8 Creative Ideas for Decorating Your Wedding Limo

The wedding is just weeks away and you’re making finishing touches to pull off the most memorable night. You make sure everyone has gotten their invitation, you’ve double-checked the venue for last-minute preparations, and you’ve worked hard on your dance moves.

But one thing that you might want to rethink is your wedding limo setup.

Weddings are meant to be memorable and unforgettable events in our lives. This is the time where we make it official with our loved one and build a life together.

So celebrations have to be in order. But not just that, every aspect has to be perfect if we are to make this the best night ever. And if you’re thinking about hiring a limousine to drive you to each venue on the night, then how about a few creative ideas for decorating it?

In this article, we will talk about just that so don’t go anywhere as we’ll start right now.

1.  Window Personalization

Before you do any of these decorations, it’s important to talk with your limousine provider to establish whether you can or cannot decorate.

Once you’ve established that, then the next thing is to pull off an amazing window personalization that will speak to everyone watching that you’ve gotten married.

Long gone is the plain and old cliché message attached to the back of the limousine, and it’s time to do something different now.

Instead of a “Just Married” sign in the back, why not have the back windows personalized with this message? Not only that, but you can also get really creative with it.

Source: Pinterest

2.  Make it a Photo Album

If you truly want to remember on the times when you were dating before you tie the knot, then why not plaster the insides of the vehicle with Polaroid photos?

This is a very special way of decorating the inside of the limousine since it is highly personalized and will even bring a tear to your eyes. Having fun memories plastered all over the insides will only make the night that much special.

3.  Flowers, Everywhere

Can you name a wedding that doesn’t look good with flowers? Flowers make everything look nicer and feel better. So a great way of decorating your limousine is to add a bit of flora.

However, you can’t just bring flowers to the limousine and expect them to work; you need to think really hard about it.

The best way to approach this is to first talk to your spouse about the prospect of making this a reality. If your spouse agrees, then the first stop would be the florist and talk possibilities.

This way you’re not only making your dream decoration come to fruition, but you’ll also have the best possible options on display thanks to their expert advice.

Even if your spouse doesn’t like this creative decoration, they should budge as this is a special night that everyone has to get behind.

Limousines as wedding carriers are very common in our society and make the occasion that much memorable. If you’re interested in hiring a limousine service that will make all of your decorative ideas come true, then make sure to visit gtaweddinglimo.

4.  Ribbons

Ribbons don’t really work by themselves but are brilliant when paired with other accessories such as flowers.

When discussing the option of adding ribbons as decoration to your limo, then you have to approve on the flower part first. The thing to remember here is to have the ribbons in all colors and shades to make the occasion that more fun.

When choosing the flowers, make sure to choose a ribbon for each flower that comes in a contrasting color or a different shade to work better with it.

5.  Work on the Limo

Apart from indoor decorations, you could focus on the exterior. That way you will be attracting the eyes of bystanders and other drivers. This night will be your most memorable one, so it wouldn’t hurt to spice things up with the limo.

There is a variety of settings you can choose, but you might have to pay more for and consult with the company itself on whether you can do that or not.

But if they do give the green light, then why not place streamers on the sides of the doors to give a bit of flair. You can even add something personal for an added effect.

Source: Pinterest

6.  Balloons

Name a better way to decorate the exterior of the limo than to add tons of balloons that will make it a driving parade. Everyone loves balloons and your spouse will certainly approve of this decoration.

You can get really creative with this one as they can be attached to the door handles, to the back of the limo, on the roof, and nearly every other side.

Make sure to add lots of colors for an added effect, and you can even combine the balloons with the ribbon or with the “just married” sign.

7.  Wedding Bells

This idea might be hard to pull off but it will look spectacular none the less.

Wedding bell is not actual bells but rather made from soft material that can be used as limousine decoration. You can have these placed all over the limo including the roof, or you could just have them as interior decorations.

Source: luxcar

8.  Traditional Cans

If you want to respect tradition then attaching cans behind the limo is quite possibly the best decoration ever.

We’ve all seen how cans work with this topic, and we’ve all loved them. So why not use them as your limousine decoration? No doubt this will make grandma proud and bring back lots of memories.

Decorating your wedding limousine is nothing short of the norm in our current day and age. Just by doing it, you are confirming to everyone how much you’ve waited for this day to come. Since this day is the most special one in your life, it calls for special decorations to bring out the wackiness and creativeness inside you.