Do All Bridesmaids Have To Wear The Same Dress?

One of the most interesting wedding traditions is the bridesmaids wearing the same dresses at the same wedding. It looks really interesting in photos and we have to admit it is a nice tradition. However, it is not mandatory for everyone to wear the same dress. In fact, nowadays it is more about experimenting with the same model in different colors or vice versa – a different model but in the same color.

But do you know that there is also a historical reason why this kind of dressing is practiced?

Some would say that it is modern, but in fact, this is a tradition that was started by the ancient Romans due to superstition.

In the time of the ancient Romans, the attendants of the bride wore the same clothes to protect her from evil spirits, in case they attacked her. They served as “bait” for these spirits, but also as protection from ex-boyfriends or suitors of the bride.

Their role was to distract unwanted guests because according to ancient Roman beliefs, bridesmaids are protectors of the bride.

While brides today have other problems, in the past they faced many dire challenges. The bride and groom were very afraid of evil spirits, so the bridesmaids were in charge of distracting those spirits that could destroy the wedding and the life of the newlyweds.

Bridesmaid dresses today are almost always the same, or at least made of the same material and color, which makes those girls stand out from the rest of the guests.

That’s why services like ChicSew offer matching outfits for wedding guests, depending on their role. It’s up to you (and the bride) to set the style and models and then order the dresses.


How has this tradition been maintained until today?

Realistically speaking, no bride today wants someone else to be dressed like her. In the past it all made sense, but now things are adapted in a different way.

That is why the practice of similar clothes, but in no case, the same as the bride’s, was renewed. In fact, wedding dresses are luxurious and ornate, while other guests should not try to attract attention with their appearance. At least that’s according to the rules of good behavior and etiquette.

Finding the perfect bridesmaid dress has never been easier with ChicSew UK. Additionally, you can also find great models for maid of honor. That way, she doesn’t look identical to the bridesmaids and a distinction is made between her role and that of the other guests.

Of course, many of today’s young couples do not know the ancient meaning of clothing. There’s nothing wrong with that though because everyone just wants to look good and have fun at the wedding. Well, not much attention is paid anyway, and yet an interesting tradition is protected.

And naturally, we must emphasize that this kind of dressing of the bridesmaids is not mandatory. In fact, many of the wedding girls dress up the way they feel comfortable.


Our thoughts for and against wearing the same dresses

If we argue, then we must know that there are both positive and negative sides to the bridesmaid dress uniform.

On the one hand, such a style is really interesting and makes the photos look like from a bridal magazine.

But on the other hand, are you sure that each of the bridesmaids can afford to buy that dress? Can you find shoes that match the dress? Do all girls feel comfortable in the chosen model? Bridesmaid dresses are often very expensive and brides can’t expect that every friend can afford to buy a new one on their own.

Many girls have one or two formal dresses that they wear to different functions. That’s why it’s not good to push for a big expense.


How to choose great bridesmaid dresses – useful tips

Like bridal gowns, there are many choices for bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaids play an important role in the wedding ceremony, as we explained before. They are the bride’s witness, companion, and helper.

That’s why they should look different than the other guests, and choosing the same dress is one of the ways to show appreciation for their presence.

Usually, they meet these requirements:

Same color and design – This is the most economical and warm choice for bridesmaid dresses. They can all be set for the preferred model and textile.

Same color but different designs – This is a more vibrant and appropriate choice for different bridesmaid figures than the previous one and of course costs more.

Same design but different colors – The wedding can be held in a more imaginative and cheerful atmosphere because of the bridesmaid dresses in different colors.

Different designs and different colors – Or let anyone choose for them.

Wedding dresses are mostly light colors, but if you have decided to wear black, then you have to be careful when choosing. When wearing black clothes, try to use bright decorations.

On this day, avoid dresses that are too short or dress with a deep neck. A flared skirt is also a bad choice, but if you do it in a stylish way, you can easily rock that look.

When choosing shoes, give preference to practical ones. If you can’t do without a heel, then choose an average height, so that you feel comfortable.

When choosing a hairstyle, bridesmaids should not look more elegant than the bride herself.


Final Thoughts

Being a bride is not easy, but having a wedding role can be pretty challenging. Many invited guests don’t want to have any role in the ceremony.

We suggest talking openly about your preferences on this one. Be clear if you don’t want to be a bridesmaid or maid of honor. It’s always better to share your thoughts with your bride. They say it’s bad luck to deny a proposal to support the bride, but everyone has reasons why to accept or deny it.

But, if you feel ready for the challenge, you can easily get into the role, and have a great time during the celebration period.