Can Foreigners Get Married in Seychelles?

When discussing the most beautiful countries out there, chances that you will not mention Seychelles are at an absolute minimum. So, it is not uncommon for people to address it as a piece of heaven on earth. Therefore, nobody should be surprised by the millions of tourists who visit this country every year. You can find practically everything in this country, from beautiful beaches to untouched wildlife.

When we say untouched wildlife, we mean it literally. You will come across some species that cannot be found in any place in the world. For all these reasons Seychelles is a place you should visit when you get the chance. At the same time, we can see many people are interested in getting married in beautiful surroundings.

There is absolutely no reason why Seychelles shouldn’t be that place. As you can see, this place has everything you need to make this ceremony special. If you would like to organize such an event, you should pay a visit to Now, we would like to guide you through all the aspects you need to take into consideration if you decide to get married in Seychelles.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these elements.

What Documents Do You Need?

Since you are not a resident of this country, the procedure will not be the same for you and locals, mainly in terms of documentation you need to have with you. First, you will need to bring your passports. Since only a handful of countries don’t need a visa for Seychelles, like the United Arab Emirates, chances are that you will have it always with you. Furthermore, having a birth certificate.

If the document is in your native language, and you don’t come from the United States or the United Kingdom, you will need to translate the document with the help of an online translation agency. In case this is not your first marriage, bringing a death certificate or deed poll is an absolute must. As you can presume, these are needed for establishing your current situation, since your marriage in this place will have a legal confirmation.

According to the explanation we can find on the official site of the government, we can see that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will sign the papers, and issue a letter of authentication. So, you can see that getting married in Seychelles is not only a ceremony on a beautiful beach. It truly has all the prerogatives like any marriage in any country in the world. However, the locations make an important difference.

How to Submit Them?

Having these documents at the ceremony is not a necessary thing. However, that doesn’t mean that the local institutions don’t need to have an insight into them. For that reason, you will be required to submit these documents before you enter the country. While it is not determined how long before you arrive, they should have these, we would like to recommend you to send them roughly 2 months before.

Since marriage will have a full legal effect in every country in the world, all the documentation should be original. At the same time, you will need to travel with your passport. Therefore, a passport is the only document you can send a copy of. One more reason why 2 months feels like a proper period is that time is needed for the ceremony to be organized properly.

Potential Problems

In case you are a foreigner in a country where you currently live, and you want to get married in Seychelles, you can potentially have a couple of problems. Still, the nature of problems you might encounter depends on the country you currently live in. For instance, if you are a US citizen, and you live in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or Syria, the marriage certificate you will receive in Seychelles will not be sufficient.


To avoid these problems, you will need to have certified documents. Thankfully, pretty much any agency you have hired to organize the best day of your life in this country will give their best to prepare the documentation. To make this process as smooth as it can be, you need to be aware of some small details like this one. So, you will know what to do in case you come across some problems regarding your marriage certification.

The Organization

Now, we’ve got to the most interesting this of all. We would like to provide you with an insight into the ceremony’s organization. Naturally, you will not be in control when it comes to deciding the date of your wedding. The reason is quite simple, every hotel in Seychelles has a schedule where all the weddings that occur in that particular month are categorized. So, you will need to settle for the date they give you.

However, there is only one possibility. You can have your ceremony only during working days. Meaning, you cannot have it on weekends and public holidays. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. These are the days where official institutions don’t work. So, no one can organize a ceremony and carry it out. At the same time, you should be in the hotel for at least two days before it.



The reason is that this time is roughly the period needed for the organization to go as smoothly as possible. You will see that practically every hotel in the country has a team of dedicated professionals who will invest their best efforts into providing you with a memorable ceremony you and your guests will remember for the rest of your life.

The Verdict

Without any doubt, all the couples in the world dream about getting married in some special place. According to many different sorts of reports and surveys, you will see that Seychelles are one of those dreamy places where you can create some memorable moments. As you can see, foreigners can marry in this country relatively easily. Still, it is of the utmost importance to be aware of all the factors that are a part of this ceremony. Here, you can see pretty much all of them in one place.