What Percentage Of Internet Dates Lead To Marriage? 

Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have become some of the most popular ways to meet new people. These dating platforms allow singles to swipe left or right on photos to see who they might want to date next.

However, these platforms don’t always create lasting connections between daters. In fact, less than 20 percent of matches result in a real relationship.

Probably a large number of users are using Tinder, OkCupid, and many others just for entertainment. If you ask your friends or analyze your behavior on dating apps, you will see that you may match up to 100 people, and never talk to them more than a day. Also, going out with those people is something that happens pretty rarely too, like once in a few months.

Many believe that they’ve been catfished or predator-target, and we have a complete right to be worried about our safety. Sometimes, behind those profiles, there are people who don’t have any good intentions for anyone. They may attack or abuse the other person, or even lie to them they look in a particular way.

Finding a trustworthy dating app is such a challenge for anyone. Maybe if you try SofiaDate you may find people will similar interests, who aren’t there just to date and be intimate with random strangers.

And when it comes to marriage, we must say it’s also pretty difficult to estimate.

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What happens when we are on a dating app?

The first thought is that we can find someone to date, which will eventually end up in a relationship. But, the reality is quite different. There are many predators who expect explicit photos or invite them to your house after a few exchanged messages.

Many dating app users are disappointed with how things go or even end up being some kind of predator themselves. So, we can’t expect healthy relationships and marriages of that.

On the other hand, there is some particular benefit.

Imagine you liked someone in high school or later, but you weren’t brave to tell them that. When you try to match them on dating apps, you have two possible outcomes. They will return with a match, or they will pass. This way, you may discover you found your true love long ago. The dating apps only gave you some boost, to finally match and be together.

In these cases, healthy relationships that will end up with marriage are quite possible.

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What does the statistic say?

Each of us knows at least one anecdote related to online activities. Even if you open Twitter or Reddit, you will see many interesting testimonials. Some of them are funny, others have happy endings, but there are also those that ended with calling the police or with a greater tragedy.

Can love come from online dating? Certainly, it can, if it happens that both parties have similar interests and expectations. And of course, here we go far beyond the cliché that women are looking for a man to marry, and men are looking for a woman to satisfy their needs. Today’s action is much more than that, and there are a lot of people who want to just get to know each other and then let the course of events define what happens next.

So, a certain sociologist from Stanford, named Michael Rosenfeld, has stated for the Washington Post that statistically, online dating is more likely to end in a relationship or marriage than dating through friends. But only 17% of all marriages started with an online date, according to research by the Statistical Brain Research Institute.

To this, we add the fact that there are over 8,000 action services around the world. Each of us can list 1 to 5 such services, but you must also know that some work exclusively in certain locations, so maybe that’s why you don’t know about them.

There is another statistic that is the result of research by representatives from the Universities of Vienna and Essex. It is that marriages that started online would mostly end within the first year of marriage. On the other hand, those in a long-term relationship or marriage who started online enjoyed more intimacy with their partner and were more satisfied with it all.

Source: cnet.com

How has online dating changed our views on partners?

Many times we have all had dilemmas about choosing a partner. Online action connects us with people from all over the world, depending on how open we are to certain challenges. Of course, we can thank the millennials who, for the first time in all generations, went against the conservative norms related to relationships and marriage.

So, many times they choose pleasure over marriage and relationships. According to a survey by The Pew Research Center, over 60% of millennials have never been married, but had premarital sex, were in love, and are in no rush to start a family when they are young. Also, they are open to interracial relationships, as well as mixing different religions and cultures and creating unique communities.

On the other hand, only 10% of GenX are single, and only 4% of Boomers, because of the hard-wired belief that everyone must get married and start a family.


From all these things, one cannot draw a general conclusion that would answer the question of whether and how much online activity ends in a relationship or marriage. But what can be said is that there is really nothing terrible in such a search for partners.

On the other hand, caution is never out of place. In fact, it is recommended to be careful with who you are talking and to follow all the red flags that will appear in the communication. In this way, you protect yourself and your loved ones. Of course, there are always various risks, but if we look at things that way, we could never find a partner outside of the defined community.

That sounds like an interesting thing to do, right?

We hope that we gave you the answers you wanted, especially if you are thinking about dating online yourself.