Which Shoes Should You Choose for Your Wedding Day?

Your wedding is special and you want to look and feel great right? It has to be perfect and only you can make it perfect. You can take the measures that are important for you.  Being a bride, you have to be really cautious about what you are shortlisting to wear on the special day.

When you select your dream pair of shoes to go with that dream gown, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. After all, you cannot simply take any bridal shoes for your wedding. Once you look around you would find the best and the most comfortable options. You can check out JJ’s House selection for the apt shoes. However, if you want to be confident whether you have made the right choice or not, keep reading:

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You will wear your shoes!

You might have fallen in love with that of a pair of skyscraper heels but don’t forget that you are going to have to walk down the passageway in them, stand for photographs in them, perhaps dance in them and walk around all day. Shaking around on heels that are too high is not really a good look and you don’t wish to catch a high spiky heel in your outfit either.

Choose the special and exclusive shoes

These are the shoes that make you feel amazing and hip. Even if your dress is floor length, giving your guests the infrequent peek of an exquisite pair of shoes is going to make you feel like a true princess. Well, the wedding footwear doesn’t have to be boring, go blend classic style with fashionable detailing and you are going to love them for years.

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Make them comfortable to wear

Don’t wear your shoes just on your wedding day. You have to make sure you have them a few weeks before the wedding and start wearing them around the house on the carpet so as to ensure that they get worn in a bit before the special day so they are moulded to fit your feet and also eased up. What is the point if you wear your splendid shoes for the first time on your wedding and find them really harsh on your feet? You cannot afford to take that risk, right? After all, you have to walk all the aisles throughout the day.

However, you may want to think about what shoes you will wear when you’re feet are tired from walking and dancing! At Lucky Feet Shoes, they have a range of shoes to suit all occasions but the most important thing is that you’re walking on a comfortable pair when you’re actually getting married. It’s not worth wearing your best shoes for the first time on your wedding day if they are going to be too tough on your feet.

Proper measurements

Remember that your dressmaker will require knowing the exact height of the shoes for your final tryout so she can do adjust your dress accordingly. You should wear your shoes at this fitting when you order them. Check how long it shall take for them to be delivered so you don’t have any last minute frights. You cannot take any chances with the combination of your dress and heels. What if your dress is too long and the heel is too small that the dress is swiping all over the way? It would not look graceful.

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Thus, you have to keep these things in mind and ensure that your shoes have everything that makes you feel better, gorgeous and comfortable on your wedding day.