How to Select the Right Music for Your Wedding Day?

You love each other and you have decided to get married. You fantasize about what your wedding will be like, what kind of wedding dress and suit you will wear, how you will decorate the whole space, and many other things come to your mind.

You start with the preparations, you schedule the wedding, choose the wedding dress and suit, choose the hall and the service, organize the catering and finally let you find good music to enhance your celebration. Big mistake. In such situations, it usually happens that there is no more good music for the wedding, so you have to either improvise or take what is offered at that moment.

One of the most important prerequisites for a beautiful and happy wedding is music, which means that you should take some time and decide which one suits you best.

Therefore, start choosing it right after the decision to get married, in parallel with looking for a hall. It is not an easy task at all, because a lot depends on the music. Wedding music can make your joy an unforgettable event that you will remember for a lifetime, but it can also make you a lot of inconveniences that you will want to forget as soon as possible.

Remember that this is a very important element for setting the atmosphere you want, setting the style of your day and having fun completely. Here are some tips to help you.

Organize your budget

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Set a budget together with your partner. You need to know how much will be invested in renting technical equipment and people performing. On the other hand, there is a custom for a relative or close friend to pay for music. Try to anticipate all this to predict which will be the best.

Above all, check out the repertoire. After all, although a professional provider can advise you on the type of music that will work best for your entertainment, you will also know the musical tastes that will bring all your guests to the track. If you have certain requirements, try to be clear when hiring the service.

Live music or DJ?

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While both are great options, they will need to explore the benefits of hiring a music band or DJ. If the ceremony is religious, the live will sound spectacular in the church where the wedding is celebrated. The DJ will be perfect to make everyone dance because it will also give you the versatility to be able to accept practically all types of musical requests with a wide repertoire. The idea of ​​combining both varieties sounds good, doesn’t it?

In both cases, hours of work, breaks and the team you hire should approach the wedding venue in advance to get an idea of ​​the space, the acoustics, should be considered.

An alternative, when a band or DJ you hire is resting, you can use technology to keep the music going. There are platforms and applications that will help you with random playlists, by genres, artists. It may be that you prepare that by yourself or you choose to play one of those non-stop radio stations like chillout radio, which will keep the party going until the band is back on the stage.

Make a memorable playlist

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One of the most anticipated moments at your wedding will be your first wedding dance. What did you think of that first song and can’t you imagine yourself dancing with your future husband in your spectacular mermaid style wedding dress? But then your guests will also want to move their bodies! You can consider the following genres of the music for every specific moment of the day, for example, when you throw your biedermeier bouquet. There are many more, but these are the most popular at weddings: instrumental music, Latin rhythms: salsa, cumbia, bachata … rock, pop, electro, etc.

Ideas that can inspire you

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-At the entrance to a religious or civil ceremony, they can play some of their favorite songs or one that is important for their relationship.

-Hiring a band that plays a live piece or instrumental melody at the bride’s entrance will make the atmosphere a little more romantic and exceptional.

-It is usually that people of different ages come to the wedding day. That is why it is important to choose a diverse repertoire with hits of all times so that both adults and children can enjoy.

-As long as there is coherence between all the elements, the music could go very well accompanied by a play of light, smoke or pyrotechnics, even accompanying videos or photos of the two of you.

-Are you or your partner a complete music lover? Demonstrate to all guests a surprise choreography.

Now it is time to party

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The party will last for several hours, so one possibility is to hire a music group at the beginning, and then continue with the DJ. Or mix them. In any case, it is recommended to combine slow and very romantic ballads with more lively and cheerful rhythms.

You will spend a wonderful day accompanied by your loved ones. You will be beautiful with wedding hairstyles, and guests will surprise you with some really elegant and very well-chosen dresses for the party.


We hope all these tips have helped you determine what kind of music setting you want for your special day. Surely no one will sit, and even the flowers in your wedding table want to move! You sing, dance, scream, jump, let go of your wedding dress if necessary, but never forget to enjoy every moment.

So, when you ask yourself how to choose music for a wedding, pay attention to the items listed in the text. Keep in mind the criteria that wedding music should meet, pay attention to the repertoire and always see for yourself a band (don’t believe everything you see on YouTube because every video can be directed). Of course, do not forget about the price-quality ratio. We wish you a long and happy marriage.