How to Keep Wedding Memories Fresh with a Sola Wood Flower Bouquet

Traditional fresh flowers are lovely but they fade away so fast and it is impossible to preserve a wedding bouquet made of real flowers for more than a few days. Brides that dream of having a unique bouquet, one that they can keep forever, can choose a sola wood flower bouquet that is a wonderful alternative to its natural counterpart. Creating a gorgeous bouquet from sola flowers is not so complicated and there are useful sources of inspiration on the Internet. It is possible to order wood flowers wholesale and benefit from attractive deals.

What Makes Sola Wood Flower Bouquet a Wonderful Choice?

When it comes to sola wood bouquet creations, there is no shortage of options. Brides to be have the possibility to browse through an impressive selection of bouquets and see what they love best and what type of bouquet matches the theme they have chosen for their wedding. Without any doubt, sola flowers are more affordable than real ones although they require more time and energy to be shaped, dyed and arranged in a lovely bouquet. A great aspect about sola flowers is that ladies have the possibility to shape them by themselves and create their own bouquets. This is a great idea for those who love DIY projects and are creative. More creative ideas, you can check 416 Flowers.

People choose sola flowers for all their wedding bouquets, be it for the bride, bridesmaids, center-pieces and so on. This is mainly because of their versatility and the fact that they can be shaped in any form and size desired. Couples that want to save money on flowers without compromising on quality will be pleased to see that wooden flowers are much more affordable. Indeed, these require a lot of work, time and creativity but for people who enjoy such projects they are a great alternative. Those who decide to make their own sola wood flower bouquet will be in complete control of the creative process and they will be able to create the perfect bouquets and wedding decor at a reasonable cost.

Couples that decide to create their bouquets will need adequate supplies that can be found online. These are sola flowers, wire stems, a hot glue gun, a softener for the flowers such as vegetable glycerin, paint or spray to color the flowers, greenery for filler and scents. There are also available online a wide variety of “how to make” tutorials, from boutonnieres or corsages to table arrangements. You can find all the supplies and tutorials you need on Sola flowers are far more durable than natural ones, and persons who decide to use them can order them in bulk and enjoy great prices.

Why It Is Worth it to Order Wood Flowers Wholesale

Couples who decide to use sola flowers for their wedding decor, bouquets, etc., should order wood flowers wholesale to save some money and benefit from the best prices. Reliable suppliers enable their customers to place orders in bulk to enjoy discounts. The great part is that they are required by some providers to place an order of a minimum $100 and they can receive the wholesale price which is significantly lower than the normal price.

It is useful to know that wooden flowers have numerous uses:

  • They make ideal gifts and a sola wood flower bouquet can be offered on a special occasion or without any occasion at all.
  • They can be used to create unique decor at all sorts of events such as weddings, birthday parties and even funerals.
  • They are widely used to create bridal bouquets that look stunning and are unique
  • They can be kept as decor in a vase or a special showcase in the case of bouquets.

Regardless of what people decide to do with sola flowers, what matters is that they have the possibility to purchase wood flowers wholesale and they should make the most of it. Wooden flowers that are available at reputed sources are of premium quality and they can be used with confidence to create gorgeous decorations, bouquets and anything else that can be made from flowers. Instead of spending a significant amount of money on natural flowers that will wither very fast, couples have the possibility to order wood flowers in bulk.

When using sola flowers, individuals do not have to be afraid that they will fade away; with proper care and maintenance, it is possible to preserve them for a long time. People who are excited about starting a DIY project that involves the use of flowers should not ignore wooden flowers; these can be made exactly the way they want to and there is no need for compromising. The fact of the matter is that wood flowers will never be outdated and their popularity continues to increase, thanks to their versatility and affordable prices.

Source: Curious Floral

What Are the Benefits of Wood Flowers Wholesale?

Individuals who are wondering whether ordering sola flowers in bulk is worth it or not should become familiar with the advantages offered by wood flowers wholesale:

  • Provided they place an order of a reasonable amount they can benefit from the best price
  • They can order different types of flowers and see how they look and what they like best
  • They can use sola flowers to make bouquets, floral arrangements and so on
  • They do not have to compromise for they are likely to find all the flowers they want and much more
  • They can use them for a project and afterwards keep them and reuse them when they need beautiful floral arrangements.

According to an interesting article in The Wow Style, ” Individuals that have a hard time deciding between a natural and a sola flower bouquet should consider the fact that this is an investment that will not be thrown away. “To cut the story short, a sola wood flower bouquet can be created with a reasonable amount of money. This is a wonderful alternative for people who enjoy making their own bouquets, arrangements and decor and it is worth considering.