7. Decoration

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You can make a very special decoration piece; this can be a good picture frame with a picture of them that is very important to them. The collage of photos can be interesting as well, especially if it tells a story. Frame with a personal note that represents their anniversary or something that ties them together. An interesting thing can be a framed picture of stars in the sky at the specific date, it can be the day they have met or the date they got married.

8. Gift card

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Okay, this is an AS in the sleeve, since it can be used as a bonus if you have forgotten about it and want to make it up. Gift cards can seem a bit not personal, but they are some people’s favorites. This is because you can get it in almost any store, so you can get it in the store the couple really loves. Some spa centers will give gift cards, so it can be a good thing to give. In addition to this big stores such as IKEA will give gift cards, so if you know that they need something from there, you may get them a gift card. You can even get few different gift cards, depending on the budget limit you have, so if they love reading you can get them one for the bookstore, or you can get tickets for their favorite show, theatre play or movie.


Even though it can be difficult to pick a perfect gift, we have presented a few that may give you an idea for the couples you are searching for a present for. It is important to pick a present that can be used and as well as something that represents the relationship with this couple. It should be well thought, but if you have forgotten, and it is okay, it happens, you can just get them a gift card and be better next year.