Why Do You Need to Choose an Online Wedding During the Pandemic?

Sharing your life with a person you love more than anything in this world is the greatest pleasure you can get. And the first day of the rest of your lives together should be celebrated with pomp!

And by pomp, we mean that everyone who loves you and your future spouse should be included in the celebration. But in times of the pandemic, you need to be very careful not to endanger your loved ones, even if it is your big day.

That’s why having an online wedding is the best solution these days. But does this format fit your wishes and needs? Can you opt for this kind of celebration, or would it be better for you to postpone it? Let’s find out!

4 Pros of Virtual Wedding

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First of all, we will talk about the advantages of this kind of celebration. Some can say that these pros are actually cons for them, but still, we think that these things make a virtual celebration worth throwing.

1. It is a lot cheaper than throwing a regular wedding

Have you seen the prices for marriage venues and food? We even do not mention flowers, linens, candles, and thousands of other little things that create a special atmosphere on your big day and cost a fortune.

Not everyone even cares about centerpieces and napkins on their reception, so not having them at all is not a bad choice. You can use the money you saved for a down payment for your first home and start your married life with a very significant asset.

2. It is so much safer

It is the biggest advantage of online celebration. Everybody can see you getting married in beautiful attire, just like they would have seen you if they were present physically.

But no one gets sick after that!

A virtual marriage should be your first option if you have many elderly siblings, who need to be especially careful during the pandemic.

3. You can realize the wildest of your dreams

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Have you ever dreamed about a luxurious wedding? To be treated like a queen, be a mermaid, become a ninja, or a magical creature on your big day?

All the money you’ve saved on venue and reception, you can use to have the most extravagant celebration. You can make true everything you and your fiance have been dreaming about for years at this Zoom wedding, and don’t worry about the budget much.

4. You can invite people from all over the world

The real reception can be a very expensive ordeal for some of your guests. If you live in Atlanta, and your lovely granny resides in London, it can cost a fortune for her to see her dear grandchild getting married.

When you opt for a virtual marriage, you can invite even people from Easter Island, and they can attend! Thanks to the internet, we all have friends all around the world, and having all of them on your day will be very special.

3 Cons of Virtual Wedding

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Next, we will discuss what we personally consider as cons of virtual celebration. These are more emotional things, but we still think they are important.

1. It’s impossible to share a meal with your wedding party

Yes, you can send cookies as your guest favors before the wedding, and you can eat them together, but it is not the same as a real reception.

In addition, toasting will be awkward since not everyone can have a stable connection and will be missing half of the words.

2. You can’t hug your loved ones

This hits very hard because when something incredible happens, you want to share a hug with your mom and dad after you and your spouse have been pronounced a married couple.

Yes, they will share and witness your marriage vows, but that’s just not the same.

3. You probably will not get as many presents

Yeah, that’s a bummer! You can’t expect people to be as generous as if they actually have attended the wedding.
You don’t feed them, they see only you and a nice wedding Zoom background, so it is possible that some of your guests will not bring you gifts. But, hey! The most important thing for you is their presence on this special occasion, and you will remember it even longer than some saucepan they’ve presented to you.

What elements of a traditional wedding do you need to include in your online reception?

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You can incorporate as many traditional wedding elements as you want, or get rid of them all, that’s true. But, we think that some things should absolutely be a part of your celebration.

First, your virtual wedding outfits should be the usual marriage outfits. We don’t mean only wedding dresses and taxes, no. We just want to say that your wedding attire needs to be special, worn only at that time, and represent your personality and you as a couple.

Next, since you can’t have a reception with a videographer, it does not mean that you can’t have a record of your wedding. Use screen recording software and capture the big day to have this video with you forever. Then just add some editing like the wedding soundtrack or awesome transitions in Movavi or any other user-friendly video editor.

You can wonder: is it illegal to record someone on video without their consent? In your own home, yes, but here we talk about virtual presence and possibly some sort of venue or legislative office where you are going to be married.

In this case, we recommend you to warn every person attending and the venue that you plan recording, and if someone doesn’t like this idea, blur their faces on the record.


Source: theknot.com

Everything constantly changes in the modern world, including our views on the celebration of weddings. Last year virtual marriages were something absolutely unseen before, but now, it is a very casual way to spend your big day.

Weddings are about love, and what can be a more loving thing than trying to keep your guests safe and healthy? Choose a virtual wedding, have the time of your lives, and be happily married for the rest of your life. Congratulations!