Should Your Wedding Ring Be Bigger Than Your Engagement Ring?

Love is a peculiar thing. You can’t see it, you can only feel it. Yes, you could also show it. Small details and tokens of attention are ideal for love representation. There’s no better way of showing your loved one your intentions and the amount of love you have for them than to gift them with a ring. Of course, rings are not a gift for any occasion. Presenting your chosen one with a ring should only be done twice. The first time is when you want to engage them. The second time is at your wedding.

Yes, you could say we’re traditionalists. Ladies can carry as many rings as they want. It is a piece of jewelry after all. We get that. But, you’ll agree there are those that matter more than others. The Mount Rushmore of rings would only have two heads. This might not be a subject you’ll well verse in now, but as soon as these moments in your life come around the only thing you’ll be thinking about are the rings. It’s the circle of life. During the engagement and the wedding are the only ties when men think about the rings as much as ladies do.

So, it’s no wonder that they start asking all sorts of questions. One of those that we hear the most often is which ring should be bigger, or should there even be a difference in size? This is a fine question. We’re not surprised you’re in a dilemma. When you buy either of these, if you choose outlets such as Celinni, people on the spot and experts in the domain will be able to provide you with an answer and free you of all of your doubts. But, considering that you’re already here, and are reading this piece, please continue doing so as we’ll dig deeper into this subject.


Does The Size Matter?

First of all, you need to know, there is no law regulating this issue. Joking aside, of course, there’s not. But, thinking about the sizes of the rings, and believing you’ve made a mistake over a rule that’s not set in stone shouldn’t trouble you. But, it probably does. Luckily, you’re not alone in facing this question. So, let’s compare sizes. Which one should be bigger? Should they even be different in size? Or does it matter at all? These are all questions about the majority of your face each day before an engagement or at other distances at a wedding. We can say that as usual in most cases, the size matters. But just how much?


Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring

As soon as the day of the wedding approaches, you’ll have plenty to think about. Of course, the arrangements, the music, the venue, the ideal fairy tale gown, and of course the ring. Considering that we’ve reached day D, one can assume that you already have a ring that suited your engagement. This is where the main inquiry of this article arises. How big does it need to be? Should it top the engagement one? Of course, you probably had an idea of your wedding ring forever. But, when you start picking the one, you understand that you have so many options. It is easy to get lost. Most people would take the logical route. They should be of the matching same size, right? Is it like that? That’s the case? Should it be bigger, or smaller? It is easy to get lost in all of these questions. So let us give you some guidelines.


The Guidelines

You’ll be picking up your wedding ring in a jewelry store with your engagement one still on your finger. Usually, people tend to use the same finger for both rings. You know that finger. That’s the tradition. T jeweler will usually recommend that the same size applies to both rings especially if you are already wearing your engagement one. With the engagement one on hand and in sight, it is going to be an easy task to select the new one to match the one you have.

But, if your initial ring is smaller in size and it fits your finger comfortably, the route you should take is a tad different. If this is your situation, the new ring needs to be bigger. It’s simple. You can’t have both of them small. But, don’t go too over-proportional. Keep it in line. The size should be at most half size bigger. This is not too much, but enough to tell the difference. It won’t overshadow the smaller ring, but it won’t be neglected. A perfect match if you ask us.

So, while picking the same size as the first option, it is hard to make them fit ideally and be of matching size. To avoid the risk of the engagement one being larger, you should always aim to have the second one being bigger. To avoid any mistake, you could seek to have it quite larger. Of course, this is a matter of your taste. If you select too large, it shows a lack of. So, going large is only an option if you’re unsure. But as we said, you’ll be doing the selection with a jeweler. So, let him take the measurements. He needs to see the width. And in the end, give you a fitting ring for your finger as good as the previous one did.

In the end, what matters the most is that you make the right selection from the get-go. It is not a good omen that you go and resize your rings. Of course, with time you might have to do it because as we get old our fingers get looser, but one thing is a necessity and another one is vanity. You need to differentiate the two. This is not always easy, but you need to take care of it. Do not make the difference between the two rings if you don’t have to. Now, you know when you need to hold them one way or another. We hope that this article was helpful. Cheers!