5 Reasons Why Mobile Bar Hire Is Essential For Your Wedding- 2024 Guide

How are memories being made? What is it that makes special occasions special? Their name says it all. As something that happens only a few times in our lives, while still being able to make the strongest impression of them all, these few memorable events are what every person is living for.

Have you ever envisioned your perfect wedding?

When it comes to weddings, couples are engaging their imagination to think of every single moment of the ceremony because they want to make it perfect. A once-in-a-lifetime event like this can be different for every couple. Some of them want an extravagant one, others a simple wedding, with proper wedding rituals or without them, a more private one or the one with a few hundreds of guests. The list could go on and on! However, what all of them have in common is the goal of having a great time, as well as some event essentials that are required for achieving it.

Wedding guests are often chatting about the food, the music, and drinks. (Other people’s outfits are also the topic!) But the majority of people really start enjoying the party, dancing and socializing, when they have a couple of good cocktails.

The Importance of a Good Cocktail on a Wedding

Every great wedding begins with a cocktail hour! It is the time between the ceremony and dinner and it’s usually something that guests will remember. Delicious liquor and a little chit chat are what makes the atmosphere warm and joyful. However, cocktails elevate the mood during and even after the wedding! What would we do without them?

It all leads to the conclusion that the first thing you should include in your wedding is a perfect mobile bar hive!

Why are they essential for an extraordinary wedding day? Here’s a couple of reasons:

1. You’ll Impress the Guests

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A perfect mobile bar hive does not only provide the guests with the best ingredients, bartenders and delicious tastes, it’s also very important from the visual aspect! Aesthetically pleasing, sophisticated and elegant, with led lighting, colourful or simple, it really is a central spot on the wedding, where all gatherings happen. Just imagine champagne and cocktail glasses wonderfully decorated, standing next to each other on a shiny bar! It already stimulates all your senses, just by imagining. Having a stunning visual cocktail bar design as well as fantastic cocktails is what will make the guests talking! When choosing the one for your special day, consider the ones that are renowned and exclusive, like Mr Flavour.

2. It’s Practical

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You can have your cocktails delivered wherever you are in the world, your own customised cocktail bar that will match your event theme and the guest’s preferences. The organization of your wedding can often be very stressful, but if you solve one of the problems by simply choosing the right service that will fit your needs, you will have one less thing to worry about! A bartender service you choose will look after all things cocktail, instead of you. That being said, you will be left safe in the knowledge that one element of your catering is taken care of. You focus on yourself, and the guests will focus on perfectly personalized service they are getting!

3. Variety of Flavours

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Whether the guests are not drinking alcohol, or they prefer a strong alcoholic beverage, you can choose from a variety of flavors, tastes and sorts of cocktails. You can even make your own, called a signature cocktail, with the ingredients you choose and the name you think of. This way, you can give a personal touch to your special day, by incorporating your favourite lyrics, monogram or anything your imagination can create! You can play with the details, but the most important thing is that there will be something for everyone’s taste. Traditional or latest innovative drinks, popular or new ones, you’ll be more than happy to see your guests tasting and enjoying them!

4. Simply Delicious

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Who wouldn’t wanna try something tasty, flavorful and mouth-watering? This is exactly the way of explaining a delicious cocktail! A combination of spirits and other ingredients such as fruit juice, creams and syrups, or a simple glass of champagne, from an array of martinis to fruity highballs, these are the drinks that will put a smile on your and your guests’ face. And what is one of the most important numbers on your wedding? The number of smiles you see when you look at all your guests at the tables and on the dance floor. It is a pure hedonism in a small glass. And you made it happen! You can be sure it won’t be forgotten.

5. It is Affordable

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Exceptional service for an affordable price it sounds too good to be true, right? Well, with drinks on tap, and competitive prices, you won’t have to worry about your guests since the drinks will keep flowing day and night. With a constant source of drinks like this, you’ll easily please anyone. At the same time, licensed professionals will take care of your guests who have had too many drinks, because they’ve seen it all before, and they will know exactly when some of your guests have to stop drinking.

Choosing as many elements that can help you eliminate the stress and save you from doing any extra work towards organizing and handling an event of such importance, will definitely make your life easier, and the biggest day of your life more peaceful, successful, extraordinary, and unforgettable! If you have specific wishes for your wedding day you can make them true by creating your own deal as well as your own unique team, wedding decor, cocktails, music and everything that makes a wedding spectacular. You can also consult with the professionals, on any aspect of your wedding that you need help with whether it’s planning, designing, photography or entertainment. The biggest task you should focus on is choosing the right service and of course, the right partner for life!