14 Housewarming Gift Ideas for Newly Married Couples

Many couples move in together before they get married, so often they have everything they need for a comfortable life and their friends don’t know what to bring them as a gift when the wedding comes around. Most of them already have a lot of things they need for their home. You can always bring … Read more

Best Last-Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

Did you completely forget to get a wedding gift for your friend’s wedding this week? Mishaps happen all the time with all the stress that comes with weddings, and that stress certainly applies to the guests too. But from having to get your hair done, getting a nice dress, and even makeup, the wedding gift … Read more

14 hidden wedding costs

When planning the wedding, the biggest battle is the budget. You should always have some extra money for unexpected expenses. 1. Alterations If you want to feel 100% confident, make sure to make some alterations on your gown. It should fit you just right. 2. Bridesmaid proposal ideas If you want to ‘propose’ to your … Read more