9 Great Accessories to Accompany Your Wedding Suit

A wedding is one of the biggest days you will have in your life, and there is a lot involved. One of the main things that are put more emphasis on is the look of the bride, the groom, the groomsmen, and the maids. As the man, you need to look the part by choosing the best suit there is. This also includes getting the same quality for the groomsmen. The suits you wear will be accompanied by various accessories. The good news is, this article has discussed 9 great accessories you need to wear together with your suit. Check them out.

1. A Necktie

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If you want to complete your look. Make sure you wear a nice tie. You can choose casual or traditional, depending on what you are wearing. Remember, this day will say a lot about you and your bride. So, make sure it expresses great personality on your behalf. One way of doing that is by choosing the right neckties. Choose the right material, color, and patterns that will blend well with the rest of the suit. For a black suit, you can never go wrong with a black tie. Other safe colors are silver and grey.

2. A Tie Bar

A clip or tie bar will elevate your look. If you want a classy and cohesive vibe, accompany your tie with a tie bar or clip. Apart from elevating your look, a tie bar keeps your tie in place so that it does not get into food or on your face on a windy day. Don’t compromise on this. Keep the tone of the metal gold or silver depending on other accessories. Avoid looking overdressed by making sure the tie bar matches other metal accessories. The size of the tie bar you choose will depend on your necktie. Nevertheless, ensure it is not beyond 70% of the width of your tie.

3. A Wrist Watch

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A watch is another great accessory that will give you a complete look. If you don’t own a watch, then you might want to get one from retail shops like www.changeinhong.com for your wedding. A watch is a great addition that can tell a lot about your style and personality. It could be a good idea to ensure all the groomsmen have matching watches.

4. A Pocket Square or Handkerchief

Pocket squares can also express your personality at your wedding. The pocket square or handkerchief might be the first thing that someone will notice when they look at your suit. So, if you want to capture everyone’s attention, make sure you choose a nice one. Don’t match your pocket square with the tie unless you are looking for a formal look. It could be a great idea to go with the theme colors instead. Choose a light and darker color and put them on opposite sides. Pocket squares look greater when made from other materials besides the suit. So, think about the best one and let your bride and her maids help you choose.

5. A Bow Tie

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Most grooms and their men wear ties. So, how about being unique and choosing a bow tie? Bow ties can give you that unique look from everyone else wearing a suit on that day. However, you need to be careful with the color. When wearing a tuxedo or pleated shirt, you might have to go with bow ties instead of the normal ties. Make sure you select solid colors for dark suits. If you have chosen to wear bow ties at your wedding, it’s a good thing. It will boost your confidence in style and give you that “not too official” look. Be creative with the bow ties if you are holding a casual wedding. If you want to look great, make sure the bow ties are not too big or too small.

6. Cufflinks

If you have cufflinks, you don’t necessarily need more jewelry. Cufflinks do more than hold the edge of your shirt sleeves together. There are different types of cufflinks you can wear, but you need to consider the cuffs of the shirt you are wearing. Whatever style you choose, make sure it matches with the rest of the metals.

7. Shoes

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Now, here is another big deal. No matter how great your suit looks and the metal you choose, you can easily break the entire look by wearing the wrong pair of shoes. The shoes are a big part of your suit that must be chosen with careful consideration. If you are having a formal wedding, stick to black or brown leather shoes. However, for casual weddings, you have several options. Consider the style, color, and material when choosing the shoes.

8. Belts or Suspenders

You can choose to wear a belt or go without, but the choice depends on how formal your wedding is or how good your trouser fits. If you have loose trousers around the waist, then you definitely need a belt. However, a tuxedo doesn’t require a belt. Make sure they are quality ones too. For the suspenders, the choice fits for both casual and formal weddings. A bow tie accompanied by suspenders and no jackets gives an informal look that is great for a wedding.

9. Sunglasses

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Sunglasses may not be an option for many people unless the wedding is on a hot afternoon on one of the famous beaches. However, they are always a great option if you want to spice up those photos. It is a fun day. So, put some thought into it and get great sunglasses for every groomsman. The bride and her maids might want them too. So, it will be wise to agree on what to wear. When choosing sunglasses, make sure you pick quality ones that you can wear even after the wedding.


Getting ready for your wedding is a process that involves a lot of things. You will need to choose the guests, the venue, the cake, and a million other things, such that it is almost impossible to think about yourself. You will choose the suit, but you might have a problem choosing everything else. Hopefully, this article has helped you discover the best accessories to accompany the suit and how to choose them.