Melbourne Wedding Videography: How To Make Sure You Get A Perfect Wedding Video

If you are among those whose dream wedding got caught in the uncertainties unleashed by the pandemic, take heart. While the restrictions on the number of guests may have seriously put a dent into your plans, hope is just around the corner. Video production in Melbourne, like all services associated with weddings, is currently awaiting the return of big, happy weddings. But as we wait, here are some tips to help you craft the perfect wedding movie. You can check out companies like Wedding Movies.

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Zero in on your perfect wedding video

Once you have announced your happy news to the world, it is only natural for your thoughts to turn immediately to details like wedding attire, cake, and venue. But don’t leave picking your videographer to the end. What is social media for, if not to help you with the perfect choices?

First look for the top wedding videos from around the world to help you get a sense of what you would like yours to look like. Next, ask around for the top wedding videographers in your town and start following their social media accounts. Once you have a sense of whose aesthetic matches best with your expectations, it is time for a preliminary consultation. Ask for inputs. Match them with your vision. And shake hands if you get the right vibe.

What you should budget for

Are you looking for a short and snappy highlights video to share with everyone or a detailed blow-by-blow account of your big day? Do you want a collection of the sweetest candid moments? Do you want to go big and start with the moments like when you found the perfect dress or stick to just the wedding itself?

Have a realistic picture of your own expectations. Ask around and find out what friends or family loved or hated about their own wedding videos. Ask them what they forgot to discuss with the video guy. Once you have a clear picture of what you want, try figuring out a budget you are comfortable with. Fixing on a budget beforehand and then trying to fit everything you want into it is probably going to leave both you and your videographer with a heartache. Make sure you are clear on every detail as you finalise the package.


Have a personal equation with your wedding videographer

If you have decided on your video company, ask to meet the particular videographer who will be covering your wedding. If the company uses several persons, details may get lost in translation if you have been talking to someone else. Your vibe with the particular person at your wedding is important because this is one event where you cannot have a retake!

In the current scenario, you may have to stick with one videographer so you can allow more space in your guest list. But once the world is opened up again, consider whether you will need more than one person covering the wedding so you get different perspectives of your crucial moments. Like the look on your mother’s face as you exchange vows. If possible, talk to each one of them to be clear on what you are looking for.

Put every little detail into the contract

This is something that cannot be stressed enough! How long do you need your videographer to be on duty? How many locations are they expected to cover? When are you hoping to see the trailer video? How many types of videos are you hoping to make? Having everything clearly spelled out in the contract ensures there is no disappointment later. A professional wedding videography will spell out for every option for you so you can pick exactly what you need going into your package. But always make sure to talk to others – either friends or family or a social media group – about any little detail that they think ought to be in your contract.

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Pick the right music

If your videographer has an APRA/AMCOSS license, they can legally use pretty much any music you fancy, for your long edit video that is meant for private use. For your highlights video and anything else you intend to share, you need to be careful of the music you pick so as not to be in copyright violation. You can either discuss royalty-free music or secure the appropriate permissions if you are particular about the songs you want. If you have a particular soundscape in mind, it is best to have this discussion also, well in advance.

Synergy between your photographer and videographer

If you are using the same company for both photography and videography, they have probably worked together before and you don’t have to worry about it. But if you are using different companies, it might be a good idea to introduce your photographer and videographer so that they are in sync on D-Day and you get the best out of both.

There are so many tiny details that go into planning a wedding that it might seem like an impossible task at times. But these are also the details that make your wedding truly unique – and fully yours! Don’t let any of that preparation fade away in your mind over time. Make sure every lovingly planned detail is expertly packaged for eternity.

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For video professionals, wedding videography is a pleasure, especially in a beautiful city like Melbourne. To be part of a couple’s journey and be responsible for telling their story in the most beautiful way possible is not just an assignment, it is an honour! Currently, in Victoria, a wedding has to be limited to 20 guests excluding the couple and celebrant. When you factor in your photographer and videographer as well, you probably have to restrict your guest list to just your intimate circle. That is indeed a tough choice to make. But whether you have a large wedding or a small one, you need to have the memories carefully recorded, superbly edited, and seamlessly crafted into the perfect wedding video!