How to Shop for the Perfect Modest Bridesmaid Dress

Modest bridesmaid dresses is hotter in wedding fashion than ever, more and more bride-to-be are searching for modest styles. Modest gowns are not common styles in bridesmaids shopping, there are not that much styles and options for modest styles. Here you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we will share several tips for finding an ideal dress for your bridesmaids, follow them step by step, and you’ll find that shopping for modest gowns is not difficult at all!

Step 1: What is the Wedding Venue?


The wedding venue will mainly decide the styles and colors of the dress. Depending on where your wedding will take place, certain styles and hues may be more complimentary. If you are having a church wedding, more classic and conservative dresses are most suitable. While a beach or outdoor wedding calls for relatively romantic and breezy styles. Knowing the wedding venue will help narrow down your search for modest bridesmaid styles.

Step 2: Determine the Formality Level


After you have determined the formality of the wedding, you will further narrow down your choices. Will your wedding be a beachside ceremony or a lavish affair? What your squad wear need to match your wedding’s formality level. If your wedding is casual, more casual styles in natural colors and cotton or chiffon fabric would work better. For black tie weddings, satin, velvet or lace dresses in bold colors would be appropriate choices. If you plan a semi-formal wedding, to combine elements from both casual and formal dresses forming an elegant look.

For any formality, there will be some ideal styles for you at eDresstore providing hundreds of modest bridesmaid dresses in more than 120 different colors. Minimalist, romantic, luxury or flirting styles, there must be one that fits your needs and taste.

Step 3: Color


When choosing the perfect modest bridesmaid dress, color is an important factor. The color you choose should coordinate with the bride’s gown, the venue, and any other color scheme for the event. Many bridal boutiques have pre-selected color palettes that can help you narrow down your choices, or if you don’t find something you like there, you can create a custom color palette by mixing and matching different shades.

When selecting a color, consider each bridesmaid’s skin tone and hair color. Selecting a color that compliments each bridesmaid’s individual features can go a long way in making everyone look their best. If you’re stuck on what colors to choose, neutrals, black, and sage green are always great choices; they look good on all skin tones and never go out of style.

Finally, if your bridal party includes both adults and children, try to select colors that will work for both age groups. For example, pastels work well for both adults and children without looking too “childish.” Ultimately, you want to choose a color that will flatter all of your bridesmaids so that everyone looks beautiful on your special day.

Step 4: Set Your Budget and Stick to It


The cost of bridesmaid dresses is not only for the dress itself but also including alterations and accessories. By calculating the total cost you can spend on bridesmaids’ attires, you can come to an amount that you can spend on each dress. Depending on the craftwork and fabric of dresses, bridesmaid gowns range in price from around $100 to more than $300. After you have conclude the amount, stick to it. Make sure to also factor in any additional costs such as alterations, dry cleaning, and accessories. When setting your budget, be realistic about what your bridesmaids can afford and don’t be afraid to ask them their opinion.

At eDresstore, we have a wide selection of modest bridesmaid dresses at a variety of price points from $39 to $119. We understand that every bride has a different budget, so we offer a range of affordable options that won’t break the bank. Browse the selection to find the perfect modest bridesmaid dress at the right price!

Step 5: Decide on a Style


Style is just as important as the other elements. When shopping for a modest bridesmaid dress, you should take into account the neckline, skirt length, and sleeve type. There are several different styles of modest dresses to choose from.

For a more classic look, choose a dress with an O neckline and three-quarter-length sleeves. This style is a great choice for outdoor or religious ceremonies. A boat neckline is another classic option that offers more coverage than a traditional V-neck. For a more modern look, you can opt for an off-the-shoulder style. This neckline works especially well if you are having an outdoor ceremony and want a more casual look.

The skirt length of your modest bridesmaid dress will also affect the overall look of the dress. Knee-length or tea-length skirts are both appropriate for a modest dress. If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, choose a floor-length skirt that falls to the floor. This is perfect for outdoor or religious ceremonies.

Finally, consider the sleeve type of the dress. You can opt for full-length sleeves or shorter ones that fall just above the elbow. Both options will provide extra coverage while still allowing your bridesmaids to show off their style.

Step 6: Take the Measurements


When shopping for bridesmaid dresses online, it’s essential to take the measurements of your bridesmaids accurately. Before ordering, measure each bridesmaid’s bust, waist, and hip circumference, as well as the length from shoulder to floor. Have the bridesmaids stand with their arms at their sides and have someone else do the measuring. That way, you will get an accurate measurement that corresponds with the size charts provided by any store. Write down all measurements for each bridesmaid and keep them handy when selecting your size.

Step 7: Placing Your Order


Once you’ve chosen the perfect modest bridesmaid dress for your wedding, it’s time to place your order. When placing your order, make sure to choose the correct sizes and color for your bridesmaids. If you’re having your dresses made to your measurements, you’ll need to provide the customer service team with exact measurements for each of your bridesmaids. It’s also important to put any special requirements in the notes with your order.

Once you’ve placed your order, don’t forget to check your email in 24 hours. The customer service team will write to you to confirm all the details of your order and provide you with an estimated delivery date.

Shop now: for your perfect bridesmaid dresses!