How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring?

Congratulations! The big day is near and you want to surprise your girlfriend asking her to be your wife and to spend the rest of your life together. After you decided to propose her, you also need to find the perfect engagement ring. It can be an exciting task, but it also may cause a lot of headaches, because there are many beautiful rings and you need to find the right one for her. If you are sure that you want to propose, and that her answer will be “yes”, you need to start the “journey” looking for the perfect ring that will be a symbol of your relationship and the eternal love between you both.

Many guys go to the jewelry store together with their girlfriend, so she can choose the ring she likes. But, the others decide to surprise her. The struggle is real and you may need a lot of help to find the best ring for her. Sometimes you can ask her friends to help you, but if you decide to do it by yourself, here are a few useful tricks and tips you need:

Set your budget and stick to it

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You can find very beautiful rings for good prices. It’s always good to have a budget, so you can know where to look and what to choose. Forget about the popular belief that every girl wants an expensive diamond ring. In a case like this, she will appreciate the love more than the stone on her ring. Also, your choice needs to be done following her jewelry preferences, because in the end, she should wear it on her hand.

Know her taste in jewelry

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Every girl has a different taste in fashion and jewelry. Like a good boyfriend, you surely know what she likes and what she doesn’t. Her general style will help you choose the best engagement ring for her from

If you are not sure, just follow her a few days and you will see if she likes big diamonds, golden rings, platinum jewelry or some other stone. You can show her some pictures of pieces of jewelry and see how she reacts. Try to remember her reactions, but don’t make it too obvious that you plan something. Diamonds may not fit her style, so you will need to choose something else.

Choose the material

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Look at her jewelry and see what she prefers. The rose gold rings are popular in the world, but that doesn’t mean that she likes them. Also, she may be allergic to some metals and you must know that. You can ask for the current trends in the world and what people often choose. The budget is also an important factor in this case. For example, silver and platinum have a similar color, but the second one is more expensive. If she is an eccentric or non-traditional type, you have more choices and alternatives.

Know her finger size

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This is the most important thing you need to know. But, how to measure her finger secretly? It’s easy. You only need to “steal” one of her rings. You can take it with you to the store, or to compare it with the samples that can be found online or in the magazines. But if somehow she doesn’t have any ring, this part can be really difficult and you may finish telling her that you will propose, so she can come with you and try it by herself. Also, you can trick her to try something ring-alike, but she can become suspicious, so you need to play this part very smart.

The emotional value

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You can be untraditional and instead of the classic diamond ring, to choose another model that has important emotional value for you both. It can be some symbol or a special color, that will remind her of all the beautiful moments you had together. You can be creative and order something made especially for her. For example, if she prefers silver and gemstones, you can buy her a ring like that, knowing that she will love it more than the traditional gold ring with white diamond.

Buy certified jewelry

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This piece of jewelry is special for you both, so you don’t want it to “expire” because of the bad materials. Buy only from trusted and certified stores. You will spend a lot of money on this ring and you don’t want to buy something with lower quality. Research about certified brands online and learn about their policies and warranties.

Diamonds or something else?

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Diamonds are forever and the girls love them. But, as we said, not every girl will wear a diamond ring if it doesn’t fit her style. The popular belief is that the engagement rings should have diamonds, but recently, many future brides choose moissanite instead, because it doesn’t look cheap, but it’s more affordable. You can check to see magnificent moissanite designs. Also, many girls prefer gemstones or crystals, so you really need to know her taste when choosing the right ring.

Research about the best prices

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Take your time and visit a few jewelry stores. You’ll be able to see what they offer and to compare the prices. Some of them will offer you great deals. You can also check the prices in online stores and order the ring, but only if you choose a trusted seller. This is an important piece of jewelry for you and your future wife, that is a valuable symbol of your love and relationship. You don’t want to buy something that is low-quality, so you don’t need to hurry with the purchase. Proposing her is a beautiful moment, so you need to plan it step by step, including the choice of the proper engagement ring.

Follow this guide, so you can easily find and choose the ring. The next step is to plan a special moment. Be creative and make it memorable. You can ask your friends to join you, or you can make it more intimate. With the right ring, we are sure that she will say “yes”.