Want Your Wedding to Be More Special? Decorate It With a Nice Centerpiece!

There are many different types of wedding centerpieces that you can use for various purposes. There are specific different types of flowers that can be used in each type of wedding centerpiece, but some flowers work well with any type while some do not. Here are 10 examples of wedding centerpieces with their relevant flower possibilities. Check flowersandplantsco.com for more information.

1. Bouquet Centerpiece

This is the most classic type of centerpiece. A bouquet consists of 3-5 stems on which at least 2 types of flowers are strung together. It is usually placed on top of the bride’s table or the head table. The colors of the flowers in this arrangement should complement the wedding colors.

2. Basket Centerpiece

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This type of centerpiece is usually placed on the guests’ tables, but it can also be used on the head table or at another location in the venue where you want to place a more rustic look. This arrangement consists of one large basket with artificial grass and some small baskets filled with flower petals of different colors. You can use real flowers instead of petals as long as they are made up of three different types of flowers for this arrangement. The amount depends on how full you want the basket to look.

3. Garland Centerpiece

For this centerpiece, garlands are strung together first and then decorated with ribbons, lights or flowers. It is usually placed on guest tables or on the head table, but it can also be used at the entrance of the venue if you want to give guests something pretty to look at as they arrive. Some possible flowers for this type of centerpiece are roses, carnations, gerberas and lilies.

4. Flower Arch

A flower arch is a beautiful way to decorate the entrance of your wedding venue if you are having an outdoor wedding. If you are using one, make sure that it will not interfere with any other activity in the place where you intend to put it up. You can use artificial flowers or real ones by tucking them into a wire frame structure covered with leaves made out of fresh green dendrobium orchids.

5. Candle Centerpiece

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This centerpiece consists of a few flower stalks with small lighted candles in between them. You can put it in the middle of a table, use it as a head table centerpiece or place it on a separate table. This type has always been very popular for weddings and if you have the budget, you can order hundreds to be used at different locations in your venue. However, if you wish to save some money and make this arrangement yourself, make sure that all the candles are lit before guests enter the room because they could cause accidents when left unattended.

6. Flower Press

In this arrangement, flowers are dried from their fresh state by being pressed and displayed in a frame. If your wedding colors are pastel, this can be an interesting way to celebrate that without having too much color on display at the wedding venue. You can use dried flowers instead of fresh ones for this arrangement; however, keep in mind that dried flowers do not last as long as fresh ones.

7. Tree Veil or Bridal Cage Centerpiece

These types of centerpieces consist of several flower stalks tied together with ribbons to make them look like they are growing out of the bride’s head or veil (in case you decide to wear one). The size and dimension depend on how many guests will be attending your wedding and the location where you intend to put it up.

8. Flower Garland

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This centerpiece is perfect for an outdoor wedding if you want to go rustic with your decoration. The garland consists of several flowers that are strung together in a pretty design and then attached to ribbons or wooden sticks that will make it stand up straight. This arrangement can be placed on the guest tables, head table or at another location where you want it to stand out. You can use artificial flowers for this type if you are trying to save money because garlands tend to get messy when they are used outdoors unless they are made of materials which do not wilt easily.

9. Mirror Vase

If you decide on having centerpieces but cannot quite figure what kind of flowers you want in them, choose this arrangement. Arrange different types of flowers and leaves around a vase filled with water and place mirrors at the bottom so that it will reflect all the colors in your centerpiece. This can be placed on guest tables or on the head table depending on how much space you have for centerpieces. If you do not want to put real flowers in this type of centerpiece, use silk ones instead.

10. Centerpiece With a Flag

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This is an interesting way to add some color when decorating your wedding venue if you want something different from floral arrangements. Make a big display out of flower stalks and hang small flags (made of silk) with messages written on them by tying ribbons to them. You can write wedding related messages such as “Bride and Groom” or “Just Married”. Just make sure that all the flags are in unison and hanging in a way that they will not look like they are flapping because it might distract your guests when they enter the venue.

What makes a good centerpiece?

Something that is not only beautiful to look at but has a meaning, too. Most people would agree that the centerpieces for an event are very important because they help set the mood and create an ambiance throughout the place. This is why wedding planners spend hours, even days looking for different decorations to make sure their couple’s big day is perfect in every way!