Perfect Lighting For Making Your Wedding Special

A wedding is a big day in every person’s life. They do many things to make their marriage memorable. Also, they use different items for wedding decoration. Your wedding venue needs the best lighting setup for various reasons. It is as crucial as the other marriage decor items. Many people neglect lighting in wedding planning. You can create the best atmosphere for your guests using attractive and unique lights. It makes them feel comfortable and also sets the right mood. It provides brightness for different activities in the wedding venue. Good lighting is required in the wedding venue near the entrance, DJ area, bar area, photo booth, etc.

People can complete different tasks due to enough brightness. Also, lighting is necessary for decoration in a wedding venue. It helps in showcasing various parts of the venue. Also, it adds visual interest to it. You have to use trendy and glowing lights to make your marriage memorable. Now, people can find different types of wedding lighting. It is not that straightforward to choose the right one. There are plenty of options available. In this article, you can check different ideas for lighting for wedding decoration; so keep reading and do not miss anything:

7 Types Of Wedding Lights

Lighting is much crucial for wedding decoration. It is as essential as wedding cake, flowers, and dresses. Also, it can make or break your special day. It will help add brightness and keep the party going. You are at the right place if you need ideas for wedding lighting; keep reading for more information:

1. String Lights


String lights are perfect for making a wedding venue attractive and bright. These are small lights fixed on a wire or cable. People use it to create a romantic environment in their marriage venue. Also, string lights help in decorating a place and make it beautiful. You can use it to showcase different corners of the marriage venue.

They are best to cover rafters, reception tables, and dance floor. People also use string lights to create a backdrop. They mix them along with another lighting. Colorful string lights, vintage string lights, and rope lights look best in weddings.

2. Candles

Candlelight is much crucial for a wedding. You can place candles at different places in a wedding venue. Candles look perfect at the entrance, dinner table, photo booth, bar area, etc. Also, you can put candles on beautiful lanterns or jars. They are enough to create a romantic atmosphere and make your day memorable.

You can use scented candles to add a pleasant scent to a room. People put attractive candles on the floor. They are best to use as centerpieces on the tables. Also, a gold candlestick with a white 1taper candle will look best in your marriage venue.

3. Pendant Lights


People can also discover beautiful pendant lights for weddings. This light is mounted on a ceiling. Also, they are held by a cord, chain, or metal rod. They are best to use in marriage venue with high ceilings. It will fill your place with brightness. Also, pendant lights create the best ambiance for the guests.

Also, you can use this lighting for finishing different activities in your wedding venue. It helps people to complete specific tasks perfectly. It does not cause eye strain as well. You can control its brightness according to you with remote control.

4. Chandeliers

A chandelier is attractive lighting made from a group of lights set in a pattern. It is installed in a place with a high ceiling. You can use a chandelier for wedding decor. Also, you can make your wedding venue bright and beautiful with chandeliers. You can find variety in the designs and colors of the chandeliers.

It is best to create a statement in your marriage venue. Nowadays, people use them for both indoor and outdoor use for weddings. It adds a romantic vibe to your special day. It is also affordable for people to use in marriages.

5. Neon Signs


Nowadays, people also use bright and attractive neon signs for wedding decor. It displays different artworks and texts in glowing colors. LED wedding neon signs are best as they do not contain toxic gases and fragile glass. They are also not dangerous to the atmosphere. You can use neon signs with quotes like till death do us party, just married, better together, all you need is love, etc.

You can also create custom neon signs UK for their event. People can mention the bride and groom’s names on the custom neon sign. This lighting is also best for gifting to the couple. You will get the wedding neon signs from online neon sign seller

6. Lanterns

A lantern is light with a metal frame or glass sides best for wedding decoration. Also, you can hang lanterns from the ceiling or a hook. They create a romantic atmosphere in a marriage venue. Also, many people use them as centerpieces on their special days. They look best on the tables as well. Then, you can use lanterns at the entrance.

It will help in giving guests a warm welcome. Lanterns also make the wedding altar bright and attractive. After that, they look best in the wedding food stations and bars. You can use table lanterns, floor lanterns, hanging lanterns, and rustic lanterns for your wedding.

7. Spotlights


Many people also use spotlights in their wedding venues. They are best for highlighting the specific parts of a place. Spotlight provides brightness for particular areas and makes them bright and attractive. You can use spotlights to use in the dining space at your wedding.

It acts as a final touch to the marriage decoration. People also use spotlights to highlight art or picture on a wall.


So, lighting is much crucial for making your wedding special. You can use the above ideas for choosing the best wedding lighting. They create the best ambiance for your guests. Also, these lights provide enough brightness for finishing different tasks. You can beautify your wedding venue with the perfect lighting.