How To Pick Up The Perfect Necklace For Your Wedding

Every girl wants to wear the latest design of wedding bridal jewelry. The historic style bridal jewelry, a gemstone based jewelry have all become old fashioned now. These days, whatever jewelry the heroine wears in their weddings or the kind of jewelry that the serial artists wear in a serial comes into fashion.

The fashion of jewelry keeps changing, so if you are going to get married, look for the latest design jewelry. With the newest neckpiece, whatever wedding lehenga you wear and whatever be your Mehndi design, you will undoubtedly stand out in the crowd.

As soon as the term “wedding” is mentioned, people correlate to wearing fashionable clothes and jewelry. Without any prior idea about the latest necklace designs in the market, you will generally spend more than half of your shopping time searching for the right neckpiece. Get to know more about this at

There are many factors which you need to consider before stepping forward to purchase the jewelry. Apart from waiting for the gold, diamond, and other gemstones’ prices to drop, your jewelry shopping often gets delayed because you don’t know which design to buy. In your dilemma, we have formulated a list of how you can pick the perfect necklace for your wedding.

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  • Just one gaudy neckpiece will do:

Gone are those days where brides were made to wear a lot of gold jewelry. These days, it is all about acing the aesthetic look and looking sophisticated. Now you can make your own design and ask the designer to prepare it for you. Try getting your desired design with a choker as the base. The beauty will be of no match for anyone.

If we talk about choker, people often get confused about what kind of choker they should wear. In such a situation, you can try a traditional Choker, which has the proper fitting. There have been many experiments in jewelry for centuries concerning a Choker. This neckpiece is believed to have originated from Hyderabad and Rajasthan.

  • You can also choose to wear Polki choker

These necklaces are very heavy, which work to give a beautiful look to the entire neck. If you are going to wear lehenga or saree on the wedding day, this necklace will add to your look. It can also be easily worn in traditional and modern dress. It consists of many precious pearls and emeralds, rubies inlaid. You can try getting a necklace in this design. Well, it will assuredly turn eyes.

Choose a metal whose color matches your dress:

Well, are you confused to choose in between gold and silver jewelry? Then you should choose the metal that matches with your dress.

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  • White color:

White is the brightest color and it will look amazing with either platinum or silver necklaces.

  • Ivory color:

This creamy shade will be enhanced by Gold jewelries

  • Champagne color:

Opt for a traditional or a royal neckpiece made of Gold as it will compliment your dress and make you stand out in the crowd.


If you wish to look royal choose a traditional multi-layered necklace

Multi-layer necklaces have been quite popular among young women who are going to become brides soon. This is why such necklaces have become trendy. Such necklaces make the neck beautiful as well as make the long-necked bride look quite attractive. In such necklaces, pearls and jewels are studded in many layers.

The seven-layer necklace is called “Saath Lada” because seven diamonds are planted in it according to the size preferred by the customers. All the strings of this necklace are connected at one point.

Indian designers have done many experiments with the traditional seven-layer necklace. The Indian brides look quite incomplete without this neckpiece. Many precious stones are studded in this necklace, which will add to your look.

Wear something unique yet traditional:

Many brides wish to wear something unique yet classic. In such a situation, Timaniya neckpieces are an excellent option for them. They are generally made from gold and many other precious stones. If we talk about their shape, then they are rectangular in shape and to which many fringes are attached, mostly made up of gold.

The change in the jewelry trend has also led to a lot of change in the look of the timaniya necklaces. Talking about the latest trend in Bollywood, these necklaces are quite in fashion and the fashion queen, actress Sonam Kapoor has also carried it many times.

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  • Flaunt a royal look

Your wedding will be the best occasion for you to flaunt your royal look. Wear something that oozes of royalty and elegance. You can try wearing a beautiful necklace set made up of gold, diamonds, and gemstones. A majority of the royal brides prefer wearing a heavy set of gold and diamonds on their weddings. If you wish to replicate the look, go for something similar.

  • Carry a quirky look

Weddings are meant to be fun. It is the time of your life to establish a style statement and flaunt your incredible fashion sense. These days, necklaces with mango motifs and gold are quite in the news. Their distinctive feature is that it is designed traditionally yet quirky. You can choose to wear this necklace either in small or large sizes. You will find it a bit heavy, but in a wedding ceremony, you will be seen wearing it in a stunning look.

While planning out and purchasing all the elements for a bridal outfit, we all are guilty of browsing and scanning through heaps of pictures of real brides for inspiration. The bridal necklace is the centerpiece of the entire outfit and can tie everything together elegantly and seamlessly. It all depends on the style and design.

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Necklaces are opulent jewelry that is so versatile, and while we love them all, we know we can’t suggest one over the other. So, go ahead choose your favorite trend revolving around your outfit, may the best necklace win!