5 Things to Know About Sustainable & Ethical Engagement Rings

Regardless of the place and manner of the engagement, which is unique and different for each couple, the most important thing in this romantic story is certainly the engagement fingers. An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that every lady wishes to get and receive from her beloved one day. She wants her chosen one to surprise her with a beautiful ring, and he should be the embodiment of her nature, taste and character. However, men do not have an easy task. They have to choose carefully in order to find the ideal engagement fingers for the person they want to marry. Moreover, they’ll also need to take into consideration their partner’s personality and fashion style to pick a ring that will perfectly suit them and symbolize their future. This can be challenging since in front of you is a large selection of models, from a discreet to a very effective engagement ring.

Moreover, there are also different materials to choose from. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the sources of materials, especially if you care about the environment. And in such a case, then a sustainable and ethical engagement ring is the right option for you. Buying an engagement ring is a great life adventure that requires investing a certain amount of time and money. With a little knowledge and information – the perfect ring is there, at your fingertips.

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1. Ethical engagement ring

Before you get any other information, it is important to know what defines an ethical engagement finger. The production of these models is focused on environmental sustainability, fair wages, and human rights when it comes to how the engagement ring is produced and manufactured. And today, a majority of the many jewelry manufacturers have decided to respect these values, but there are also other factors that could affect the process. For example, some companies started practicing sustainable mining, donate for certain purposes or buy gems from other countries that need support. So, there are various political factors that affect production. On the other hand, some companies also promote custom-made to-order engagement rings instead of ready-made ones so they can eliminate wasteful excess inventory. And with that in mind, always research companies if you care about certain policy issues and the supply chain.

We decided to learn more about few companies while writing this article. De Beers company is one of the companies that caught our attention, and the company dates back to the mid-19th century when two brothers discovered diamonds on their land. From then until today, they are one of the largest owners of diamonds in the world, that percentage was even 90% at one time, and today it is somewhere around a third of the world’s diamond reserves. Due to their great influence in the diamond industry, they decided to dedicate themselves to sustainable mining and the ethical treatment of workers.

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2. Questions for the company

It’d be worth noting that in some cases, it can be tricky to determine whether your chosen jewelry company is observing ethical and eco-friendly practices or not. With that in mind, it’s always recommended to take your time and be patient in really knowing them. For instance, if you’re currently residing in Brisbane, get to learn more about the local engagement ring options and jewelry makers by checking out websites such as https://diamondport.com.au.

And suppose, if you have decided to do your best to research the company you are interested in, you also need to ask them some basic questions. For example, if a company you’re eyeing for is firmly behind an ethical source, ask them what makes their company ethical. Whether it is a third party or independent certificates. Most of them will list things like this on websites, as well as all the information about the supply chain and procurement. However, it is not always easy to find this information and it is often unclear to ordinary customers. So it is best to contact them directly if you want to know if your ring is ethical. Inquire about the source of the stone, as well as the suppliers they work with. Do not forget about the materials from which the stone is made. For example, ask them if the metals were recycled or bought. All trusted brands will be happy to share this information with you.

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3. Types of metals

On sale you will find stores that produce their own jewelry. This means that there is no source of metal used by sellers, but it is procured globally and there is not much transparency. In that case, it is very difficult to discover the mine from which the metals in that piece of jewelry came. It is also difficult to reveal their standards when it comes to the environment as well as workers’ rights. So you don’t really know what you’re getting. There are other options and one of them is fairmined metal and this type is very hard to find. However, when you take this path in choosing a ring, you will know exactly the country from which the metal originates and what their standards are in production.

Such mines are smaller, focusing on entire communities, as well as responsible practices for environmental protection. There is a lot of transparency in the process here. Recycled metal is a great option if you really care about the environment and want to reduce the negative impact on it. So, then you will opt for metals that have been extensively mined and exploited in some way. They went through a refinery and remade a piece of jewelry. Don’t worry about their quality, because you won’t feel any difference. The metal does not lose its strength during the refining process.

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4. Sustainable diamond

It is a diamond that is produced in a laboratory using environmentally friendly practices. It is also obtained from recycled diamond that has been reused, reset or whose dimensions have been changed. And with that in mind, synthetic diamonds generally share the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds.

Given that we are facing major climate change, it is important to focus on things like this. This is why sustainable diamonds are becoming an increasingly popular choice. While laboratory-made diamonds are cheaper, they have similar beauty to expensive naturally-produced diamonds. In fact, many people cannot see the clear differences between this and natural diamond, but they do exist. For example, recycled diamonds are much cheaper than natural ones, but they can be even better.

We must mention that natural diamonds have a very bad effect on the planet, because large amounts of harmful substances are used during excavations. First, a huge amount of land is removed. Then, a lot of fresh water is used, and as a consequence, the water is polluted with acid from the mine. We must not forget the fossil fuels that are consumed. So, mining practices are really catastrophic for our planet and lead to flooding, drought or deforestation.

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5. Types of sustainable diamond

There are laboratory-grown diamonds, recycled diamonds, and carbon-negative diamonds. As you know, recycled is a very popular option even though the source is unknown. Laboratory diamonds are also called synthetic diamonds, and they are an equally popular choice when it comes to engagement rings. Although they are produced in these conditions, they are actually real diamonds. The difference is in the time it takes to make a diamond underground.

While the natural process requires years of heat and pressure processes underground, the laboratory mimics these conditions and in a short time gets a real diamond. Carbon-negative diamonds are a more creative option. They are formed by removing carbon from the atmosphere and turning it into diamonds. This means that this procedure removes a huge amount of pollution from the atmosphere for each diamond that is made.


There are many benefits to buying this type of engagement ring. In addition to having a large selection of rings, you are consciously helping to fight climate change as well by going for eco-friendly options. You will also save a lot of money, because these engagement rings are much cheaper than mining ones. Choose an engagement ring that is a symbol of your eternal love and loyalty, like those from Dracakis Jewellery.