6 Ways A Mobile Bar Could Make Your Wedding More Memorable

If you’re planning your wedding day, the chances are you’re looking for ways to make it as memorable as possible, and not just for you and your beloved, but for your guests, too. Fortunately, with the advent of bar hire for weddings, you can give your guests a creative range of drinks (even the teetotallers) to help get the party started; because let’s face it, that’s what most people go to weddings for!

However, if you didn’t even know that you could hire a mobile bar for your wedding, and hence aren’t aware of the many advantages of doing so, you might benefit from reading the following 6 ways in which a mobile bar could give you and your guests, a wedding to remember:

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1. It offers convenience

A memorable wedding may well be thought of as such for all the wrong reasons (the bride or groom turned up late, the guests didn’t like the seating arrangements and the catering service gave everyone food poisoning!), but wouldn’t it be better to make your wedding day memorable for all the right reasons? A day in which everything goes to plan, all arrangements fall into place, and nobody present has to stress about a single thing (apart from whether the bride and groom will both say ‘I do’!) Hiring a mobile bar is a fantastic way to ensure that at least the entertainment side of your wedding goes swimmingly, and with that being such an important aspect of any wedding, it’s worth investing in.

A professional mobile bar simply comes to your venue, sets itself up and starts serving drinks; it couldn’t be simpler or more convenient. Whether you want a single large bar or a couple of smaller ones at opposite ends of the venue, need a large crew of bartenders or just 2 or 3, a mobile bar service will accommodate all of your needs, and professionally. From creative cocktails and exotic shooters, to alcohol free drinks that look and taste as tempting as their boozy counterparts, a mobile bar has it all!

2. It offers flexibility

From the variety of drinks you choose, to a customised theme for the bar and signature drinks, there are so many options to be creative with mobile bar hire for weddings, that making your wedding stand out in ways others simply can’t, is easy. You can even have a signature drink to celebrate the happy couple, or have the focus be on mocktails and delicious alcohol-free beverages if the guest list is largely made up of teetotallers.

Whatever you want from your mobile bar, by hiring one, you’ll be able to give your guests a unique experience that they may never have again, and don’t forget that you and your significant other will have plenty of time to enjoy it yourselves once the formalities are over!

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3. It’s cost-effective

Because professional mobile bars come with everything needed to serve you and your guests, all day and all night long, you can save on the cost of buying or hiring glassware, ice, and mixers, for example. While this might not seem like a significant expense, for larger weddings in particular, the cost can soon mount up, even if you hire the glassware. Don’t forget that you’ll likely be charged for breakages, too.

You can also save on the cost of hiring bar staff, as these are supplied for you, too. As an added bonus, you’ll know that the staff will be professional, which may not always be the case when finding bar staff independently, or even through a hire company, for events.

Hiring a mobile bar is a great way to keep costs down for you, while still giving your guests a luxurious experience that they’ll never forget.

4. It gives a great variety

As mentioned already, with the opportunity to have whatever kind of drinks served that you wish, a mobile bar can help you ensure that every guest, no matter what their tipple, can enjoy a drink of their choice while enjoying your wedding. They can even put in requests on the day or night, or you could send out a questionnaire beforehand to get an idea of what drinks your guests would most like to be served, and make sure that the bar comes stocked with everything needed to give them exactly what they want.

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5. It’s fun!

While the exchanging of vows and some other aspects of a wedding are serious in nature, the party after the rings have been planted firmly on the happy couple’s fingers, should absolutely be about fun and having a good time, and at an occasion such as a wedding, nothing screams fun more than wedding bar hire services. As soon as your guests lay eyes on the slick, trendy bar with its well-groomed and smiling bartenders lined up waiting to serve them, they’ll instantly feel relaxed and ready to enjoy the celebrations, and having delicious and innovative drinks free flowing, will certainly help things along!

6. It offers a professional element

Weddings don’t have to be stuffy, formal events, but when it comes to the bar service you offer your guests, professionalism is essential. British wedding guests love a drink (or two, or several!), and take this pastime very seriously! As such, it simply isn’t worth messing around with a cheap bar at your wedding; your guests won’t thank you for it, and they certainly won’t remember it for the right reasons.

Hire a mobile bar and indulge your guests in the perfect combination of fun and professionalism, and while some might not remember it after one cocktail too many, those left standing will undoubtedly count it as one of – if not the best – weddings they’ve ever been to.

Hiring a mobile bar for your wedding is an easy and fun way to give everyone present – including the special couple – a memorable experience that will be difficult to beat.

Did you know that many mobile bar services also offer extras such as providing you with snacks and appetisers, and even entertainment like a DJ or a live band? Convenient, fun, ultra-flexible and a fantastic way to reduce the stress typically associated with organising such events, if you’ve got a wedding coming up, why not consider hiring a mobile bar?