Top Tips on How to Make Your Wedding Memorable

From Instagram-worthy decor to unique Pinterest ideas to create a lasting impression, weddings are all about small details to make them memorable. It isn’t about hiring a wedding planner but deciding every personalized detail and making it your own.

It’s not a surprise that weddings are one of those occasions where the ambiance and surroundings matter a lot. This is why careful consideration is needed so that you can stand out.

As a matter of fact, your wedding venue can change, but the emotions and feelings remain the same. But to reach this point, you must plan and carry out that plan carefully. In this article, you will find all the tips to make your wedding memorable.

Let’s get started!


Things to consider before you start the decoration

Whether you choose your home, mansion, hotel, or church, you can never create an impeccable outcome if you don’t start with the right tips. The right mood is the foundation of a blissful wedding day. You must consider some areas before the “action” part. 

  • Choose the right style and theme

If you think finding the right style or theme is only about choosing the right decor or ambiance, you are only partially correct. Your wedding theme or style should portray the bigger picture. You can’t set the tone or mood right if you don’t do it right. Doing so can stick to a cohesive aesthetic and create an ambiance where everyone will be awe-inspired. You must ask a few questions before heading to the next thing.

  1. How did you meet?
  2. Are there any activities that you both enjoy?
  3. What are your shared passions and interests?

This will allow you to consider whether you want a whimsical or bohemian theme or want to create something incredible using the floral arrangements alone. You will have amazing options to choose from. 

  • Plan your budget

You must consider this very important aspect to plan your wedding without putting a hole in your pocket. Further, it will help you avoid any costly mistakes. You can use this measure to find the best possible option with prominent visual impact but at a lower cost.

  • Choose the right flowers

You can’t forego flowers, whether it’s a spring, winter, or summer wedding. Whether it’s marigolds, lilies, roses, or orchids, you need floral decorations to make your wedding day aesthetically appealing. However, orchids, lilac, and others can turn out to be quite expensive. It can cost you thousands of dollars on floral decorations alone.

This is why choosing the right flowers is a must. Many professionals advise the couple to choose alternative options like sola wood flowers. You can find many incredible options and ideas on to make your wedding day special. 

  • Plan it using a picture

If you want to make decoration a masterpiece, you need to do it in a way where you understand “what next.” This is why you must always take pictures of the places and imagine the place where you can add the decorations. This will be much easier, and you can visualize it easily. Hence, planning with better details is more likely than just starting with no options to look at.

Once you figure that out, here are the places that will require your attention when creating your wedding memorable.


The ideal places to decorate on your wedding

If you could use a magic wand, you would decorate every inch of the place you take your vows. But that’s not possible in reality. Of course, it is a costly investment too. Here are the most important areas you can’t miss when planning wedding decor ideas. 


The entrance is the first impression of what your guests can expect inside. Ideally, you can choose floral decorations, add different balloons, and create drama. Besides that, you can also try adding a guest book along with a beautiful flower vase. You can also try a picture of the couple at the entrance and fill it with lighting and flowers.

You can use tree branches and white lights and place inexpensive pots to the side of each step. You can also overlay railings.



You can also plan for the walls of the venue. If you opt for a poolside wedding, you can use quilts and floral decorations to transform the plain walls. You can add straw hats and fill them with flowers or decorate them with colorful ribbons. Have straw hats and fill them with flowers or decorate them with colorful ribbons. The idea is to match the theme and style and choose what suits best for you.


Do you think the ceiling or the top of the venue won’t get noticed? You are dreaming, then. When guests enter the venue, their eyes automatically look above and down to observe other options. This is why you must never miss out on this aspect of wedding decor. And if you are planning to get married in your home, you can’t ever miss this. Here’s what you can try:

  • You can hang lights or balloons and tie them using flower heads or ribbons.
  • You can also use paper lanterns and enhance the appeal using floral beads.
  • Mirrors are also great for covering the ceiling and making it unique.


While the floor will be used the most, many people restrict themselves to just carpets and rugs. You can decorate other areas like aisles, chairs, and buffet tables using colorful florals, scented candles, and other options. This will complete your wedding decor look. Make sure whatever theme you choose stays the same in every aspect of your wedding decor. You can mix and match. Otherwise, it will look chaotic.



Weddings are memorable in many ways. But without incredible decor, you can’t complete the dream of a fantastic wedding. These tips will make your wedding unique and lasting. Make sure you add your personality to whatever theme or style you choose. It should show your love story. That’s how it will be the perfect wedding that you desire. So, are you ready?