How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring?

Engagement should be one of life’s memorable moments for everyone. There is a lot that goes into an engagement, from planning to execution.

Engagements are something that has become artwork for most of us. We are all trying to do something so exquisite and so romantic that it will be memorable for years. Don’t get this wrong, we are not doing it because of the memories or someone saying “Wow you are the greatest man alive”, no! We are doing this because most of us just want to display and announce the love, the affection and everything that goes with it toward our special someone.

Now when it comes to engagement we all think about a lot of things, we plan and execute. The one thing that gives a lot of us problems is just how much should the engagement ring cost. This article and this website will give you some answers and hopefully make this a lot easier for you. Stay here and read through because this is the day you will learn a lot.

Without any further due let’s start with the main thing!

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To be honest there are no strict rules here. You can decide for yourself and try to fit in your budget. There is another thing to consider and it is your significant other and his/her standings on spending and joint budget if you have one.

There was a thing once that stated that two months’ pay should suffice when it comes to the expense of an engagement ring. For some people, this is acceptable while others will have a hard time making this happen. This is why budgeting is very important as well as knowing your significant other. If your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t want you to spend a lot of money on these things then you really shouldn’t because we all heard about those that accepted the proposal but said no to the ring because it was too expensive.

Couples can instead opt for a custom-made option, which according to, one of the many custom jewelry designers, could be the best. The ring will be exactly what the other person would want in terms of looks, while the designers give excellent advice to the couple regarding their options. Moreover, because it is custom-made, the designers can work around a custom budget, making it more affordable than one would think.

If you are dating for some time that allowed you to know each other good from a mental, physical, emotional and financial standpoint then you should buy then have a good idea regarding the price of the ring the other one should be pleased with.

There is no need to overspend no matter how much you love each other if you are going to suffer after the buy, financially I mean. SO a good rule of thumb is to balance everything out and shop a little. There are often good deals on awesome rings around where you live you just have to look around, don’t glue yourself for just one store or design.

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Another thing you need to know is that an engagement ring should be a tradition, not a status symbol which it became. The tradition was a ring with or without (in most cases) anything on it as a symbol of tying one to another on a level that is beyond affection, I believe some called it love. As time passed and we became involved in many different things, the tradition started to change, and it changed for the worse. Now you have to spend a lot to prove either love or affection, or you have to find a large diamond ring and make a huge statement to others.

Most of these traditional changes come from marketing and this kind of marketing is supposed to make us spend more than we want and more than we need. What you always have to consider is your status in society, but consider it realistically. What and where it is not where you want it to be. Go from there and try to fit the price of that ring into your place society.

If you try to overspend to show that you have more and that you rank more then you will make a mistake. Your significant other knows you and knows where you come from and he/she will most likely tell you that you went overboard. Mediation is always the answer.

Living within your means is a wise decision to make, and this will include the engagement ring, as this will also help to manage expectations for the rest of the relationship. If spending a lot of money on an engagement ring is something both partners are comfortable with, discuss this first, so both are on the same page.

Another thing that you should consider is maybe using a family heirloom ring as an engagement ring. There are numerous stories where we had men giving their mothers or grandmothers rings as engagement rings to their women. This is something that goes beyond money and romantics.

Every man that did this swept his woman off her feet. There is nothing more romantic than doing this. It simply shows the appreciation and love beyond and gem, diamond and any price tag possible. Trust me when I say this you will do the right thing, plus if the ring has a story behind it and it stays in the family to wait for your kids it will all add up to the delight. Just try and remember all the movies that had this in them and try and imagine pretty much the same scenario in your case.

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Prior we mentioned that sometimes before a good rule of thumb was two months’ pay for an engagement ring. The thing you should consider is going no more than one month’s pay for the engagement ring. The jewellery store is in the business of making money not saving you the money so what we tell you here today and what you will hear from them will be completely two different things. If you make somewhere between $2500 to $3500 that there is more than enough for a very decent and good looking engagement ring. It probably won’t be 5 carats but you are young and you are getting married so who cares about that.

By obeying this “rule” you will stay in your financial lane, you will find something that is worth the finger of your significant other and you won’t suffer financially afterwards. This will make both of you happy and there is no way to make a mistake by doing this.

Another pro tip is to learn as much as you can about what does your loved one likes in terms of jewellery, meaning the design, the look, the material. Most of us make a mistake in this department rather than miss the price tag of the ring. If she has a specific taste and if there is a colour or a material she likes most then you should make sure she gets it.

Ringing It All Together

An engagement should be a memorable experience, not one filled with excess stress and worry. Both partners want the moment to last forever, and the perfect engagement ring will be the best reminder. Spend enough time looking at all the options and keep the budget in mind. After all, the goal is to remain happily together forever and not a life of repayments.

Start the rest of your lives together with the perfect engagement and the perfect ring to begin the first step to a fairytale union.

Best of luck to you all and all the happiness.