6 Popular Bridesmaid Dress Trend 2024

All the eyes are on the bride during her wedding day, but bridesmaids are important too. If your best friend is getting married in 2024, there are some dress trends that you should consider. We have gathered everything we could so that we ease your search, and you will find on our list the top picks or a bridesmaid dress and attire.

1. Blue

Dress by David’s Bridal

Sapphire blue, to be exact. This particular shade of blue has always screamed royalty, since its very existence. During the New York Bridal Fashion Week, this exact color was pretty much dominant one n the runway. It can serve as a replacement for black, so your wedding doesn’t seem so dark. The elegance and tradition are all mixed in this color, and you won’t be making a mistake if you go for this type of blue shade for your special girls.

For those brides that may think how his color is also dark, and for those who want to soften and lighten up the bridesmaid dresses, you can always add some lovely jewelry or some elegant shoes that have a color that is contrasting the sapphire blue. The colors that go great with this particular shade are plum, emerald, and some pastel shades if you want to really lighten up the darkness of this shade of blue.

2. Midi hemlines

Dress by Social Bridesmaid

Mini dresses haven’t been a bride’s favorite for bridesmaid dresses. Some don’t like skirts that are touching the floor. Some, on the other hand, can’t decide between the two, and the difficult task of opting for either of those can be stressing for a bride. That is when mid-length comes into the picture.

It is also a very popular length of dresses in 2024 for a bridesmaid look. They are also called midi dresses, and their range can go up to the middle of calves, or they can stop right at the knee. The hemline is also fashionable, and it can give you that old-fashioned vibe. We mentioned how the 90s keep coming back, and this particular type of dress may date somewhere before the 90s. Nevertheless, it is very trendy in the 2024 bridal collection, and your girls will look perfect on the biggest day of your life.

The bodice can be a bustier-type top part that goes perfectly with mid-length hemline bridesmaid dress. The slit at the skirt is also beautiful, and it is very fashionable.

3. Halter

Dress by Jenny Yoo Bridesmaids

Halter necklines. Think about it. Such a type of neckline may not seem that fashionable, but when you dress in such clothing, you will immediately notice how stylish and attractive you look. For bridesmaids and brides, this is the perfect solution for bridesmaid attire. The girls won’t overshine the bride, and yet they will look stylish and attractive. You can go for any dress design you want. You can go to flowy chiffon or lace if you wish. The ideal hairstyle for this type of dress is to have your hair in an updo or parted down the center. That will give the overall look brilliant elegance.

4. Silk and satin

Dress by Jenny Yoo Bridesmaids

When it comes to materials, silk and satin are a go-to fabric when it comes to picking up a bridesmaid attire for a wedding. Satin has had an improvement over the last few years, and it is no longer that hard to wear. They are more stretchy today, and that makes them appealing. Silk was always trendy, in this or that way, and it feels fantastic on your skin.

5. Cowl neckline

Dress by Dessy Collection

You have probably noticed how some of the trends from the 90s keep coming back in style during these couple of years. That is also the case with the 90s cowl neckline. It is ideal for minimalistic and simple ladies, and if you, as a bride, would like your girls to b the same, this is the perfect solution to the bridesmaid dresses. It is very lightweight, and the bridesmaids will have no trouble in handling walking, dancing, and many other things.

6. Structured shape

Dress by Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaids

Meghan Markle has been a significant fashion influence in the last couple of years. The Duchess of Sussex also inspires this style, and in 2024, a structured silhouette for a bridesmaid dress is extremely popular. Very simple yet elegant, the bride will not be overshined, and the bridesmaids will look very sophisticated and classy.