Best Last-Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

Did you completely forget to get a wedding gift for your friend’s wedding this week? Mishaps happen all the time with all the stress that comes with weddings, and that stress certainly applies to the guests too.

But from having to get your hair done, getting a nice dress, and even makeup, the wedding gift can easily fall down to the picking order. Although the wedding gift should be your number one priority, there is no need to panic as we have put together an article that will give you a general idea of the best last-minute wedding gifts.

So chill out, don’t panic, and grab your reading glasses as we have you fully covered.

1. A Personalized Calendar

Source: Just Love Gifts

What better way to incorporate all the wedding photos than in a personalized calendar. This last-minute gift is certainly one that covers all the boxes. For starters, it is a cute gift that will commemorate their most special day, and it is a gift that will be highly personalized to their liking.

These calendars cost nothing, so you might want to accompany it with a nice envelope.

2. A Cookbook and a Cooking Class

Source: Parade

Are the bride and groom excellent cooks? Do they love making food for each other, is that a special hobby of theirs, or are they eager to learn how to cook? Regardless of whether they love or hate cooking, a cookbook and a cooking class are some of the best wedding gifts for newly wedded couples as it gives them an excuse to learn how to make delicious food for themselves.

Since they will be living on their own from now on, a cooking class will teach them all the necessary skills to learn how to cook, while a cookbook will provide them with ideas of what to prepare each day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

3. A Kettle Set With Cups

Source: DHgate

A kettle set with coffee/tea cups is the best last-minute wedding gift for your friends to enjoy their breakfasts. As a general rule, make sure to get one that will look and feel timeless.

So, to help you make the buying decision, a copper kettle with big enough cups for tea and breakfast will do the work just fine. This is one wedding gift idea that will spark a few glosses during their morning coffee/tea routines. However, much like the first one we mentioned, a kettle set with cups doesn’t cost anything, so make sure to include an envelope with it.

4. Wine Club Subscription

Source: grandtourwine

Wine is red hot in today’s times. A wine club subscription is a wedding gift idea that will save them hundreds of dollars each year, all the while providing them with the best wines to sample each month.

A wine club subscription is definitely worth looking into as the perfect wedding present due to the variety of options it gives the newly wedded couple.

A wedding present doesn’t necessarily have to be a last-minute one. We mentioned that inconveniences can occur that delays the buying process. If you feel as you have more time to look around for presents to purchase your friends for their upcoming wedding, then you can browse for ideas here.

5. An Airbnb Gift Card

Source: Medium

Have we ever mentioned how brilliant a gift card can be? They are solely created to be used as presents to the people you love and appreciate the most.

What better way for a newly wedded couple to celebrate their love for each other than with a trip to France. However, this could be a tricky last-minute present idea as you’d have to make sure they haven’t made a reservation yet. Airbnb gift cards range from $25 to $500 credit off their next travels anywhere they like.

6. Make Their Honeymoon Extra Special

Source: El Corte Inglés Seguros

If your “soon to be married friends” have bragged to you about where they’ll spend their honeymoon at than consider a last-minute present that will make their honeymoon even more special.

Chances are that the wedded couple will go somewhere abroad, which makes the decision of how to make the occasion better that much harder. As a general example, you could make a reservation at a top-tier restaurant your choice of present for them. Another option is to make a reservation at a spa and massage center or even make their adrenaline rise with a lesion in parachuting.

As a general rule, these will be the sort of things that you can purchase in their name that will make their honeymoon extra special. As the last piece of advice on the matter, you could always make upgrades on certain services in the resort where they’ll be staying, to make it all that inclusive.

7. Surprise Them for their Anniversary

Source: PinkRabbit

Instead of getting a present that the couple can use right away, why not surprise them with something for their upcoming one year anniversary?

The most viable thing to do, however, would be to hook them up with a great hotel. Just make sure to book the hotel in a place they’ve never been to before.

A present idea for 12 months’ time is a viable idea that could backfire, but you’ll be banking on them to make it.

Trust us; this is one wedding gift idea that will cement the friendship between you and the couple since you’ll b the one cheering for them to make it past the one year mark.

8. Cash & Card

Source: Twitter

Let’s face it, even going for last-minute present hunting can sometimes be a pain in the neck, even if we have informed you about the coolest and best last-minute presents out there.

If there is one thing that the newly wedded couple will greatly appreciate is money. Cash & card is a frequent last-minute present that every couple looks forward to opening it. The choice for how much money you’ll be giving is solely down to your choosing, but you cannot end up looking like a cheapskate.

The optimal amount of cash as a wedding present would be anything between $75 and $120. If you are very close to the couple, then you might want to add a few more bucks to the pot.