Do Women Care About Size? (When It Comes to Rings!)

Nearly every person imagines this iconic moment in life, a partner drops down on one knee in a request for eternal bond and opens a small velvet box to reveal a donation of their love. The ring slides onto her finger and…

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Ring size: does it matter?

Let’s start with the answer: YES, ring size does matter.

You don’t want to risk a roomy ring flying off her finger when she’s riding the Gravitron (that’s a carnival ride, not an innuendo). Or give her a ring that fits so tightly, she can’t get it on..or get it off! You’ve already put a dent in your wallet buying the ring, paying the doctor’s bill for professional removal is probably not in the budget.

Women love flaunting their wedding ring and prefer wearing it till they are on the death bed. This wedding ring with a shining solitaire on it is big or small rings her heart every time she sees it. It reminds her of the beautiful conjugal life she has started with you and all the sweet and bitter memories, the promises you made each other, and the beautiful life ahead. The wedding ring is a sensitive area for every woman. This is a symbol of her commitment and the relationship she shares with you.

That is the reason; the size of the ring matters to her, and that is why you should take proper care to get a perfect size the first time.

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Get it right, the first time

It is always said that the first impression is the best. Try getting your ring right the first time itself. You can organize a pre-planned proposal that involves a choreographed flash mob or a fistful of diamondmansion but the feel got to come from the heart. Every girl dreams of a perfect and romantic proposal which she can forever cherish. This is a bonus tip from us. You can make plans and arrange for the proposal in the most romantic way possible or in the way she wants (thanks to the Pinterest board she “accidentally” shared.

You can opt to include the wedding ring in your proposal if that is her meek desire. Your wedding ring need not be a lavish one but it has to be special and should reflect love and warmth. And yes, make the size right. This ring she would love to carry to her grave and that is why, before proposing to her, figure out the appropriate size of her fingers.

Now the question arises how. You don’t want to ruin your surprise by directly asking her ring finger’s size. So, you will have to figure out other ways of discovering that. Is Sherlock Holmes ringing in your mind right now? Well, why not? This is a discovery tool, but for the sake of love.

There are a few tricks you can put into play to Sherlock your way into discovering your fiancé-to-be’s ring size. We assure you she won’t mind when she finds out. On the contrary, you might be showered with hugs and kisses when she finds out. Quite encouraging right? Get set now!

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While you were sleeping

Get a ring sizer graphic. You can find it in any magazine or just google it. Then print it off. Then, cut along the lines and stash it next to the bed. Wait for your partner to get asleep or at least take a snooze. Then, with the utmost care, bring out the ring sizer to measure her finger.

And if you got no printer, then just use a piece of string instead.  She won’t know for sure.

The Notebook

This one shall take a bit more effort. Still, this requires a bit less sneaking. All you have to do is to simply find a ring she wears on her left ring finger. Then you can use a pencil and paper to trace the outline of both the inside and the outside.

It might happen that she doesn’t wear a ring on this finger then measure approximately 1/2 to 1 full size smaller than her middle finger. Bingo! You got the size!


Make a guess. Your assumptions shall play the trick here. Just for your information, the average woman’s ring finger is a size 6. Get one of that size itself. Pray to the diamond gods that the dice rolls in your favor.

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How to tell if an engagement ring fits:

You got the ring! She accepted the proposal!

Now the question that arises, does it fit?  A wonky ring can be a source of discomfort, pain, and anxiety. Great way to kick off an engagement! OK, all jokes aside, pay attention to how that fit is feeling for your fiancé – here’s how to tell;

Too loose:

The ring slides off on its own. Pay attention to that and offer to get that altered if found so.

Too tight:

See if it seeks struggle and it gets very difficult to put on or take off.

See if it leaves a permanent indent on the finger.

A tight ring may cause the finger to tingle. Your calculations went wrong then.

Just right:

It’s a bit snug fitting over the knuckle but sits comfortably at the base of the finger.

You can easily spin the ring around the finger.

It’s easier to put on than it is to take off.

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We can’t all hit a home run every time. If you don’t trust your sleuth abilities to estimate the best size, you can always have her finger measured professionally at a jewelry shop. Even then, after wearing the ring, she might feel like the size still isn’t right.

The golden rule: You should ideally wait at least one month before going in for a resizing.

Another tip: Make sure that the ring you purchase or invest in can be resized or the best exchanged. You don’t want to gift a lifetime of struggle with a ring to your fiancée. Do you? Think about it.

The nitty-gritty:

There are close to eight billion people in the world – nearly doubled since 1960.

Consider the odds that TWO people would find each other in a pool of this proportion. You are the perfect fit for each other, now make sure that the ring is the perfect fit for her. This ring shall be the sole witness to all the best and worst things happening in your lives. This ring is a remembrance of your love story. Make it a pleasurable memory for your beloved. For it is said, “The shine in the ring says it all.”