How Helpful is Online Dating for Marriage?

They say marriages are made in heaven. Someone is there for you somewhere in the world waiting for your arrival in their life. But in the 21st century that we live in today, it is not outside the realm of possibility if you meet your life partner, as in your spouse, at the comfort of your home while scrolling through your smartphone. Sounds incredible, isn’t it?

Most people would often brush off the validity of successful relationships, let alone successful marriages, coming out of online dating. But, the reality might not be as set in stone as you might think it to be. To see whether this is a misconception or there’s legit truth to it, we find out how helpful online dating is for marriages.

Online Dating and its Role in Successful Marriages

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Our social conduct is dictated by the happenings around us. We can all certainly agree that our lives are heavily dependent on the internet. It is no surprise that we, especially the urban millennials and Generation Z and also a large portion of Generation X rely on online dating websites, apps, and other related services to satiate our needs of courtship.

Now, many may argue that these are only good for short-term needs and are equal to casual dating at best and one-night stands at worst. But, is it as black and white as people make it to be? It certainly can’t have had its impact be felt worldwide if it was as one-dimensional as many people regard it as. After all, it is a multi-billion dollar industry. There must be some heavy research and success going behind these dating apps and websites which make the makers invest in them and the users consuming them. So, we are definitely willing to give it the benefit of doubt in that regard.

Coming to the question of successful marriage stemming out of online dating, let us say that the progress is there. It might be a bit slow, but you can’t deny the fact that it is still a relatively new concept.

Changing Outlook of the Youth Towards Marriage

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One thing that many fail to recognise is the changing approach of the youth towards marriage. Of course, we aren’t saying that the new generations aren’t open to get married. Most of them of course are. But the percentage of the population who are not willing to give in to marriages have also significantly increased in the past couple of years.

Many people are now comfortable with the idea of live-in, polyamorous relationships, open relationships, etc. than they were before. So, this is something we must take into consideration. To put it simply, marriages are not the sole parameter to judge the success of online dating apps and websites.

Successful online platforms such as Dating Blush are proving opportunities for people to fall in love and experience companionship. These platforms are excelling because they aren’t mere matrimonial sites. They are not restricted with one set of idea. They allow people to find their own niche within the comfort of their identities and needs.

What do the Numbers Say?

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The proof is in the pudding. So, let’s turn up the heat and look at what the numbers have to say when it comes to the relevance of online dating in successful marriages.

In a survey conducted by Pew Research Center between 2005 and 2012, it was seen that one out of three respondents found their spouses online. That is a huge favourable odd. That means practically one-third of the respondents were successful in finding their husbands and wives through dating websites, apps, or social media.

It was also reported from the study that the people who meet online tend to stay more satisfied in their marriage as compared to others who meet their spouses through traditional means. To add to that, the rates of divorces and separation are also less among people who meet through online platforms than those who do through offline venues.

These two facts alone prove that the backlash that the internet receives over the effectiveness of online dating is uncalled for.

In fact, many dating experts are proclaiming online dating as more useful both for the individuals as well as the society at large, in comparison to traditional forms of dating.

What’s the Logic behind the Success of Marriage in Relation to Online Dating?

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Now, you may wonder how a simple online app or website that you scroll or browse through from your couch while munching on your favourite snacks while wearing pyjamas can help you meet your soulmate. Well, the process is scientific and is entirely based on an algorithm.

Dating apps and websites use algorithms to match you with various potential partners. As a result, your door is opened to a much larger pool of dating options than you would have found traditionally.  The compatibility issue is also taken care of since you are directly matched with the people whose choices and ideas you prefer. This is not possible in the case of traditional dating. This is why online dating leads to successful marriages.

Next, regarding the divorce and separation aspect, let us tell you what happens. Most divorces and separations stem from the complex dynamic of the equations between interpersonal factors, economic situations, and demographic statuses, among others. Online dating gives you clarity regarding all these aspects beforehand since you will be able to choose the partner that meets your requirements. As such, the chances of you having to deal with the separation anxiety and the stress of divorces are pretty less.

So, as you see, online dating can lead to promising results in the field of marriages. It is all about perspective and what someone is looking for in their life. Honestly, this whole idea of online dating and marriages being mutually exclusive to each other is redundant and needs to be looked at with a better view. So, download your favourite dating app and website and meet the partner of your dream. Marriage or no marriage, whatever you prefer, we are certain that you will most likely find it online. Just be safe and have fun.