9 Ways Brides Can Dress Stylish and Warm During Winter Wedding

A wedding is the most beautiful day in the life of every girl, and that is why planning it is something special. Winter weddings are beautiful and look like a fairytale, photos from those weddings are unreal, and memories are unforgettable. The biggest problem with them is how to warm up and still look divine. Fortunately, there are solutions for that too, so you don’t have to move the wedding to take place when it’s hot outside. If you have solved all the sweet problems around the organization, found a beautiful dress that is your dream come true, and you need something that will warm you up, click here. In case you still have no idea how best to warm up, in this text, we will give a few useful tips.

Choose a long dress with long sleeves

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Well, it should be the first logical thing for a winter wedding. Short toilettes can look beautiful, but if it is cold outside, it is not a good idea to wear them. Long dresses and sleeves will warm you up, and they will look nice and elegant, especially if there is snow outside. One big plus is that you can wear leggings underneath the long skirt, and no one can see it.

Warm shoes

That can be another benefit of choosing a long skirt since short dresses demand high heels and astonishing shoes. Shoes are a beautiful fashion detail, especially when they fit nicely with the dress, but it is a real rarity to find the ones that look beautiful, and at the same time, are comfortable. A long skirt can save you from these troubles, because under it you can wear even old shoes that are comfortable for you, and no one will see. It is certainly the rule to have something old at the wedding, so why not have those old, comfortable shoes.

Muffs and gloves

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Hands are the first body part that can freeze, and it is necessary to cover them during the winter. The same thing is at the wedding since you can be outside for a long time, and ice-cold hands are never a good feeling. You can prevent that by wearing some fashionable gloves, and today the offer is great. Gloves are always considered elegant, and wearing them on the wedding day cannot spoil the impression. The other solution is muff that can be made of fur or faux fur and can be an astonishing accessorize, but also warm you up.

Fur coat or fur stole

A fur stole or fur coat can match almost every dress, and the good thing is that you can find them in various colors. It can be perfect to avoid freezing during the reception and look astonishing at the same time. If you are not a fan of fur, there is no need to worry since it is possible to find the ones made of faux fur that still look amazing.

Denim jacket

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A denim jacket is for more relaxed and braver brides since it is not easy to fit in with the wedding dress. It can be perfect for a casual wedding in the barnyard, but courageous brides can wear it everywhere. It is not a good option for formal weddings, but it is for fun and interesting ones. A denim jacket will certainly make you noticed, and the main star of the wedding


A knitted shawl can look classy and elegant in every combination, and also at the wedding. It will save you from chill air by covering the shoulders, but the hands will be free all the time. That means that there will not be problems with cutting the cake, proposing the toast, and dancing. Hand-made shawls can have an emotional value, and wearing them will fulfill your heart and look.


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Bolero is probably the most known and the most popular piece of clothes for a long time. It can be worn with every dress, and the wedding dress is not an exception. You will look sophisticated and elegant, and the bolero is not going to look strange over the gown. The only thing to take care of is to match colors. Since bolero can be seen at royal weddings, it is unnecessary to say that it is perfect for formal ones.


If the wedding theme is a fairytale in the snow, then the cape is something that needs to be a part of it. The hood is an unavoidable detail and gives a better look to a coat. The color choice is up to you since you can match it with the gown, or choose the one you like, everything will look like you are ready to go to the wonderland. Make sure to find a location near the woods if you want to have extraordinary photographs. The cape can make you feel like a character from a fairy tale, but the even better thing is that it can show the kids that fairytales are real.


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Bridal hairstyles usually involve gathered hair, which is not ideal for winter. That makes the ears exposed to cold air and lead to freezing. Wearing a head wrap can prevent that, and the good thing is that you can easily remove it or put it back whenever you want. The only thing you should be careful with is not to spoil the hairstyle.

Prepare yourself well before the wedding, and don’t let the cold, fresh air to spoil the celebration. That should be a special day, and maybe everything can’t be perfect, but that is okay. Sometimes unplanned things are more beautiful than planned and are remembered longer, so fun and a good time are all that matters. Make the fairytale real, and make sure that it is going to be warm, no matter it is wintertime. Remember, love is keeping us heated, but it needs some help.