Amp Your Glamour Quotient with Stunning Silver Jewelry

Diamond and platinum jewelry may be the choice of the classes but silver jewelry is no less impressive. It has been in fashion since centuries and continues to rule the hearts of millions even today. The jewelry crafted with this metal is light and skin friendly and the best part about it is its versatility. It is apt for everyday wear as well as special occasions such as weddings. In this article, we shall learn as to why this is an apt choice for the bride and bridesmaids. We shall also give a brief idea about how to choose the right jewler when it comes to purchasing silver ornaments.

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Silver Jewelry Makes for a Perfect Choice for Brides

Brides are all decked up in their gorgeous gowns and beautiful head gears on their special day. The flowy gowns and beautiful flowery or stone studded tiaras make them look no less than a princess. The glamour quotient can be enhanced manifolds by adding a few silver jewelry pieces. Here are some suggestions:

Ring: A ring is undoubtedly the main ornament a woman adorns on her wedding day. It has to be extremely special. A silver ring studded with a stunning diamond is an apt choice for the occasion. There are several diamond cuts that are a hot favourite among the brides this season. Some of these include the evergreen princess cut, the sophisticated emerald cut, the elegant cushion cut, the gorgeous radiant cut, the marvellous heart shape cut and the beautiful marquise cut. Sparkling silvery rings studded with pastel stones are also a rage among the new age brides and so are the floral halos. A silver band enhances the beauty of the diamond like no other metal. It is thus apt to go for it.

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Chain: Adorning a heavy stone studded neck piece is not a good idea when you are already wearing an elaborate head gear and a fluffy gown. However, leaving the neck bare is also not a good option. A simple silver chain can be a perfect choice here. Choose a matching pendant to strike a simple yet elegant look.

You can check out to take a look at a wide variety of silver chains. They have all kinds of beautiful chains to match different neck sizes and tastes. You can also choose beautiful pendants from their exclusive collection.

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Anklet: This beautiful piece of jewelry further enhances the feminine appeal. If you choose to wear a short dress on your wedding then you must particularly go for a shiny silver anklet. This gorgeous ornament makes the ankles appear longer, slimmer and attractive.

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Earrings: Dazzling silver earrings complement the beautiful white wedding dress perfectly well. They add a dash of glamour to the sophisticated bridal look. You may choose from a wide variety of such earrings including the good old tiny ones studded with pearl, diamond or rose quartz, stylish dangles, stunning chandelier earrings, beautiful drops, sleek threader earrings and trendy barbell earrings to name a few.

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Bracelet: This ornament adds to the grace and beauty of young brides to be. You will find a wide variety of silvery bracelets in the market. It is a good idea to pick one that complements the other ornaments you plan to adorn on your special day. You may even opt for a designer bracelet watch in this metal.

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Silver Jewelry: Gaining Popularity among the Bridesmaids

Not just for the bride, jewelry crafted with this evergreen metal is a perfect choice for the bridesmaids as well as other ladies attending the wedding event. In fact, it is one of the best choices for the bride’s friends and cousins as it is beautiful, trendy and comes well within budget. Moreover, it goes well with all kinds of outfits. If you are planning to wear pastel shades then you must particularly consider sleek silver ornaments.

You can choose from a range of stunning neck pieces, chains, pendants, earrings, anklets, bracelets and other ornaments in this skin friendly metal. To drill down to the right piece consider the ones that are in fashion and also suit your style.

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Customized Jewelry

Although the market is flooded with a wide variety of silver chains, bracelets, rings and other ornaments however when the occasion is as special as your wedding you may have some specific designs in mind. Not many of you may know that you can get custom made silver ornaments from many reputed brands. So, you don’t have to settle for just about any design. You can get exactly the one you want.

Opt for a Reputed Company

The demand for silver ornaments is on a rise and so are the jewelers offering the same. However, not everyone in this industry can be trusted. It is essential to do a thorough background check when it comes to choosing a jewler. It is best to go with big brands that enjoy a good reputation in the market. Jewelers of good repute do not just offer genuine high quality silver but also have an immense variety of ornaments. Moreover, they are glad to customize the designs to match your requirement. You just need to share the design of your choice with them. Their talented team of jewelry designers will help create similar pieces for you. Likewise, you can opt for an emerald or ruby or any other gemstone instead of a diamond or pearl or vice versa. The skilled craftsmen employed at these companies gladly replace these stones/studs as per choice.

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Silver jewelry renders a subtle yet stylish look quite unlike heavy gold or diamond jewelry that can make a bride look too over the top. Besides, it is good for the skin and is even known for offering several health benefits. Ornaments crafted with this metal are a perfect choice for a bride, bridesmaids as well as other gorgeous women attending a wedding. However, you must be very careful while purchasing these ornaments. Only a reputed brand should be trusted when it comes to making such purchases.

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