Ultimate Guide to DIY Your Own Wedding Car Decors

You’ve always seen marriage cars in movies as these scenes are one of the highlights of a wedding event and those wedding car decors make it more cinematic. This is similar to any other person’s wedding day as the bride rides the bridal car to the ceremony and the newly wedded couple leaves in it.

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Is it essential to have a wedding car decors?

Bridal cars are oftentimes a part of the photographs and videos in the wedding, you will always see the vehicle in the photos and videos when you look back on them, so it would be nice to invest on your bridal car’s decoration too.

A bride will always want their special wedding day to be picturesque as she’ll treasure these memories forever. Everything has to be perfect and beautiful and this also means to glam up her ride. Imagine a poorly decorated bridal car and a lovely bride walking out in it? Where is the impact on that? But if you think of a classy, elegantly ornamented vehicle where that charming bride walks out, the amazing moment sticks to people’s minds.

Wedding car decors do not have a requirement in its beauty, so you can get creative on how you want it designed. Throw in some roses, daisies, sunflowers, tulips and any other kind of flowers you want, you are free to get creative.

However, here are some tips that we created in collaboration with Little Flower Hut, you can use to create a lovely look to the bridal car’s decorations.

A few things to remember when designing:

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  • Match the decors with the theme of the wedding!

Don’t mismatch the theme and the decorations. Always ask the event planner or anyone from the organizing department on what theme the wedding is. It should be complementing the displays of the ornaments instead of having it in contrast.

  • When there’s no theme, get the color!

If the bride did not have a specific theme, you can ask her or the event planner on the colors the bride wants to have for her flower decors. From there, you can find complementary shades of that color and get creative from there.

  • Keep it classy.

Elegance is beauty and you have to remember that marriage is all about beauty and elegance. When decorating the vehicle, make sure you don’t put too much that it might look weird and make sure there’s enough to add life to it too.

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  • Do not go overboard.

Sometimes a bridal car can go over the top and there’s just too many ornaments that it becomes painful to watch and very distracting in the eyes. This should be avoided because keep in mind, on a wedding day, the attention must be on the bride herself and not the car. Make it blend into the background but be sure to still create a stunning look for the vehicle.

  • Browse some inspirations.

You can search in the web for a little inspiration when decorating a bridal vehicle because there are actually a lot of cute designs. Also, when you’re browsing through the web, this can also allow you to see other poorly decorated vehicles. From checking out some design inspirations, you can learn about what to add and how to style it, while at the same time, you can also get a glimpse of the ideas you shouldn’t do.

  • Cars aren’t free.

Please be careful on the car you’re styling because there are some incidents of a little accidents from styling the car. This means when you’re styling, be careful not to put in some scratches on the body of the car.

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  • Use soft materials.

Avoid using hard wood with sharp or rough edges for the decorations and if you’re using wire, careful that the sharp ends will not hit or scratch the vehicle’s paint. It would be better to use soft materials on this like straws, foams, tapes and other materials that will not leave a scratch on the car.

The usual colors in wedding cars are actually feminine. Use hues that gives a sense of softness like pink, light yellow, light blue or any other light colors you have to make it blend to the car. Use white premium flowers for elegance. There are no rules to what colors you can add but it would be nice to always stick to the wedding’s theme and have the colors of the decorations match the wedding car decor.

You can also add some ribbons to decorate the car and get creative. However, you should be able to know the limit of adding this decors. It’ll look nice if the flowers in the vehicle stand out more and have the ribbons you added to the decoration as an accent. Also, remember that the ribbons you add should blend in with the colors of the flowers in the car because we definitely wouldn’t want messy decor.

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Adding flowers in a wedding car decor has been done ever since horse carriages were used and since then, it has been added to the tradition of weddings, regardless the religion you’re in, there are often flowers in your bridal car. This has been a wedding tradition and has reached the point that people actually look for it when it’s not present in the car.

When you think about a bride’s bouquet, flowers for the venue and all other objects that need decorations, you will not forget about wedding car decors anymore as it is already a factor of an essential component to a wedding. This may not have been talked a lot but every bride knows the importance of having even a tiny bundle of flowers on the hood of the vehicle is important.

Weddings happen once in a blue moon and this is a moment where every bride wants to feel like she is a princess living in a fairytale. She has been dreaming about this special moment in her life ever since she was young and it would be nice to make that dream come true.