How to Improvise Your Wedding Decor and Lighting – 2024 Guide

Hiring a wedding planner is an important thing however, not hiring one is not a crime. Nowadays, everyone is so conscious of these things that they consider it malice. No need to worry about these things because at the end of the day you will be paying from your pocket. Whether it’s about your wedding preparations or the planner, you will pay for everything.

Therefore, if you cannot afford a wedding planner, no need to worry about that. There are various planning ideas that you can get from the web. Furthermore, with amazing lighting, you can completely change the look of an event. You can easily get the multicolor led lamp and use it. Or you can choose to go with a multicolor light bulb. So whether you choose multicolor bulbs or simple ones, you can get them from

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Here are some of the lighting decors that you can use.

1. Uplighting


This is one of the simplest methods to use. All you need to do is to use lights around the room in walls and columns. This will lighten up the whole room. If you choose to use white light, it will be good for taking pictures. Your photos will come out amazing. Likewise, you can choose the white light for dining time. However, the benefit of using multicolor lighting is that you can change it according to the time.

For example, you can choose white light for the whole event. However, after-party would feel boring. Therefore, using multicolor will improve the ambiance and allow you and your friends to have a great after-party time.

2. Pattern projection

Pattern projections can improve the whole setting. So if you have a plain setting with solid colors and you want some patterns, this is the best way. This is also the most cost-effective way to décor the interior. You can put the pattern on the ceiling or on the floor. This will save a lot of amounts.

3. Highlighting and spotlighting


Another way of improving the settings is to spotlight certain things. For example, if you have floral settings on the tables, you can use fairy lights or candles or small light bulbs to highlight them. Use dark lighting in the surroundings and bright and white ones in the centers will highlight them. Thus, the floral arrangements will look majestic. So even if you are not using expensive flowers, better lighting will make the average flowers look good.

4. Using fairy lights


Fairy lights are a mandatory thing to have in any event preparation. Furthermore, we believe an excess of fairy light is never a bad thing. All you need is a proper arrangement and setting on how to and where to use them.

If you are having open hall settings, it is best to make a ceiling from these small lights. One of the common ways of fairy light ceiling is to have a hut shape. However, the whole ceiling will glow and therefore, you should not use it in the hall. If you want to go with hut shape settings, it is better to make the walkway like that.

Another way of using them is to make hanging objects. You can make floral patterns or hanging balls of these fairy lights. This is nothing extravagant nor time-consuming. All you need here is a lot of long and lengthy fairy lights. If you use this setting, you can also use the spotlight effect on the tables. Furthermore, keep other lights off with them.

5. Using storm lanterns


Lanterns go well with the interior settings. However, no one would like such an interior setting for their wedding event. However, if you use them at the entrance, it will give you an amazing sight. If you want to keep this lantern setting, the entrance should be plain and with low lights.

Or you can choose to lighten up the walkway with storm lanterns. Instead of using the spotlights, this method will be unique and will give a fairytale entrance.

6. Name projections

Just like pattern projections, there are also name projections. So if you want a dedicated theme, you can get the name pattern. No need to worry about projections, because you can use them the way you want. If you want your name to appear on the floor, you can make settings accordingly. Likewise, you can also choose to get the projections on the walls.

7. Background illumination


You can choose to keep the hall simple and in lowlights and illuminate the background where you and your groom will stand. There are various ways to do so. You can strings to make a waterfall-like effect or drop bulbs to increase the lighting. It depends on what you want. Furthermore, this is also a cost-effective way. This will reduce the expense of hall lighting and will also give the couple a highlighted spot.

8. Making your chandeliers


Chandeliers give off an extravagant impact and also look amazing. However, chandelier arrangements often get expensive. However, you can choose the cheaper way for it too. All you need to do is to get some rings. Hang strings of fairy lights on the ring and this will make a hollow glow.

Using such chandeliers in an arrangement will give a royal look to the hall. Furthermore, this will also create a pace to take good photos.