Bride-To-Be’s Guide To Picking The Perfect Wedding Jewelry

Every girl dreams to marry that person she loves the most and looking the best on her big day.

Don’t you agree?

And to be very honest, you cannot really picture your wedding look without the right set of jewelry right?

Right, so you need to keep a few things in mind to perfectly accessorize your wedding day attire.

  • Opt for offbeat jewelry options – For instance, instead of diamond trinkets or white gold neckpieces, you can try wearing sterling silver chains from romadesignerjewelry that will make you look stunning. This perfect piece of jewelry will not only adorn your neck but also will make people ask you about your exquisite taste in jewelry. Silver jewelry is usually more cost-effective than diamond or white gold but, do not be so quick to judge because it can light up your world with all its sparkle and awe, yet you won’t feel that you have overdone it. These are lightweight, simple, and look sober, perfect for a bride who loves it chic and simple.
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  • Try to maintain the balance of colors – By this, we mean the color of your gown must look good with the jewelry that you are planning to wear. If your wedding gown is champagne, then go for sterling silver jewelry studded with rhinestones or, even gold jewelry will go well with the bright hue of your gown. Similarly, if the gown is ivory or white, go for silver or platinum jewelry to make your look adorable. Rose gold or pearl jewelry looks heavenly with blush pink wedding gowns. These shades complement the soft tone of the dress flawlessly.
  • Keep the neckline of your dress in mind while choosing the jewelry – Brides who love V-neck wedding gowns can wear a simple necklace with a diamond pendant. For a strapless sweetheart neckline, it is best to go with pearls or a choker to grab the attention of the people. For a halter neck, consider decorating your hairdo with pretty accessories or vines or flowers and so on. In fact, you can also focus on your hands by donning beautiful bracelets, maybe a diamond finger ring, and so on. Do this to enhance the beauty of décolletage and maintain a sweet balance of everything.
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  • Balance accessories and comfort – Pick jewelry that you are comfortable wearing, and see whether or not you are being able to carry those like a queen. Don’t forget your ears because people will want to see your ears as well. So, if your necklace is gorgeous and a little too much, make sure to wear a lightweight earring or just a stud, and vice versa. Heavy earrings such as diamond dangler or chandelier earrings look mesmerizing with a simple lariat necklace or a sterling ball or beaded chain.
  • Modern brides love it simple and classy because “less is the new more” – Do not go overboard with jewelry; say your wedding gown has an ornate neckline then, it is best to avoid wearing a trinket because you don’t want to make your neck look too clumsy. Rather, you can try wearing a diamond chandelier earring. The entire bridal ensemble must blend well with your jewelry, and that should be your lookout. Bold statement jewelry goes well with simple bridal attire. So, you see, the main emphasis is on balance and the fact that you must wear jewelry that will complement your dress and not vice versa. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that choosing the right ring-set for the wedding is a must. Also, the ring set needs to match the fabric that your dress is made of. You can go for the mismatched look but make sure that the balance is not hampered at any cost else the entire look will emanate an “I am a weirdo” vibe. However, the right contrasting elements can add charm to the entire look of any bride.
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  • Choose the colors with a minimalist’s mindset – Yes, it is a fact that colors look good, make everything bright and outstanding. But not always. While choosing jewelry you must keep a watch on how many colors you are willing to try out. Do not go for too many colors as it might make your wedding look very messy. You can try out a single color or at the most two colors so that it can blend nicely with your wedding ensemble. Choose a trinket or earring with only one stone studded that will highlight as well as enhance the overall beauty of your wedding attire. If you are willing to choose pearls or diamonds or rubies or sapphires then stick to a single option. While choosing colors, do not neglect the color of your wedding dress. You can also use pieces of contrasting statement jewelry that will stand out or a piece of jewelry that will amplify the finishing look.
  • Too many metals? – Nope! Metals look amazing. But again, too much of anything can spoil your wedding day look. Too much metal can confuse and make the look crowded. Choose a metal that will blend well with your complexion. White gold, sterling silver, or platinum can be pretty perfect but do not mix white gold or sterling silver with rose gold or yellow gold as it may cause a lot of distractions. You would want people to focus on your overall beautiful look. So, there is no point in distracting people with too much clumsiness.
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  • Tiara on your mind? – If you plan to wear a tiara on your big day, go for it, but please make sure that the piece goes well with your hairstyle. There are several spectacular options for adorning your hair like combs, tiaras, headpieces, and more made of precious stones or metals. First, you decide what hairstyle you are willing to go for and then choose jewelry for your hair. This way, you will be able to pull off the look like a queen.

Whatever you do, whatever you wear, never ever forget to smile and be confident because that will enhance your beauty. Keep it simple, sexy, and classic by adding timeless pieces, and rest you know you’ll handle like a boss!