14 hidden wedding costs

When planning the wedding, the biggest battle is the budget. You should always have some extra money for unexpected expenses.

1. Alterations

If you want to feel 100% confident, make sure to make some alterations on your gown. It should fit you just right.

2. Bridesmaid proposal ideas

If you want to ‘propose’ to your ‘maids, know that it will cost you as well.

Source: personalisedfavours

3. Beauty trials

Since you need to try everything before the wedding, be prepared to double your budget.

4. Extra beauty needs

Hair and makeup are a must, but many brides also get a mani, pedi, spray tan and other things.

Source: theweddingbrigade

5. Marriage license

A marriage license will cost you around $75.

6. Favors

A gift costs $3-8 each. However, you should know that they aren’t required.

Source: aucklandweddings

7. Diet and workout

Since you want to be in the best shape for the big day, you’ll probably need a gym membership and a personal trainer. Also, you will need healthy groceries which cost more than a frozen pizza.

8. Flowers

You already knew this was a must, but did you know that out of season flowers cost much more?

Source: jblfinancial

9. Presents for parents

Your mom and dad for sure, deserve a personalized gift.

10. Hotel room for the night before

If you want to lower your stress level before the big day, staying in a hotel room is a good idea.

Source: easyweddings

11. Sound

If your space is large, some DJ’s and bands charge for additional equipment.

12. Cake cutting

Some caterers charge extra for cutting the cake, some even $2-5 per guest.

Source: hiddenvalleygolf

13. Unexpected guests

Even though it seems rude, these guests are a common thing. People may bring a plus one even if they aren’t invited.

14. Post-wedding

Gown presentation, your pictures and thank you notes are something you should keep in mind after the big day.